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186Zambian birth certificates

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  • Steve Hayes
    Aug 14, 2012
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      Try www.kindredtrails.com/zambia.html.

      As far as I can see, Zambia was not able to provide Birth
      Certificates for people born before 1973 when compulsory registration
      came in. I found a site of the Embassy in Sweden which provided only
      for obtaining documents for people born since then, not before, so I
      suppose that initially they didn't keep any records and it took that
      long after self-government to get a records system set up.

      On 14 Aug 2012, at 5:33 PM, Colin Liddell wrote:

      > I am helping a friend who was born in Livingstone, Rhodesia in 1956
      > who would like to obtain her birth certificate.
      > Can anyone suggest how she should go about it or where to apply?
      > Fingers crossed!
      > Colin in not so sunny Queensland

      Andrew Rodger

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