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Americans gaga over Yoga except the shallow, ritualistic SYSSR of chakras, catches and cures

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  • jagbir singh
    Gaga over Yoga Hindustan Times (Editorial by Meeta Chaitanya) ATLANTA, Georgia, USA (August 1, 2006): America s fascination with Yoga is anything but
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      'Gaga over Yoga'
      Hindustan Times (Editorial by Meeta Chaitanya)

      ATLANTA, Georgia, USA (August 1, 2006): America's fascination with
      Yoga is anything but superficial. In fact, a few months back, we had
      seen how this appeal had found its way into the consciousness of
      even the most peripheral cross-section here.

      As the trend grows and wins over many enthusiasts, Atlanta, along
      with many other cities in the United States continues to play host
      to several renowned propagators of this ancient practice.

      In this context of Yoga's bulging popularity, Sri Swami
      Adhyatmanandaji Maharaj's visit to Georgia as a part of his sojourn
      in the continent assumes great significance.

      Equally educative for dabblers as also advanced learners, this world-
      renowned yoga master's advent, albeit for a brief period is being
      hailed with gusto.

      Swami Adhyatmananda of the Sivananda Ashram, Ahmedabad is a
      distinguished Yoga teacher in the Divine Life Society tradition,
      working for the most part in Gujarat, India.

      Currently on tour in America, he kicked off the excursion in Chicago
      on June 9, 2006.

      After spending time in nearly half a dozen other cities in the US
      and Canada, he is now in Atlanta to impart his teachings to zealous
      practitioners here.

      The Swami is conducting a series of classes from July 28-31, 2006.
      These classes, unlike many regular metro gigs and workshops are free
      and open to all.

      Held as a bi-part series the morning classes are being organized at
      the Indian American Cultural Association, Smyrna while the evening
      classes are being conducted at the Global Mall, Norcross.

      Practiced for over 5,000 years, Yoga has won many fans across all
      sections of society in India and abroad.

      Men and women across age groups here too have excitedly embraced
      this workshop, which just goes to endorse the fact that the spurt in
      this Indian practice's patronage is indeed meteoric.

      Scores of fitness centres in this area have started including Yoga
      in their course curriculum to accommodate the growing demand for
      this discipline.

      This particular format does not require cataclysmic change of
      lifestyle, faith or religion and yet it promises to improve one's
      sense of general well-being.

      A disciple of HH Sri Swami Chidanandaji Maharaj, Adhyatmanandaji has
      continued to enthral audiences with a singular combination of
      insightful knowledge and charisma.

      Universally regarded as a dynamic yogi, he is known to posses a
      mesmeric personality.

      Inspiring confidence in even the most stoic of skeptics he has gone
      from milestone to milestone in emitting and conferring upon his
      audiences the timeless kernels of wisdom ingrained in the practice
      of Yoga and meditation.

      It isn't surprising therefore that he is fast becoming one of the
      most sought after speakers globally.

      A qualified Yogacharya, he has to his credit more than 600 yoga
      shibirs or camps in India and abroad for a slew of audiences such as
      universities, private sector companies and free-for-all camps.

      An exponent of Hatha Yoga, Adhyatmananda has been an expert in
      Yogasanas, Pranayama and relaxation techniques for over 25 years. He
      has also authored a series of articles on the medical benefits of

      The Atlanta camp, open to all in essence, does require tacit
      adherence to certain basic tenets of 'Yoga Gyan', such as
      disciplined and punctual attendance and practice of some fundamental
      principles as being on a minimal fat diet that contains plenty of
      fresh vegetables and fruits, abstinence from fried food, oil, butter
      and ghee and a general sense of finding peace within oneself before
      committing to the sessions.

      Basic Yoga programs do not require special physical agility,
      knowledge or experience and are therefore extremely alluring for the

      While it has been sold variously as an infallible mantra to achieve
      unity of mind, body and soul and alleviation of almost all physical
      ailments, its day-to-day benefits for all are probably the most
      significant part of its pervasive appeal.

      Aside from the piquant interest that Yoga aficionados have espoused
      over the years, its resuscitation as a practice open to all has made
      it even more endearing and endurable.

      Like many other hidden gems of wisdom it could have been curtailed
      as an esoteric art reserved for the privileged few.

      Instead, it has become a healthy, holistic, permeable and flexible
      way of life, for one, for all.

      'Gaga over Yoga'
      SOURCE: Hindustan Times. Indians Abroad. Gaga over Yoga
      ATLANTA DIARY | Meeta Chaitanya August 1, 2006
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