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The "brave" lady IAS officer and the helpless girl

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  • Amitabh Thakur
    Friends,   I got this news as a link from one of my friends. Went thru it and found that it was about one  great act associated with a member of the once
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 14, 2011
      I got this news as a link from one of my friends. Went thru it and found that it was about one  "great act" associated with a member of the once Iron frame of India.

      As per the news, a Punjab-cadre senior IAS officer, Sujata Dass, created ruckus in the Sector 38 (West) market on Thursday evening, when she brutally thrashed a nursery student, Garima (3), in full public view, while reacting to a minor scratch on her Honda City car. Sujata, a 1978 batch IAS officer, is posted as Secretary, Vigilance Inquiries, Punjab, and stays in Sector 39.

      When the people in the market tried to stop her, she started shouting that she is an IAS officer and will set everybody right. The people had a tough time rescuing the child from her wrath. Without showing any mercy on her, she kept on slapping the girl.”
       After about two hours of questioning at Sector 39 police station, Sujata was let off, without any medical examination and later SHO Inspector Charanjit Singh said: “Both parties reached a compromise, and hence we let off Sujata Dass. We asked the child’s father to give a complaint in writing, but he was satisfied with Sujata’s repeated apologies. The case is closed.”
      Thus, though the case might have got closed in a technical and legal manner, yet it leaves behind a very large number of unanswered questions, none of them good enough for these so-called "superior" services where such conducts are increasingly making the people come and openly question the superiority of the officers manning these services. The onus to prove our credibility, by avoiding all such foolish activities, is increasing by the day.
      Links to the news Article-
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