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Charles helps to build 'new age' hospita

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    jadecampus.com Charles helps to build new age hospital Zoe Brennan and Nicholas Hellen The London Times --- August 26 2001 BRITAIN
    Message 1 of 865 , Sep 1, 2001
      jadecampus.com<br><br>Charles helps to build 'new
      age' hospital <br>Zoe Brennan and Nicholas Hellen
      <br><br>The London Times --- August 26 2001 BRITAIN<br>
      <br>PRINCE CHARLES is working on a personal remedy for the
      ills of the NHS, with plans to help build a model
      hospital that would tap into the power of alternative
      therapy. <br><br>It will train doctors to combine
      conventional medicine and alternative treatments, such as
      homeopathy, Ayurvedic medicine and acupuncture, and will have
      up to 100 beds. <br><br>The prince's intervention
      marks the culmination of years of campaigning by him
      for the NHS to assign a greater role to alternative
      medicine. In a recent speech he urged the NHS not to
      dismiss it as a "woolly cul-de-sac". <br><br>Groups
      interested in alternative medicine are delighted at the
      news. Teresa Hale, founder of the Hale Clinic in
      London, said: "Twenty-five years ago people said we were
      quacks. Now several branches, including homeopathy,
      acupuncture and osteopathy, have gained official
      recognition." <br><br>The proposed hospital, which is due to
      open in London in 2003 or early 2004, is to be
      overseen by Mosaraf Ali, who runs the Integrated Medical
      Centre (IMC) in London. He is also responsible for
      raising finance for its construction. <br><br>Ali's
      clients are said to include the prince and celebrities
      such as Geri Halliwell and Kate Moss. Earlier this
      year Ali, who trained as a doctor in Delhi and Moscow,
      accompanied Camilla Parker Bowles on a trek to the Himalayas
      to "re-energise" her spirits and encourage her to
      give up smoking. <br><br>The prince has held
      exploratory talks with Ali over the past six months about
      giving official royal support to the hospital. This
      weekend Ali was in India and unavailable for comment, but
      Eleanor Stoikov, his clinical manager, said: "The prince
      is giving support, but not in a financial way."
      <br><br>A spokesman for St James's Palace said: "It is an
      interesting proposition and they have had private discussions
      on the matter. The prince has argued for some time
      for a greater role for integrated medicine."
      <br><br>He added that the prince had set up the Foundation
      for Integrated Medicine in 1996, and provided it with
      �2m of funding. It is thought that the prince's
      foundation, based in east London, is providing advice to Ali.
      <br><br>Alternative therapy tends to be more expensive than
      conventional medicine. Critics have pointed to its failure to
      cure serious diseases and to match the leaps in
      clinical techniques. <br><br>The late John Diamond, the
      writer who died of cancer, stated: "More and more people
      [are] discovering the true secret of alternative
      medicine: it doesn't work." He added: "How many herbalists
      came up with a cure for a single form of cancer? You
      can count them on the fingers of one foot."
    • bob_and_robin
      Hi Bert, Yes acupuncture has been used for animals for years. I think
      Message 865 of 865 , Jan 31, 2002
        Hi Bert,<br>Yes acupuncture has been used for
        animals for years. I think
        <a href=http://homepage.tinet.ie/~progers/study.htm target=new>http://homepage.tinet.ie/~progers/study.htm</a> may have some info about it. There are also a
        number of books on the subject check also
        www.redwingbooks.com or www.bluepoppy.com (hope those are right).
        Acupuncture is used in many operations in China. There are a
        few tests they run prior to cutting. About 50% can
        use it with success. It is also very good for post
        operative pain, such as tooth extraction. You may also find
        some other links at
        <a href=http://acupuncture.8k.com/acupvil.htm target=new>http://acupuncture.8k.com/acupvil.htm</a><br>this one is one of the best collections of links
        around.<br>Hope this helps,<br>Bob
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