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1948Re: [adhikaar] Protest against Bhushans at Jantar Mantar

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  • Rahul Kumar
    Apr 25, 2011
      All this is to divert the issue.

      Lets help in drafting the bill rather than directing our energy in other useless matters.

      The trouble with us Indians is that we have crab mentality.
      Wake up and do the needful.

      rahul kumar

      --- On Mon, 25/4/11, Nutan Thakur <nutanthakurlko@...> wrote:

      From: Nutan Thakur <nutanthakurlko@...>
      Subject: [adhikaar] Protest against Bhushans at Jantar Mantar
      To: "Nutan Thakur" <nutanthakurlko@...>, "Nutan Thakur" <nutanthakurlko@...>
      Date: Monday, 25 April, 2011, 6:19 PM


      Anna Hazare, who spearheaded the nation-wide movement against Corruption is today completely silent about the serious accusations made against members of his own Core team. It is already giving a very bad signal. Moreover it is discrediting the entire Civil society movement in the eyes of the people. Hence it is important that independent enquiry be conducted against Shanti Bhushan and his son Prashant Bhushan as regards the serious allegations and till the time the result of this enquiry is over, either they get themselves detached from the Drafting Committee or Anna ensures the same. This is important to have transparency in the system and to give a clean message. If this is avoided, this will have a very adverse impact on the entire movement. 
        It is also highly objectionable that people like Arvind Kejariwal, Kiran Bedi are openly siding with these people as if to protect their faults, while their natural stand would have been to demand an enquiry themselves. Kiran Bedi says that this is a fight between honest and dishonest people but how does she decide anyone as being honest even if such serious allegations are pouring in. Kejriwal says that the norms of resignation differ for Ministers and Civil society members. Is it tolerable? Worst, Anna is avoiding the question and saying that only Bhushans can answer this, while he should have immediately pounced and asked for enquiry and appropriate action.

      When we could no longer tolerate , to put this point of view,  Institute for Research and Documentation in Social Sciences (IRDS), National RTI Forum and other societies  have today held a protest named “Anna, Do Justice”

      We have the following two main demands-
      1. Initiate immediate high level enquiry against Sri Shanti Bhushan and Sri Prashant Bhushan as regards the charges of corruption against them
      2. To ask them to get away from Lokpal Bill Drafting Committee till the time the enquiry is conducted or to remove them from the Committee

      We have decided that if the required action is not taken within the required period of 15 days, we will take the matter on a much larger scale.
      The main persons to be present in the Dharna have been Dr Nutan Thakur, Dinesh Pratap Singh, Tajendra Pal Singh, Aniruddh Singh, Anuj Agrwal, Saurabh Kumar,  Khushhal Jaggarwal, Puneet Gargia etc.

      Dr Nutan Thakur,
      Convener, National RTI Forum,

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