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219E-mail hacking and nasties

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  • Steve Hayes
    Apr 27, 2013
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      Though not really the topic of this list, this warning is relevant since the
      list is hosted by Yahoo!

      Even if you don't have a Yahoo account, if you see a message relating to a
      "single mom", do not click on any links in it, and delete it immediately.

      Please take note of the warning that follows:

      Yahoo and BT (who use Yahoo mail services) seem to have suffered a
      breach of their accounts details. The result is a lot of "phishing" mail
      being sent from apparently legitimate Yahoo / BT email addresses.

      The symptoms are:

      1. The email body consists of a single URL pointing at a very nasty web
      site. The URL varies at each sending so cannot be easily trapped. There is
      both a plain text version of the URL AND an HTML copy in the message body.

      2. The email is sent From a valid Yahoo / BT user's email address; the
      Reply-To is the same address. The address is also present in the To list
      of addresses, usually a list of five or so.

      Please check the email header if you have a Yahoo or BT email account (if
      you do not know how, search using Bing or IxQuick search engines).

      If the From and Reply-To address is yours then the email was sent from
      YOUR account: your email account has been compromised. At the very minimum
      change your account password!

      As far as we can ascertain Yahoo has not taken any steps, at least
      publicly, to alleviate this problem. It has been going on since early

      PLEASE NOTE: If you view your mail in HTML you are likely to be in
      danger from this and a lot of other phishing spam! Select Plain Text
      viewing - it is much safer. This applies to both Windows AND Mac and
      most certainly any "mobile" device such as Android and iPhone. If you use
      Linux online you are in much less danger from accidentally acquiring

      Steve Hayes
      E-mail: shayes@...
      Blog: http://khanya.wordpress.com
      Phone: 083-342-3563 or 012-333-6727
      Fax: 086-548-2525