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201Attempted murder -- translation help

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  • Steve Hayes
    Feb 14, 2013
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      Attempted murder — but who was the intended victim?

      The German missionary Carl Hugo Hahn wrote the following entry in his diary
      on 11 July 1859:

      Der früher erwähnte Willem Meintjies hat einen Mordversuch auf Fr.[?]
      Stewardson gemacht. Man benachrichtigte mich davon von ther Mine aus, und
      Jonker, den ich davon in kenntnis setzte, versprach auf Bestimmteste, ihn
      einfangen zu lassen.

      I’m not a German fundi, so I tried Google translate and Bing, without much
      success; their efforts did not make much sense. One said a suicide attempt,
      the other an assassination attempt. So my attempted translation is as

      “The previously mentioned Willem Meintjies made a murder attempt on Fr.
      Stewardson. They informed me of this from the mine, and Jonker, when I
      informed him of this, promised that he would definitely arrest him” (Hahn
      Diary, 11 Jul 1859).

      I would be grateful if anyone who knows German better than I do could comment
      on and possibly improve the translation.

      But the biggest problem is not so much the translation as the interpretation,
      and for that some of the background and backstory is needed.

      If you're interested in that, read more here:


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