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163Alfred Dawson Francis alias Alfred Francis Dawson

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  • Steve Hayes
    Nov 11, 2011
      One of the interesting characters who lived in Natal in the 1850s was an
      Alfred Francis Dawson, who quickly insinuated himself into the upper social
      circles of Durban in those days (such as they were), and apparently, into the
      hearts of some of the wives of the worthy gentlemen of the city: wine dealer,
      racing man, newpaper proprietor (well, sort of), churchwarden and adulterer.

      Turns out that that wasn't his real name either, and we seem to have reached
      the point in our family history research where we have discovered who he
      really was. A rather sad story, but interesting if you like the by-ways of

      I won't bore everyone here with the whole thing, but if you'd like to know
      more, see the story on my blog at:


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