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RE: Adoption Visa Question

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  • Sonny and Melodye Rider
    Elin wrote: Message: 3 Date: Tue, 24 Sep 2002 09:49:15 +0900 From: Elin Melchior Subject: Adoption Visa question I m Nov01 DTC in China. I m
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      Elin wrote:

      Message: 3
      Date: Tue, 24 Sep 2002 09:49:15 +0900
      From: Elin Melchior <elin@...>
      Subject: Adoption Visa question

      I'm Nov01 DTC in China. I'm hoping to get my daughter
      in February or
      March 2002. I live in Japan, but my contract ends
      March 31st and I
      have to be here at the end of that time. I really
      don't want to
      return to the US, come back to Japan, and turn around
      and go back to
      the US.

      I understand that Chinese adopted children leave the
      country on a
      Chinese passport. I spoke with Japanese immigration
      and they said
      that if we will only be in Japan for a short time, it
      will be no
      problem to get my daughter a 90-day tourist visa for
      Japan in
      Guangzhou at the Japanese consulate (Americans don't
      need to apply
      ahead for a tourist visa but Chinese people do.)

      Is there any problem with the "sealed envelope" and
      the USA visa
      stuff if I do not go directly back to the USA? I
      don't care if she
      doesn't "immediately" become an American citizen.


      My response:

      Dear Elin,

      When we were living in Indonesia, we adopted our son
      Harrison from Cambodia. We received his visa packet
      in January, 2000. We did not return directly to the
      US; we obtained a tourist visa for Harrison from the
      Indonesian Embassy--Phnom Penh, and we finally got
      back to the US on home leave in March, 2000.

      We were told by Anita Allegra then of the US
      Embassy--PP that our visa packet was good for 6 months
      from the date of issue. So we had up to 6 months to
      get back to the US. IF we did not, we had big
      trouble--we would have to return to PP to get a new

      So at that time, the visa packet was good for 6
      months. We did not encounter any problems with INS
      for entering two months after the packet was given to

      I would check with the US Consulate--GZ to make sure
      that the six month time line is still true.

      Best regards,

      Melodye Surgeon Rider
      Blessed mom of Harrison, age 3 (Cambodia) and Kara,
      age 7 (Indonesia). Now residing in Marcellus, MI
      after 9 years of life in SE Asia! Culture shock is
      alive and well--and we are living in the midst of it!

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