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[adhdalert] Week of March 1st, 1999 - News Alert

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  • David Kaiser
    ~~~~~~ ADHD ALERT ~ Week of March 1st, 1999 ~~~~~~~~~~ _________________ T O P S T O R Y________________________________________ Attention deficit
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 2, 1999
      ~~~~~~ ADHD ALERT ~ Week of March 1st, 1999 ~~~~~~~~~~

      T O P S T O R Y________________________________________

      Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, CNS stimulants and sport.

      CNS stimulant medication such as Ritalin used in the management of
      ADHD is not permitted for use in competition by the International
      Olympic Committee (IOC). Fine motor coordination and balance are
      improved after methylphenidate administration. Stimulant medication for
      atheletes with ADHD may provide an unfair advantage in competition.

      Complete story:

      B O O K N E W S_________________________________________

      ADHD Rating Scale-IV: Checklists, Norms, & Clinical Interpretation
      by George J. Dupaul, Robert Reid, Arthur D. Anastopoulos

      A rating scale for diagnosing ADHD in children and adolescents
      and for assessing treatment response. Contains 18 items linked
      directly to DSM-IV diagnostic criteria for ADHD. Includes a
      parent questionnaire on home behaviors (one in English, one in
      Spanish), and a teacher questionnaire on classroom behaviors.
      Pages are formatted for easy photocopying, and permission
      to reproduce the scale as often as needed.

      This manual includes:
      -Scoring profiles for boys and girls aged 5-17
      -Nationally representative norms for both parent and teacher ratings
      -Factor analysis data and findings on reliability and validity
      -Clinical interpretation guidelines for screening and diagnosis
      -Clinical interpretation guidelines for treatment evaluation

      More info:

      T H I S W E E K 'S
      T O P A R T I C L E S______________________________________

      ADHD: a practical scale for pediatricians.

      Self-Report of ADHD in Adolescents.

      Children facing the death of parents at a younger age</a>

      ADD drug infiltrates playgrounds

      Patterns of Parent-Reported Problems Indicative in Autism.

      Babies can talk at six months, research reveals

      Parenting boils down to power balance
      More information about ADHD at www.eegspectrum.com/adhd/

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      for links to this week's articles
      ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~[ ADHD ALERT ]~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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