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190Morris, Stewardson, Huskisson & other families

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  • Steve Hayes
    Sep 15, 2012
      In the Cape Archives there is a document (A610) by William Charles Titterton
      on the history of his family, which includes the TITTERTON, MORRIS and
      HUSKISSON families who lived in the Cape Colony and traded in what is now
      Namibia, and also St Helena. .

      We looked at the document when we were in the Western Cape on holiday in 2003
      and made notes from it. We were hoping to find some link with our family,
      because we knew from books that my wife's 3g grandfather STEWARDSON had
      married a MORRIS, mainly because the missionary CH HAHN wrote in his diary of
      the arrival from the Bay of STEWARDSON with "his brother-in-law, the Wesleyan
      trader MORRIS, with whom he lives in fierce enmity". HAHN, a Lutheran, was
      deeply suspicious of Wesleyans, whom he regarded as heretics.

      No first names, so it's not very helpful, but perhaps the "fierce enmity" is
      why there is no mention of the Stewardsons in the Titterton manuscript.

      But now we have found that Mrs STEWARDSON was indeed Frances MORRIS, and the
      sister of James MORRIS the trader, who is definitely recorded in the
      manuscript (he was the grandfather of the author).

      So now that we have established a definite link with these fairly well-
      documented families, I wonder if anyone else here is researching them.

      If anyone is interested, there's more on our blog here:

      Keep well,
      Steve Hayes
      Web: http://hayesgreene.wordpress.com
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