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1942Dharna at Jantar Manta- need ur participation to really fight against corruption

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  • Nutan Thakur
    Apr 22, 2011
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      National RTI Forum, IRDS  and some other organizations shall be staging a protest on 25th April between 10 AM to 1 PM at Jantar Mantar, New Delhi with the demand of  asking for independent and swift enquiry against eminent lawyers Shanti Bhushan and Prashant Bhushan  and also for keeping them away from Joint Drafting Committee as long as they are not given clean chit in the enquiry.
      The protest termed “Anna, Do Justice” has been staged because many Civil societies and their important functionaries are clearly  siding with Shanti Bhushan and openly defending them in face of all the serious allegations. This is giving a message of  double standard for members of Civil society.
      While not being against any individual, we do believe that if the very foundation of drafting of a Bill against Anti-corruption is based on serious allegations of corrupt practices, then it loses its entire meaning.

      Now that even the Government report has come about the CD transcript being true, our demand has acquired all the more importance and relevance. It is not that such a large Nation like India having so many people of legal talents and social commitments of highest caliber can’t do without a Shanti Bhushan or Prashant Bhushan. Also we shall stick to a person’s name just because Anna Hazare or someone recommended it. Instead things must be considered on independent merit, including the present mail.

      I am sure u will agree that the way the people of the Drafting Committee are now behaving is highly improper. Instead of asking for the truth, they are forming a kind of association of people having some personal common interest. This is extremely bad and we must oppose it at all costs. Can we think of removing corruption if these people have already started taking sides with persons who are being charged with serious corrupt practices?

      It is to oppose this situation that we undertake to take this Protest demonstration on 25 April between 10 AM to 1.30 PM.

      Everyone of u who seem to agree with us and are there in Delhi at that time are respectfully invited to correct this serious anomaly in the entire “Movement against Corruption.” If people are saying “Say No to corruption”, we don’t want it to be empty slogan but we want it to be seen in actual action. Many of these slogan raisers are now found completely wanting in the act when time demands so. Let me and you stand against this at Jantar Mantar on 25th April between 10 to 1.30 PM.

      Let us say No to corruption- for one and all, whether it is Shanti Bhiushan or me or you.

      Dr Nutran Thakur,
      Convener. National RTI Forum,