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The Fresh Brew- our new book

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  • Amitabh Thakur
    Friends, As I had told you previously, me and Amit Haralalka, a student in 2nd year of MBA at IIM Lucknow (a guitarist, an excellent blogger and a highly
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 29, 2010


      As I had told you previously, me and Amit Haralalka, a student in 2nd year of MBA at IIM Lucknow (a guitarist, an excellent blogger and a highly creative individual) have come up with a book that has been named “The Fresh Brew: Chronicles of Business and Freedom”. The book is being published by Alchemy Publishers, New Delhi. The book carries the inspiring life stories of these 25 IIM Lucknow Alumni, who charted an independent, entrepreneurial and self-envisaged careers instead of being part of the run of the mill/ traditional career path. Some of these even worked with leading banks, consulting firms, marketing and technology firms before they decided that pursuing alternate and independent career was what they were made for.

      This book is a collection of their experiences and intends to bring out the subtle dilemmas that they negotiated – both personal and professional. They include
      Bimal Patwari, a Gold Medalist from IIML who quit AF Fergusson (most sought after consulting firm) to get engaged in CAD Design Outsourcing,  Satyajit Sadanandan  who works with FIFA and lots of other football clubs across the world , Tarun Tripathi, who worked with Yash Raj films, was the man behind Hum Tum and is now writing a script for a TV Show, Gayatri Iyer, a multi-faceted, talented individual who is into international theatre and has sung for over 20 Bollywood movies including Black, Salaam Namaste, etc. , Mayank Shivam, an Ex-McKinsey Consultant who quit his job to create a company focused on rural broadcast media and community radio, Nitin Das, socially relevant film-maker, who quit his job at Times Group to go to the NY Film Academy and study Digital Film Making, Jaya Jha  who created India’s first online self-publishing platform, Sudhanshu Sarronwala  who created a company called SoundBuzz in Singapore and sold it eventually to Motorala and is now working with the World Wide Fund for Nature in Geneva, Ratnesh Mathur who opened a pre-school for kids with his wife, Sumant Bhargava who quit his marketing job at Coca Cola India to develop a chain of multiplexes for Tier-II/III cities in India, Anjali Mullatti an Entrepreneur who also spearheads the Manjunath Shanmugham Trust initiatives – passionately fighting corruption, Gaurav Ahuja who founded a chain of restaurants specifically for malls, Ashish Kale who is in Sports Media, buys Sports rights and dabbles into other areas of Sports Entertainment and Kireet Modi who is in Greeting Cards business for almost 2 decades. Thus here were some normal individuals who had the will to convert their ideas into opportunities and had their eyes and minds open – not only to observe, but to act decided to act in a particular way they wanted and it was this effort that finally turned them into Heroes in their own ways.  

      The Foreword has been written by Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, Former President of India.
      The book shall hit the bookstores on 31st January, 2011.

      The purpose is to narrate their story to the rest of the world so that it might serve as a reference point for many such other young and not-so-young people, who have always wanted to do different things but have been fearful of the evil called “failure”.


      Amitabh Thakur
      Currently at IIM Lucknow
      # 94155-34526

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