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  • fatema jetpurwala
    u kno it is extremely heart warming 2 see people fighting or at least awakening 4 their rigths & questioning the government on various issues! its time that
    Message 1 of 2 , May 1, 2008
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      u kno it is extremely heart warming 2 see people fighting or at least awakening 4 their rigths & questioning the government on various issues!
      its time that the govt starts being answerable 2 all of us tax payers...  n ensure their bit of work inputs...

      the government is not used 2 tis n has sins long known 2 be bosses but let us d people n citizens of india get rightfully bossy in the well being n upliftment of our nation.

      so kip up ur efforts u all out der n count us 4 moral support that i am sure is wat we all need 2 go on!

      al d bes n do kip goin on til u succeed!

      Bimal Khemani <bimal.khemani@...> wrote:



            I, Bimal Kumar Khemani, Saha Prant Sangathan Mantri of AKHIL BHARATIYA GRAHAK  PANCHAYAT Braj Prant, a national organization of consumers have formed a group of about 10 dedicated persons to find out corruption with the help of  RTI Act, 2005. We have selected few departments viz. Nagar Nigam, Bharat Sanchar Nigam, Aligarh Development Authority, D.S.Degree College, Aligarh Muslim University, Electricity & Health Department.  Besides  finding out corruption, we also impart training to various Govt. officials and conduct public awareness campaign. In course of a period of almost 2 years we did not get proper information and so have  to file about 30/35 appeals before the STATE INFORMATION COMMISSION, LUCKNOW. On request of one of our friends to plead his case before the commission on 24-04-08, I  had to visit  S I C Lucknow.

          The State Information Commission office, Lucknow  is located on the 6 th Floor of Indira Bhawan. The Govt. of U.P. has allotted an office space about 375 Sq. Mts. for a staff of 10 commissioners and 77 sub-ordinate staff. It has  5 chambers for Commissioners and rest of the space is for the staff and keeping records.

            Sri Mulayam Singh Yadaw, ex. Chief minster of the state appointed a retired H.C.Judge, Mr. M.A.Khan as Chief Information Commissioner and 4 other commissioners. Km. Mayawati  the present chief minister of the state appointed another 5 commissioners. These appointments give a political smell. So at present there is a total strength of 10 commissioners. But in this “Palatial building” there are only 5 rooms for the commissioners. So commissioners work in shifts. Five  sit from 10.00 to 14.00 hrs. and the other five from 14.00 to 17.00 hrs.
      Is it not unfortunate ?  Is it not a waste of man power and money ? Does it not give out 50% results of
      the working capacity ?  Does it not show how seriously  the Govt. of U.P. takes the State Information Commission ?

            There is no  Enquiry desk. An enquiry revealed that there are four clerks to receive DAK, sort it out and send it to the respected commissions . Out of these four persons one opens the letters and enters the details in receipt register and puts the receipt numbers on them. I was also told that normally more than 500 letters are received daily and out of them hardly 400/450 letters are opened and entered into the register.  So rest are left to  cool there heals.

            A meeting with the Chief  commissioner revealed his easy style of functioning. He graced us to meet us in his retiring room at about 2.00 p.m.. He was shown a list of 31 pending appeals as filed by  our group , with a request  to get them registered and listed for hearing since more than last 4/5 months have passed . He  was also informed that the proper notices of hearing are not received by the appellants and also the copy of the judgments are also not sent to the parties concerned. I was informed that the commission has  evolved a noble method for supplying  the copy of the decision. One is to apply for a copy as per civil procedure by affixing a court fee stamp of Rs. 10/- and also required  to collect the same from the office of the commission. I do not know why at this point  the Honorable Chief Information Commissioner  got annoyed .and  told me to contact Km. MAYAWATI ,and ask her  why she is not allotting more funds to the commission. This was also not the end of the drama The retd. High Court Judge cum Chief Commissioner also uttered something  and started challenging the role of Khemani as an RTI activist fighting for transparency in the system.

            The experience shows that an appeal filed to-day may get lost in the office of the commission or be listed after several months due to shortage of space and funds. It became obvious even in this short visit  that the whole atmosphere is political. Chief commissioner and other commissioners,  are pro-administration. And they are hesitant to impose penalty on the defaulters u/s.20. If this is going to be the fate of R T I Act then one will like to keep mum and just watch.
      Saha-Prant Sangathan Mantri,
      2/40D, Janakpuri, Marrish Road, 
      ALIGARH-202001.  INDIA
      Phone:0571-2401557, MOB:-093597BIMAL
      e.mail: bimal.khemani@ rediffmail. com

      JS RED

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