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619Re: [adamsmotor] Adams motor

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  • Russel Prier
    Jan 13, 2011
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      Sorry, there used to be a lot of genuine Adams motor info around but it seems to have disappeared lately.  I will try to put together some pictures and info from the patent that Robert Adams out into the public domain to be available to everyone.  There was also a lot of good info the Aethmogen website which has been suspended as the fees have not been paid for it to continue on the web.  Tim Harwood never really bothered to follow What Robert was teaching and was busy doing his own thing calling it an adams motor which is was not and never achieved good results with it either.  Robert achieved 8 times more power out than in with his basic design then through experimenting got it much better than that then went on to develope What he called the Thermo  Motor from the basic Adams motor which produced serious power with very minimal input power.  He had nearly finished a Megawatt motor when he had a stroke and died.  I have seen this motor and was helping him finish it.  I am a machinist not and electronics technician so lack a little on that side of my understanding.  I dont know if I can find a copy of the original patent as I have moved a couple of times in recent years and need to sort out a lot of papers but will try.  I will need a little time to get this sorted though.

      All the best Russel Prier

      On 12/01/2011 10:31 p.m., Wardhog Dog wrote:

      Good day all

      I am new to this group. I am only starting to learn about this amazing motor now. Can any body tell me where to find information that will putt me on the right track? I have a good knowledge of electronics. And I am a qualified electrician.

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