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226The lamenting Lazarus .

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  • Mr Weston
    Dec 12, 2008
      Hey group.
      Why has it been so quiet in the Adams camp ?
      I've been looking at the Bendini motor and wound the odd (and I do
      mean odd) coil here and there. The inside scoop is the Adams motor has
      better results and doesn't require specially created coils. Just rip
      them out of old house hold white goods. The magnets can be found in a
      microwave megatron (2 megatrons will give you four ceramic magnets,
      the fan will give you one coil. So you'll have to do some searching
      for five or more).
      Any way, Hope to get some people to post.
      Lets not wait till the cost of living gets out of hand. We could be
      recycling, providing help and insight.