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105Edmund O'Toole of Salisbury, Rhgodesia c1890

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  • Colin Garvie
    May 2, 2009
      I wonder if anyone can assist with more information regarding Edmund (Paddy) O'Toole VC of Rhodesia c1890?

      Edmund went to work for Lionell Cripps at Cloudlands. The Charter Company decided to establish a nusery there. O'Toole farm was at Hatfield Hill, head water of a tributary of the Umwindsi. The  farm was near Highlands Presbyterian church, (Enterprise Road?). In December 1890 - Jan 1891 - heavy rains fell and ruined Edmund's  (Paddy O'Toole) Potato crop. Patrick O'Toole the Gamekeeper lived at Irish Avondale.
      (Information from  "A Scantling of Time: The story of Salisbury, Rhodesia (1890-1900)"
      By G.H. Tanser published in 1965 by Stuart Manning, Salisbury, page 254f)

      I would like to establish the location of this Hatfield Hill. It is thought by some that Edmund O'Toole died and was buried there. How can I establish this for sure?

      Colin G Garvie
      Durban, South Africa
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