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will national rti forum answer these questions to the nation to clear their image or should the nation trat them as the others

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    1- if nutan thakur is a teacher in government school in India ? 2- if this school is in uttar pradesh ? 3- if this school is in barabanki ? 4- if its true that
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 2, 2010
      1- if nutan thakur is a teacher in government school in India ?
      2- if this school is in uttar pradesh ?
      3- if this school is in barabanki ?
      4- if its true that she never goes to her school ? if yes then for how many days in a month?
      5- whatever  salary he draws per month , if it is justified drawing salary without performing any duties that too to a activist ?
      6- if it is justified to boast high morales and do not follow them ?
      7- How much time she spends in the school ?
      may be this all be wrong but do answer or else the nation will think otherwise. barbara you are the mouthpiece of national rti forum so if nutan or amitabh fail to reply i expect you to reply to the nation.

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      Subject: [ACB_india] Re: Activist murder
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      Date: Wednesday, June 2, 2010, 2:32 AM



      On behalf of all my team members and the entire Office bearers of The National RTI Forum, we offer our sincere , condolences to one and all the RTI Activists who have met an untimely departure from our nation.

      May their families be blessed with more strength and courage to face this world without their beloved members.... who have been murdered or done away through mysterious circumstances or accidents etc.,of which facts and figures throw light on their deeds of exposure to many culprits , thieves and criminals around India ...

      Hope and pray that all the RTIs will unite under this great and effective Umbrella , so that we The National R T I Forum , be stronger in numbers and our voices heard and felt through out Our Mother Land , no matter how far each one of us may be, even if we happen to be NRI/NRE/PIOs, we are Indians and that remains the most binding material where we in The National forum can make the changes, and stop injustice to all...very soon, when untied in one strong movement.

      Jai Hind!

      State General Secretary-The National RTI Forum.
      Tamil Nadu and Australia.

      --- In ACB_india@yahoogroups.com, Amitabh Thakur <amitabhth@...> wrote:
      > Dattatreya
      > Patil- His sacrifice shall not go in vain
      > "I
      > think we all have to admit that the RTI is an important tool of good
      > governance
      > and being an RTI activist, I believe that I won't be giving up RTI
      > activism
      > although being in the civil services." this is what Dr Shah Faizal, the
      > first IAS Topper from Jammu and Kashmir said in his interview with IBN7.
      > He
      > added to it- "In fact, I feel that this the opportunity that I take the
      > RTI activism across the table as an administrator and strengthen the
      > roots of
      > RTI in J-K."
      > Now, the same IBN7 was sadly to report- “Another
      > Right to Information (RTI) activist has been murdered in Maharashtra.
      > Dattatreya
      > Patil, an activist from Ichalkaranji in the Kolhapur district, was found dead on May 22.”  
      > Sometimes back on 13 January 2010, 38-year old Satish Shetty, who
      > exposed
      > several land scams and irregularities in Kerosene distribution  was murdered in Poona when he was returning
      > home from a morning walk. And they are not alone. There are so many
      > examples of
      > RTI activists having lost their lives on the altar of their selfless
      > endeavour.
      > To my knowledge there is  Lalit Kumar
      > Mehta, member of Vikas Sahyog Kendra (Palamau District), who was
      > brutally
      > killed on 14 May 2008, Shashidhar Mishra whom unidentified
      > motorcycle-borne
      > criminals shot dead on 16 February 2010 at his Phulwaria village
      > residence in
      > Begusarai,  Venkatesh of Eeranapalya
      > murdered on April 07, 2009 as he had launched a movement to save the
      > BBMP land
      > in Banglore and Ranga Rao from in Krishna district, Andhra
      > Pradesh murdered near his house. These are the people who have now
      > become the
      > RTI martyrs. They are dead and gone, seeking information from the closed
      > doors
      > of governance and in the process even losing their lives. Each one of
      > them was
      > young and dynamic. And had big dreams in their eyes. Not for themselves
      > but for
      > the society around them. They wanted to rebuild and refurbish the
      > society in a
      > novel manner by attacking the corrupt elements around them who had all
      > kinds of
      > support from all kinds of influential quarters. But before they could
      > make the
      > necessary dent, they were attacked at and silenced for ever.
      > Like the others who have been killed for the sake of RTI, Patil was also
      > well
      > known  and well-respected in his hometown
      > Ichalkaranji in the Kolhapur district for taking on administrators. But
      > love
      > and affection were gained only at a price. And the price was huge
      > animosity
      > from those who were being adversely affected by his activism. These
      > people, who
      > must be regarding themselves above law, attacked with an open sword. That too  after his assailants threw chilli powder on
      > his face to blind him, thus  killing
      > him so brazenly and brutally. There
      > were reasons for influential people hating him. 
      > It was he who had petitioned the local court against horse
      > trading
      > during municipal council elections and had  demanded
      > an inquiry into the assets of 2
      > former police inspectors. As per the report of Sri Ashutosh
      > Shukla  of DNA dated 26/05/2010,- “Patil,
      > a close associate of social activist Anna Hazare, had recently unearthed
      > a
      > corruption racket, which had resulted in removal of the area’s deputy
      > superintendent of police, a senior police inspector and action was
      > initiated
      > against officials of the Ichalkaranji Corporation.” He quotes Shivaji
      > Raut, a
      > local journalist saying- “The family is very distressed and they do not
      > trust
      > the police and the CID. They want to wait for three more days before
      > demanding
      > a CBI enquiry,”
      > Patil’s deeds had been legendary. He had
      > pursued the matter of money to the tune of Rs. 370 crore being pumped in
      > Kolhapur district, with neighbouring Sangli, Satara and Sindhudurg
      > districts,
      > the funds being in excess of Rs 766 crore and these being not used
      > properly.  He had filed a public interest
      > petition in March this year seeking action against local Congress MP and
      > former
      > minister Jaywantrao Avale and his sons for alleged misappropriation of
      > Rs 7.6
      > crore in one such society. He had named NCP's Prakash Awade and former
      > social
      > justice minister Chandrakant Handore in several of his complaints to the
      > police.
      > As per Press information, six persons have been arrested in connection
      > with
      > Patil's murder so far. As per a police officer’s statement in Press- “
      > They have
      > confessed to the crime. We have also confiscated the murder weapon. “
      > Not being in knowledge of the exact facts in this regards, it would be
      > highly
      > improper for me to comment on this. But I (like all other RTI activists
      > and
      > other socially aware people) would certainly want to know more about the
      > entire
      > facts related with the case. I would request the people from the region
      > to
      > share the facts and true picture of the matter, so that the matter is
      > properly
      > pursued and the accused are dealt with as per the strongest provisions
      > of law.
      > I, on behalf of the National RTI forum and on my individual self, pay my
      > deepest respect to the departed soul and fully believe that his
      > sacrifice will
      > always be remembered by every sensible and public-spirited person.
      > Amitabh Thakur,
      > President,
      > National RTI Forum,
      > Lucknow
      > # 94155-34526

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