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Surgery Gets Healing Help

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  • jingwell
    Surgery Gets Healing Help From Alternative Medicine More and More, It s What Patients Want By Alison Palkhivala WebMD Medical News
    Message 1 of 865 , Oct 1, 2000
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      Surgery Gets Healing Help From Alternative
      Medicine <br><br>More and More, It's What Patients Want
      <br><br><br>By Alison Palkhivala <br>WebMD Medical News
      <br><br><br>Reviewed by Dr. Aman Shah <br><br><br>Sept. 21, 2000 --
      Complementary or alternative medicine, which looks beyond
      mainstream means to heal illness and promote health, is
      having a major impact on virtually all fields of
      medicine except surgery. However, many complementary
      medicine techniques have a potential role to play in
      easing the pain and discomfort of surgery. In this
      second part of a two-part series, the role of
      acupuncture, therapeutic touch/Reiki, and massage, as well as
      herbs and supplements in surgery, are explored.
      <br><br><br>Judith J. Petry, MD, author of a review article on
      alternative medicine and surgery, tells WebMD those patients
      interested in and willing to try complementary medicine can
      benefit from it tremendously around the time of surgery.
      Petry, whose article is published in the September issue
      of Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine, is
      medical director of the Vermont Healing Tools Project in
      Brattleboro, Vt. <br><br><br>"[This article is] timely and
      addresses a major aspect of health care that has been
      overlooked or not yet penetrated by complementary medicine,"
      John S. Foster, MD, FACEP, who was not involved in the
      study, tells WebMD. <br><br><br>"It's really just
      returning to real medicine, to being healers and physicians
      first. ... The nurses used to give that supportive,
      human care," he says. "Unfortunately, we've turned
      nurses into imitation doctors because the complexity of
      modern medicine has made them have to compete. ... We've
      lost a whole niche in high-tech medicine, which is
      healing." Foster is the associate director of the Center
      for Integrative Medicine of Thomas Jefferson
      University in Philadelphia. <br><br><br>Some of the
      techniques that can be used in conjunction with surgery
    • bob_and_robin
      Hi Bert, Yes acupuncture has been used for animals for years. I think
      Message 865 of 865 , Jan 31, 2002
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        Hi Bert,<br>Yes acupuncture has been used for
        animals for years. I think
        <a href=http://homepage.tinet.ie/~progers/study.htm target=new>http://homepage.tinet.ie/~progers/study.htm</a> may have some info about it. There are also a
        number of books on the subject check also
        www.redwingbooks.com or www.bluepoppy.com (hope those are right).
        Acupuncture is used in many operations in China. There are a
        few tests they run prior to cutting. About 50% can
        use it with success. It is also very good for post
        operative pain, such as tooth extraction. You may also find
        some other links at
        <a href=http://acupuncture.8k.com/acupvil.htm target=new>http://acupuncture.8k.com/acupvil.htm</a><br>this one is one of the best collections of links
        around.<br>Hope this helps,<br>Bob
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