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"There's no way out of this war at the moment"

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  • vilis7x7
    You ve written no one should be surprised when Osama bin Laden and al Qaeda detonate a weapon of mass destruction in the United States, says Kroft. You
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 2, 2005
      "You've written no one should be surprised when Osama bin Laden and
      al Qaeda detonate a weapon of mass destruction in the United States,"
      says Kroft. "You believe that's going to happen?"

      "I don't believe in inevitability. But I think it's pretty close to
      being inevitable," says Scheuer.

      A nuclear weapon? "A nuclear weapon of some dimension, whether it's
      actually a nuclear weapon, or a dirty bomb, or some kind of
      radiological device," says Scheuer. "Yes, I think it's probably a
      near thing."

      What evidence is there that bin Laden's actually working to do
      this? "He's told us it. Bin Laden is remarkably eager for Americans
      to know why he doesn't like us, what he intends to do about it and
      then following up and doing something about it in terms of military
      actions," says Scheuer. "He's told us that, 'We are going to acquire
      a weapon of mass destruction, and if we acquire it, we will use it.'"
      After Sept. 11, Scheuer says bin Laden was criticized by Muslim
      clerics for launching such a serious attack without sufficient
      warning. That has now been given. And he says bin Laden has even
      obtained a fatwa, or Islamic decree, justifying a nuclear attack
      against the United States on religious grounds.

      "He secured from a Saudi sheik named Hamid bin Fahd a rather long
      treatise on the possibility of using nuclear weapons against the
      Americans. Specifically, nuclear weapons," says Scheuer. "And the
      treatise found that he was perfectly within his rights to use them.
      Muslims argue that the United States is responsible for millions of
      dead Muslims around the world, so reciprocity would mean you could
      kill millions of Americans."

      Scheuer says the fatwa was issued in May 2003, "and that's another
      thing that doesn't come to the attention of the American people."

      "The war in Iraq - if Osama was a Christian - it's the Christmas
      present he never would have expected," says Scheuer.
      Right or wrong, he says Muslims are beginning to view the United
      States as a colonial power with Israel as its surrogate, and with a
      military presence in three of the holiest places in Islam: the
      Arabian peninsula, Iraq, and Jerusalem. And he says it is time to
      review and debate American policy in the region, even our
      relationship with Israel.

      "No one wants to abandon the Israelis. But I think the perception is,
      and I think it's probably an accurate perception, that the tail is
      leading the dog - that we are giving the Israelis carte blanche
      ability to exercise whatever they want to do in their area," says
      Scheuer. "And if that's what the American people want, then that's
      what the policy should be, of course. But the idea that anything in
      the United States is too sensitive to discuss or too dangerous to
      discuss is really, I think, absurd."

      Is he talking about appeasement?

      "I'm not talking about appeasement. There's no way out of this war at
      the moment," says Scheuer. "It's not a choice between war and peace.
      It's a choice between war and endless war. It's not appeasement. I
      think it's better even to call it American self-interest."

      Scheuer believes that al Qaeda is no longer just a terrorist
      organization that can be defeated by killing or capturing its
      leaders. Now, he says it's a global insurgency that's spreading
      revolutionary fervor throughout the Muslim world.

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