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what is suki

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  • hamidlg
    thank you very much for your interest. as i said in my prevous mail : in korean Su means hand Ki means power or energy. it is important to note
    Message 1 of 865 , Mar 2, 2001
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      thank you very much for your interest.<br>as i
      said in my prevous mail :<br>in korean <br>Su means
      hand Ki means power or energy.<br>it is important to
      note that no oils, herbals,are used. no sides effects
      . the session can be done with no need to the
      patient to be naked.<br>the duration of the sessiion is
      from 15 to 60 minutes depending on the case.<br>As you
      know (merdian lines;which represents nerves) are the
      pathways of energy flow in the body, each of those
      meredians corresponds to a particular organ or body
      function.<br>When every thing is normal all these merdians work
      togther (balanced), but when there is something wrong
      there is no balance .<br>we use hands,elbows, thumbs to
      apply pressure (deeply& gently ) to the skin.<br>by
      applying pressure to certain region energy can be
      regulated and therefore balanced; which leads us to proper
      function of the system and cure.<br>suki diagnoses can
      reveal the true health status it can also predict
      oncoming problems resulting from fatiged nerves.<br><br>i
      will write more about suki next week.<br>thank you all
    • bob_and_robin
      Hi Bert, Yes acupuncture has been used for animals for years. I think
      Message 865 of 865 , Jan 31, 2002
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        Hi Bert,<br>Yes acupuncture has been used for
        animals for years. I think
        <a href=http://homepage.tinet.ie/~progers/study.htm target=new>http://homepage.tinet.ie/~progers/study.htm</a> may have some info about it. There are also a
        number of books on the subject check also
        www.redwingbooks.com or www.bluepoppy.com (hope those are right).
        Acupuncture is used in many operations in China. There are a
        few tests they run prior to cutting. About 50% can
        use it with success. It is also very good for post
        operative pain, such as tooth extraction. You may also find
        some other links at
        <a href=http://acupuncture.8k.com/acupvil.htm target=new>http://acupuncture.8k.com/acupvil.htm</a><br>this one is one of the best collections of links
        around.<br>Hope this helps,<br>Bob
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