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Evauation from another fosterer - PLEASE READ!

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  • adopt_koli
    Tue, 6 Mar 2007 (private email update to me.) The worst thing to happen so far occurred Sunday night. After getting on together all afternoon, just before I
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 13, 2007
      Tue, 6 Mar 2007  (private email update to me.)

      The worst thing to happen so far occurred Sunday night.  After getting on together all afternoon, just before I went to bed P**** needed to assert himself to Koli.  He strode up to her at broadsides like warships of old.  With his face at the level of her face, he emitted a low growl.  Koli understood his demand and hung her head still lower as she stepped away from him.  P**** moved his broadside in close again and repeated the growl.  Again she moved away giving submissive body language.  Yet again P**** presented his broadsides and Koli moved off.  P**** was going to do this routine still again but I interceded.  I brought P**** into the bedroom and he laid down for the night.
      Monday morning Koli used the pet door while I was at ______.  This evening P**** was almost playing with her.  He seemed to want her to chase him but she was herding him. 
      We have not met any other dogs on our visits to the pet food store or TSC.  Koli has met several adults and a few young children, though.  In all situations, at home and elsewhere, she has been splendid.


      Tue, 13 Mar 2007  (overview he wrote up for the public.)

      Koli's foster home wanted a break for a bit and asked for some help.  I am John, a malamute person.  We met for several hours over a couple of Saturdays, Koli first meeting my Malamute then meeting two of my former foster Malamutes.  These meets worked so well that I substitute-fostered Koli for a week.  This is my overview of Koli.
      Koli is a very good looking little girl.  She is from easy to walk to not too difficult.  When she wants to investigate something, she may pull determinedly.  I view walking a dog not as exercise but as an expedition for the dog.  I allow the dog to pursue it's interest within limits that I set.  Koli's only stout pulling for me involved her wanting to meet other dogs or other animals.  She really wanted to interact with the wee folk at the pet shops.
      This little girl is very affectionate and likes humans of all sizes.  Children look at her bright, smart face and find her adorable; as she does them. (Even as children playing together can become too rough without intending to hurt anyone, so too can a dog playing with a child become too rough with out intending harm.  Be aware while children are playing).  Koli is very gentle when taking offerings from humans and she very much appreciates the thought.  At home, she may follow her person around with interest but she is not needy.  Neither is this kid hyper.  Of course, she does get excited when she is about to go walking.  Everyone needs to get out of the house and into less familiar surroundings regularly. 
      Koli likes to play.  Chasing a ball is great fun.  Tag is grand fun too.  She will come alive with a child who wants someone to play with.  She can play her most energetic with other dogs.  With others of her kind the action can be enormously fun to watch.  Koli seems almost to try to herd the other dog while in games of chase. 
      Sometimes one may wonder if Koli really is attacking the other dog.  I suspect that Koli has a bit of the school yard bully in her with respect to other dogs but I also feel that in spite of this she does not intend harm to the other dog.  I have watched her interaction with dogs from tiny breeds to three and four times her own size.   She likes to see if she can get a game going.  If she finds that she can intimidate the other dogs,  she thinks that is fun too.  This little girl had a one hundred pound malamute running to me for protection from the pestering she gave him.  In spite of the blood chilling language and non-contact snapping he was giving her, she wouldn't stop.  (I have seen this malamute effortlessly throw my own one hundred thirty pound malamute on his back).  She did not hurt him in the least. 
      Koli played very well with a slightly larger malamute.  They ran and wrestled all across the yard.  When either of them got too rough, he or she was informed by voice or movement.  Neither of them tried getting even.  While Koli was playing with a somewhat smaller dog she moderated her force very well to what that dog could deal with.  They had a grand time.  An uniformed observer may wonder if Koli is fighting.  She is one of those dogs who employs lots of theatrics in her play.  Most dogs have very active imaginations.
      She also tried playing with what may be a Yorki.  This is where the school yard bull thing really presented.  Koli was mouthing the tiny dog as if to pick it up.  I am confident that she had no wish to harm the little one but even a sleight wrong move could have a sorry result.  The worst thing this wee guy experienced from Koli was a partially unintended body slam.  Koli ran toward the kid and stopped a step too late, knocking him over.  I believe that with experience and guidance Koli would moderate herself around tiny dogs.
      In play Koli is sometimes load, but far and away most of the time she is silent  Other than in play when she talks the statements are pleasant and very cute.  Koli is not destructive and seems not to be much of a digger.  She is a very easy and enjoyable dog to live with.
    • adopt_koli
      I was ill and needed some rest; Koli needed some more socialization so she stayed with the other fosterer for the past week and a half. He just sent me some
      Message 2 of 2 , May 30, 2007
        I was ill and needed some rest; Koli needed some more socialization so
        she stayed with the other fosterer for the past week and a half.

        He just sent me some more updates.

        "Koli headed for Lansing on May 26. We were intending to introduce
        her to lots of people at the pet food stores. Koli is such a dandy
        little girl, everyone liked her and she was so gentle with everyone.
        The part she liked so much was meeting everyone else's dogs. She is
        so used to meeting dogs now that she asks them if they want to play.
        A few months ago Koli would just expect that other dogs wanted to
        wrestle with her and go at them with lots of energy. Some dogs would
        tell her that she was rude. All she needed was time with a patient
        dog to learn better etiquette.

        We didn't get to as many stores as we had intended on Saturday. While
        passing East Lansing we saw lots of people with kids and some with
        dogs too. It was Odyssey of the Mind day. Koli met so many people
        and little kids. Some of the kids ran up to Koli excitedly asking if
        she is a "snow dog". Koli was glad to be so famous even if she wasn't
        an actor. It sure was nice seeing how grandly she handled the public
        relations. She did as well as the most skilled professionals.

        Koli would have liked to run and play with the dogs she met but she
        settled for that bit of folly that a dog on leash may have. Koli did
        her best begging but she only got little bits of the treats some of
        the people were eating. Everyone who gave her treats was impressed at
        how exceedingly gently she accepted the tidbit. This little girl
        walked the MSU campus for more than 2 hours. From start to finish,
        Koli made us proud.

        Koli has been in foster care a long time. If any of you have walked
        through an animal shelter you know that their are lots of pets that
        need help. Animal shelters can not keep animals forever. Rescues can
        only help those pets for whom there is space. Koli needs a home of
        her own so some other dog can be helped.

        Koli is a very nice companion and play mate. (Of course, when
        children are around her, an adult ought to be supervising. Even as
        children sometimes play too roughly, so too may Koli get caught up in
        the excitement. That said, she would feel genuinely bad if she hurt a
        person). She is a settled little girl and on walks only pulls
        moderately once in a while. Koli is a very good looking kid and is
        usually quiet. She has many endearing ways about her. She is a
        worthwhile dog to get to know."
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