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Zhang San Feng Festival New is Finally Here!!

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  • Jim Donnelly
    Greetings All, We ve finally put another year to bed and the Zhang San Feng Festival is ready to go. You can see everything we have in store for this year at
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      Greetings All,

      We've finally put another year to bed and the Zhang San Feng Festival is ready to go. You can see everything we have in store for this year at www.TaiChiFest.com. For those of you not familiar, the Zhang San Feng Festival is the oldest and largest internal arts convention in the country, scheduled for the first full weekend in June each year, and being held this year at the Nevele Grande Resort in Ellenville, NY, a Catskills resort located roughly 45 minutes from Middletown, NY.

      New presenters for this year include Bill Douglas, founder of World Tai Chi & Qigong Day, who is being inducted into our hall of fame for his contributions to the internal arts. He will also be delivering the keynote address. Also new for this year is David Dorian Ross, star of the Gaiam tai chi and qigong DVD series, television producer and author. Our pre-festival line up includes a workshop on supercharging your Yang 24 form using traditional Chinese medicine. The workshop is offered by Grandmaster Gary Torres. We are also offering a pre-fest on Chinese yoga, offered by Grandmaster Jianye Jiang. Another fantastic post festival bootcamp is being offered again this year Dr. John Painter. These workshops, known as "the gathering of the circle" provide some of the most intensive and useful training available today, concentrated into a weeklong workshop.

      Online registration and downloadable registration forms are available on our website. For registering or for more info, please visit our website at: www.taichifest.com, or call 973-670-6582.

      Hope to see everyone there!

      Jim Donnelly
      American Society of Internal Arts





      1 Nevele Road

      Ellenville, NY 12428




Tuesday & Wednesday, June 3 & 4, 2009


Thursday - Sunday, June 4 - 7, 2009



      Monday - Friday, June 8 - 12, 2009

      Bill Douglas
      Founder of World Tai Chi & Qigong Day!

      2009 Faculty

      Shifu Bob Castaldo
      Shifu Pedro Cepero-Yee
      Gene Ching of Kunfu Taiji Magazine
      Shifu James Donnelly
      Shifu Bill Douglas
      Shifu Dale Dugas
      Shaman Doug Gray
      Shifu John Green
      Grandmaster Jianye Jiang
      Willie "The Bam" Johnson
      Shifu Kimber Johnson
      Shifu Ken Lo
      Shifu Yuzhi Lu
      Marcus Callis of Tigerclaw
      Dr. John Painter
      Shifu David Ritchie
      Shifu David Dorian Ross
      Michael Sauvageau of TryOutToys
      Jennifer Sauvageau of TryOutToys
      Grandmaster Gary Torres
      Grandmaster Wang, Rengang
      Ven Ocean-of-Wisdom Sakya
      Shifu Tina Chunna Zhang



      Supercharge Your Yang 24 Form 
With the Ancient Secrets of Traditional Chinese Medicine!

      Instructor: Dr. Gary Torres

      Date: Wed & Thur; June 3 – 4, 2009;
      Begins 9:00 AM

      Location: Nevele Grande Resort;
      Ellenville, NY

      Millions of people across the country do their tai chi form unaware of the untapped potential within. Hidden in the movements are elements of ancient Chinese secrets, accumulated over thousands of years into a pool of knowledge known as traditional Chinese medicine, or TCM. Armed with this knowledge, any tai chi practitioner has the potential to increase the healing aspects of their form exponentially, to entirely new levels.

      In this two-day workshop Dr. Gary Torres, head of the legendary Kwok kungfu lineage, will teach you how to apply the secrets of TCM to your Yang 24 form, one of the most widely practiced forms in the world. Dr. Torres will revel the hidden qigong in the tai chi form. You will learn how to tap the energy of the Chinese meridian system and increase your flow of qi. Through precise acupressure techniques, you will discover how use command points to "amp up" your energy in movement. You will also be taught how map the 24-hour cycle of your own qi flow, and apply that knowledge to your form. Breathing techniques and meditation will complete the training.

      Join Dr. Gary Torres, one of the top internal Chinese martial art grandmasters in the country, as he teaches you how to supercharge your Yang 24 Form with the ancient secrets of traditional Chinese medicine, bringing your tai chi practice to entirely new levels of power and health!


      Chinese Yoga - The Ancient Principles of Healing Qigong

      Instructor: Grandmaster Jianye Jiang

      Date: Thur; June 5, 2009
      Begins 10:00 AM

      Location: Nevele Grande Resort; Ellenville, NY

      The earliest written evidence of yoga comes from seals discovered at several Indus Valley Civilization sites, seals dated approximately 3000BC. Anthropologists believe the practice of yoga itself is older still. What is also known that porous border that China shares with India, the home of yoga, has served as a rich gateway of knowledge and wisdom, as both cultures have shared their spiritual and energetic practices over the centuries. Thus Chinese yoga, the seed to today's qigong was born.

      With over 300 educational videos to his credit, Master Jianye Jiang has become known as one of the most prolific masters of our time, educating literally millions of people in the Chinese arts. In recent years the focus of his practice and teachings have been in the healing power of tai chi & qigong. Part of that research has included the study of Chinese yoga, a practice that serves as the energetic foundation of qigong.

      In this workshop you will discover the hidden foundation of Chinese Yoga, a practice that threads itself
through all modern day Chinese energy work. You will learn exercises whose roots feed from the ancient past and 
extend into your very own practice. Join Grandmaster Jianye Jiang, a man who has dedicated his life to the study and development of some of the most powerful qigong sets in the country. Discover the power of Chinese Yoga as you explore the roots of your own practice.




      7:30 PM – 10:00 PM


      - Evening reception
- Speechifying, a few jokes, etc.

      - Hall of Fame Award (Bill Douglas 2009 inductee)
- Performance by "Catskills comedian"



6:30 AM – 7:00 AM

      Morning Meditation

      Meditation will be led by Shifu Tina Zhang. Chairs will be available, as well as space for attendees to use meditation cushions. Participants are responsible for supplying their own cushions.

      Morning Qigong

      Morning Qigong will be led by Grandmaster Jianye Jiang.
      Each morning will offer a different type of qigong. Loose clothing should be worn.

      7:00 AM - 8:30 AM:



8:30 AM – 10:00 AM


      INTERNAL ARTS 101: 

      Instructor: Shifu James Donnelly

      There are two ways that a new beginner can attend the Zhang San Feng Festival. The first is to wander around dazed and confused, guessing at the meanings of the hundreds of terms and concepts thrown at you during the course of the weekend. The second is to attend A.S.I.A.'s basic training course and begin your adventure armed with everything you need to get the most out of your Festival experience! In this fast paced 90-minute workshop Shifu James Donnelly, director of the American Society of Internal Arts and the Zhang San Feng Festival, will teach you all the basics: What are the internal arts? What makes them different than all other martial arts? What is qi? What are meridians? What is the dantian? What is yi? These are just a few of the concepts addressed. You will learn basic history, theory and philosophy of the internal arts, including the esoteric Daoist connection. You'll also review some of the core concepts and training methods shared by the primary arts (taiji, bagua, xingyi),as well as some of the lesser-known variants. Related concepts including qigong, jibengong, daoyin and neidan will be explained. You'll learn why "tai chi chuan" is often written as "taijiquan." Vital terminology will be reviewed and included in handouts containing a glossary of terms and definitions, all serving as a roadmap to help navigate you in this weekend's over 50 workshops. With a "question and answer" session to wrap things up, you'll be "ultra prepped" for the rest of the weekend. Don't miss this opportunity to arm yourself with the "Festival Cliffnotes," so you can help out all the dazed and confused people that didn't come! This is also great information for teachers to consider sharing with new students or visitors to their schools. All levels welcome.

Instructor: Shifu John Green


Taijiquan is often referred to as the 13 Postures, including 8 gates and 5 steps. The 8 primary hand techniques are peng, lu, chi, an, tsai, lieh, jou, kao or ward-off, roll-back, press, push, pluck, split, elbow, shoulder.  These are more than just specific hand movements, but full-body energies that can develop into a myriad of techniques including escaping, locking, striking, throwing, etc.  In this seminar, Shifu John Green will focus on the energy of Tsai, or plucking.  Participants will learn to understand the body dynamic to maximize this energy and then work with partners through multiple application scenarios.  Grounded in practical self-defense, this seminar will add value and understanding to the Taiji practice of everyone, regardless of style.  All levels are welcomed.


Instructor: Shifu David Ritchie


A key component of all the internal arts, tai chi in particular, is the idea of relaxation, what the classics refer to as "song." Yet beyond "staying loose," just what does song mean and what is its role in the arts? In this workshop, Shifu David Ritchie will take you on an exploration of the all important elements of song. You will learn what song is and what song isn't. You will learn how to tap into your senses and and truly feel the relaxation. You will also learn what role song plays in increasing your health, while also expanding your root to mother earth. You will also discover how song can increase your internal strength. Join Shifu Ritchie as he teaches you to how to relax your practice, and improve your health all at the same time.


      Instructor: Shifu Yuzhi Lu


The Yang style 24 form is the most widely practiced and taught tai chi form in the world today. Developed as a simplified version of the Yang long form, the Yang 24 form is enjoyed by millions as an easy-to-learn form with both health and martial benefits. In this workshop, Shifu Yuzhi Lu offers the benefits of her years as a teacher of physical education in China.You will learn the subtle nuances of the Yang 24 form, and discover its hidden techniques. Join Shifu Yuzhi Lu in this informative and enjoyable workshop that will help bring your tai chi practice to a new level. All levels welcome.

      10:00 AM - 10:30 AM:


      10:30 AM – 12:00 PM


      Instructor: Shifu Dale Dugas

      It is said that the "Yì Jīn Jīng" or "Muscle Tendon Changing Classic" was first taught to the monks of Shaolin Temple by Bodidharma himself, to help strengthen the monks for their long sessions of meditation in the search for enlightenment. Handed down from generation to generation, these exercises have gained a reputation for producing incredible health and healing illness. In this riveting workshop, Shifu Dale Dugas of Coiling Dragon Internal Arts will teach the powerful energy work of the Muscle Tendon Changing Classic. You will be taught how this  legendary qigong benefits the body in modern terms. You will be taught the muscle groups involved and what you can expect from your hard work with this incredible material. You will learn the various postures, and how and where to correctly apply tension in order to build a better upper body structure. Lastly you will see how hard work on this set will not only increase your strength, but serves as a great foundation to build on for more advanced material.


      Instructor: Shifu Pedro Cepero Yee


Hung Ga kungfu has roots which drink deep from the Shaolin tradition. Known as a Chinese martial arts style with great physical demands and extremely effective results, Hung Ga is kung fu at its finest. In this workshop, Shifu Pedro Cepero-Yee, adopted son of Grandmaster Frank Yee, will guide you through discovery of the five animals of Hung Ga kung fu - Dragon, Snake, Tiger, Leopard and Crane. Beginning with a study of Hung Ga's famed foundational training, you will learn the close range combat techniques of the art. Each fist will be sampled, showing you its nature and energy. You will then learn theory and specific techniques of each animal, moves that can be used for both self defense and physical fitness. Join Shifu Cepero-Yee as he introduces you to the fierce and powerful animals of Hung Ga kung fu.

Instructor: Dr. Gary Torres

      Xingyiquan is often considered one of the most aggressively powerful of the internal arts. Though deceptively simply from outward appearances, the art has a depth and complexity that can offer a lifetime of study. Part of its complexity comes from its Daoist heart – Chinese five element theory. In this workshop Dr. Gary Torres, grandmaster of the Peter Kwok system of classical kungfu, will teach the flip side of the xingyi five elements showing you the healing side of the art. You will be taught the basics of five element theory. You will discover how each element corresponds with vital organs of the human body. You will then be taught how to heal yourself and others with this knowledge, using the power of your mind and the healing energy of your qi. Join Dr. Gary Torres for this fascinating workshop that will add yet another tool to your arsenal of healing.



      Instructor: Ven. Ocean-of-Wisdom Sakya

      Buddhism is a comprehensive system designed for the sole purpose of eliminating personal, social, and environmental stress.  Armed with these tools, the practitioner eventually prepares for higher levels of awareness. In this facinating workshop, Ven. Ocean-of-Wisdom will introduce you to the theory and method for meeting this goal through an explanation of the three parts of practice which are ethics (sila), meditation (samadhi), and wisdom (panna/prajna). You will learn about Buddhist karma, and how it differs from the Hindu concept. You will also be treated to a general history of Buddhism and its traditions, an explanation of its theory and practice, and instruction in Buddhist meditation with practice and Q&A. By the end of this workshop, you will have a solid foundation to start and maintain a beneficial meditation practice. Join Ven. Ocean-of-Wisdom Sakya for this enlightening workshop for the spiritual you. Note: Only a few meditation cushions will be made available. Participants are encouraged to bring their own of they'd like. Chairs will also be available.


      Instructor: Shifu Bill Douglas

      World Tai Chi Qigong Day, held annually in hundreds of cities in over 65 nations, evolved from "a spark of creativity" in the mind of it's founder. In this workshop, World Tai Chi & Qigong Day founder, Shifu Bill Douglas, will share with you the amazing qi meditations taught to him by his teacher, Master Jennifer Booth, and how they helped him to conceive and develop the unprecedented and historic event that WTC&QD has become. He will take you on an exploration of the universe which exists in every mind, and how to use it as a tool to become aware of your own qi flow. From awareness, you will learn how to externalize your qi to help calm and heal others. 
Join Shifu Douglas as he shares with you these tool which he has used to help people from all walks of life feel their qi for the first time in their lives.


12:00 PM – 1:30 PM:



1:30 PM – 3:00 PM


      Instructor: Shifu Tina Chunna Zhang

      Silk-reeling energy is the basic element and special character of Chen style taijiquan – the origin and source of taijiquan. This core technique promotes health and fighting skills and builds various patterns of internal motions for all styles of taijiquan. 
In this workshop, Shifu Zhang will teach a series of silk-reeling routines that she learned and practiced in the Chen village in China.  During the learning process, you will gain an appreciation of silk-reeling energy, which strengthens the physical body as well as vital and spiritual energies in your practice of any style of taijiquan and related internal arts. 
Join Shifu Zhang as she shares with you this powerful coiling energy that will benefit you for years to come. 


      Instructor: Michael Sauvageau

      The folks from TryOutToy's are back with their hit new toy, the zenowbe! Not content with mastering existing toys, the folks at "TryOutToys" love to invent unique skill toys of their own. Among their arsenal of fun and crazy gadgets, none requires greater skill to learn and master than the zenowbe. In this workshop, Michael Glenn, toymaster of the Zhang San Feng Festival, will cover the basics of the zenowbe for the beginners. From there you will jump to intermediate and advanced techniques. Finally, you will be taught "two person" exercises designed to challenge your coordination, dexterity and skill. Designed to sharpen intention and focus, the zenowbe is the perfect training tool to develop your power within the subtlest of movements, to accept and redirect energies, and all while maintaining a perfect state of song (relaxation). Join Michael for this fun filled look at their latest toy and let the kid in you come out and play! All levels welcome.


      Instructor: Shifu Ken Lo

      At the core of every internal artist is the dantian. As the physical, mental and energetic center, the dantian plays a crucial role in all we do. Yet what if there were two centers that the internal artist could tap into? Imagine the possibilities. In this workshop, Shifu Ken Lo will teach you the dual centers of the Wu Mei Pai system. You will learn how the Wu Mei Pai player is able to manifest a yin/yang duality, using the two centers together for a variety of effects. You will discover how, when using these two centers, you can produce incredible kinetic forces. You will also discover how to develop your own twin centers, and practice the creation of these forces in a controlled and safe manner. Join Shifu Lo for this rare opportunity to learn and experience a unique internal training method that has been kept secret for centuries.


Instructor: Shifu Kimber Johnson

      Flexibility is the key to nearly every martial art. No where is this more the case than with the internal artist. Whether bending through the fluid motions of push hands, or twisting and turning through the intricate movements of bagua, flexibility is a key component to top performance. In this workshop, Shifu Kimber Johnson will teach you a series of stretches that will increase your flexibility in your practice. You will learn proper technique from warm up to cool down. As an added bonus, Shifu Johnson will teach you kicking routines that will not only strengthen your legs and increase your balance, but also give you a great cardio workout. Join Shifu Johnson as she shares with you the training techniques of Bam's Kungfu which generated an entire generation of peak performers at their school.


      Instructor: Dr. John Painter

      Not all forms of meditation are appropriate for martial art training. Just as martial artists use "functional strength training" to optimize their physical strength for their art, they must also use meditation techniques designed to optimize a fighters mental performance. In this workshop Dr. John Painter will teach you how you can use the Li family Jingzuo technique of "quiet sitting" to enhance your mind, internal energy and physical health. You will also learn about the many forms of mediation taught today that actually inhibit your martial development, wasting valuable time in the pursuit of "will of the wisp" skills that are unnecessary and often potentially dangerous. You will discover the specific martial breathing techniques, special mudras (hand forms) and ways to focus the mind for increased internal energy, speed and power for any martial art practice. Join Dr. Painter as he shares with you his 40+ years of experience in meditation practices coupled with the training he has undergone with the Daoist master Li, Long-dao and Tibetan Lama Trangu Rinpoche. A "must attend" workshop for all serious internal martial artists.

      3:00 PM – 3:30 PM:



3:30 PM – 5:00 PM



      Instructor: Shifu David Dorian Ross

      Yang style taijiquan is the most widely practiced system of taiji practice in the world today. Founded by the legendary taiji master Yang Lu Chan, it is said by some to be the ultimate expression of taiji principles, wrapped in the power of softness. 
In this workshop, Shifu David Dorian Ross, award winning tai chi instructor, author and television producer, will teach you the six principles of "flow," that classic characteristic of taiji practice. You will examine its elusive and indefinable qualities, qualities exhibited by the true tai chi master. Beyond your tai chi practice, you will also learn how to apply these principles to your everyday life. Join Shifu Dorian Ross as he gives you the tools to refine your Yang style practice and to become "one" with the flow.


      Instructor: Grandmaster Wang, Rengang

      Daochengquan is an art who some say represents the true internal "roots" of the internal arts. Developed my the legendary Yiquan master Wang Xuanjie, the art represents the ultimate merging of mind and body to create powerful forces. In this workshop Grandmaster Wang, Rengang, founder of International Dachengdao Kungfu, will teach you some of the powerful standing techniques of the Daochengquan system, also known as zhan zhuang. Zhan zhuang is typically referred to as the practice of stance training or holding a stationary posture for long period of time. The practice is believed to have great benefit to health as well as combat ability in traditional Chinese medicine and martial arts.  Here you will learn the basics of Hun Yuan. From there you will advance to "Ji Ji" or "combat standing." Beyond these powerful foundational tools, you will be shown some of the arts' more advanced postures, and be taught their purpose, distinctive energy and martial application. 
Join Grandmaster Wang, Rengang as he gives you the tools to build enduring patience, uncompromising focus, physical strength, deep awareness and, most importantly, eternal perseverance.



      Instructor: Shifu Willie "The Bam" Johnson

      Qinna is an effective Chinese grappling art used across a wide spectrum of kungfu. Street fighting is the real deal, with no timers, judges, or referees – a place where the winner is the one who is still standing. In this workshop Willie "The Bam" Johnson, of Bam's Kungfu, teaches you his unique fusion of joint locking and street fighting, combined into devastating self-defense techniques. These moves are guaranteed to drop your opponent to their knees all the while not putting you in jeopardy of passing the legal point of the law for self defense. Come discover a great combination of traditional arts with a modern approach.


      Instructor: Marcus Callis

      In today's economy, school owners and teachers everywhere worry about retaining the students they have, and attracting new students to their classes. It can seem an impossible task. In this workshop, Marcus Callis of Tigerclaw will share with you what the most successful schools among their 20,000+ client schools across the country are doing, not just to survive, but thrive in today's economy. You will learn how to increase your enrollment, not just maintain the status quo. You will learn how to retain your students and reinvigorate your classes. You'll also learn how to use product sales to put you over the top and keep you there. Join Mr. Callis as he shares with you what the industry leaders are doing to bring their art to the masses and make a terrific living doing so.


      Instructor: Instructor Doug Gray

Traditional native American teachings are steeped in lore and tradition. Among those, no tradition has a greater depth of meaning than the shamanic meditation circle. In this gathering, Doug Gray, spiritual councilor and and shamanic teacher, will guide attendees through this traditional practice. Drum and sage will be used. Exercises will be discussed to help bring balance into each person's life. Join Doug Gray for an inspirational and uplifting experience.


5:00 PM – 6:30 PM:



6:30 PM – 7:30 PM:


      7:30 PM – 10:00 PM


- Evening reception
- A little more speechifying

      - Keynote address
- Drumming circle (join in!)


      Speaker: Shifu Bill Douglas

As mankind enters into a new era, with economic and political forces threatening to tear our world apart, never has the need been great for society to find ways to relieve our collective stress and anxiety. In response, the role of personal health and wellness has expanded as society turns to the powerful tools of tai chi and qigong to reverse the ravages of todays living. In his keynote address, Shifu Bill Douglas, founder of World Tai Chi and Qigong Day, will share his experiences, as he has bared witness to societies embracing the mind/body tools of the internal arts.

      He will give examples how these arts are helping to increase the health and creativity of our species, even as it begins to save the estimated trillions of dollars in health care costs annually that western medicines reactive approach to illness has not. Mr. Douglas will share his vision of the future, a vision that sees a movement eventually involving billions worldwide, that will serve to transform the face of humanity in ways that we cannot even imagine.

      Join Shifu Douglas for the rousing and inspirational talk that will reveal to all practitioners of the internal arts how they can play a role as teachers and students in the profound and beneficial transformation of humanity.


      6:30 AM – 7:00 AM


Morning Meditation

      Meditation will be led by Shifu Tina Zhang. Chairs will be available, as well as space for attendees to use meditation cushions. Participants are responsible for supplying their own cushions.


Morning Qigong

      Morning Qigong will be led by Grandmaster Jianye Jiang. Each morning will offer a different type of qigong. Loose clothing should be worn.

      7:00 AM – 8:30 AM:



8:30 AM – 10:00 AM


      Instructor: Shifu John Green


Xingyiquan is a no-nonsense, self-defense system - relatively easy to learn, but difficult to master. The heart of Xingyi is the practice of the Wu Xing Chuan or Five Element (Form) Fists. These short, repetitive forms appear to be simple linear movements, but actually contain subtle, hidden circularity. In this workshop, Shifu John Green from Tien Shan Pai will teach you the Xingyi 5-Element Constructive sequence of Splitting, Drilling, Crushing, Pounding and Crossing. Participants will review all the 5-fists and then link them into the sequence – which teaches students how to flow seamlessly from one element to the next.  Seminar participants will practice the proper body mechanics and stepping methods for optimal balance and delivery of powerful strikes.  They will then progress to some partner drills to get a practical, hands-on approach for developing body coordination matched with the proper intention for effective Xingyi self defense. Join Shifu Green for a look at one of the more complex levels of this fascinating art. 


      Instructor: Shifu David Dorian Ross

      Chen style taijiquan is the first of the "form based" styles of taiji, fierce and dynamic in its execution. A mixture of hard and soft principles, it can flow like water one minute, and explode like dynamite the next. In this workshop, award winning tai chi instructor, author and television producer David Dorian Ross will share with you his years of experience in this system. You will discover the key to mastering the flow of Chen style taijiquan. You will learn the basic rules of the style. You will also be taught practice tips and tricks that will help you build a foundation for exceptional skill. Join Shifu Dorian Ross as he shares with you the tools needed to excel in this powerful style of taiji.


      Instructor: Grandmaster Wang, Rengang

      Daochengquan is an art who some say represents the true internal "roots" of the internal arts. Developed by the legendary Yiquan master Wang Xuanjie, the art represents the ultimate merging of mind and body to create powerful forces. In this workshop Grandmaster Wang, Rengang, founder of International Dachengdao Kungfu, will teach you the practice of "shi li," translated as "try energy." You will discover the prinicples of shi li, the idea of practicing repeated movements with intention to gain a deeper understanding of how to utilize energy to its full potential. You will be taught how to use shi li shortly after your standing meditation in order to take advantage of your heightened awareness. You will learn how to focus your energy and power in six different directions, and how each movement is designed to incorporate several different fighting applications. Join Grandmaster Wang, Rengang for a truely enlightening 90 minutes that will help you gain a better understanding of internal power.


      Instructor: Jennifer Sauvageau


Like tai chi and kungfu, Sphereplay is all about feeling the flow of energy and moving with it. In this workshop we will combine several moves with the sphere and our bodies to create an ongoing loop of circular motion.  As we get really comfortable with these simple moves, we'll explore how our bodies and minds feel as we play and after we play! Taught by Jennifer Sauvageau, this light hearted workshop is great for anyone who wants to play, laugh and learn the beautiful art of rolling a sphere around their body!


      Instructor: Shifu Willie "The Bam" Johnson

      In this workshop 7-time world champion Willie "The Bam" Johnson, begins with the key principles and concepts from his best selling book, The Complete Martial Artist and takes you to the next level with an examination of the inner soul of the complete martial artist. You will learn how Master Johnson took his adversity and poverty, drug abuse, gangster living and homelessness and turned it into success simply by using the martial arts as his guide. He will show you the principles followed by Bruce Lee and other great masters, principles that rely not on the style or system, but the student. Join "the BAM" as he shows you how to lead yourself to the highest level of martial arts enlightenment in order to achieve things others only dream about.


10:00 AM - 10:30 AM


      10:30 AM – 12:00 PM



      Instructor: Shifu Tina Chunna Zhang

      Internal power is more than a simple force; it is, rather, a relaxed, fluid, unity of the whole body, issuing an explosive power which can deliver strikes with devastating effect. In this workshop, Shifu Zhang will work with you how to develop this explosive power (aka Fa Li ) based on Chen style taijiquan. You will learn how to use any part of your body (fist, palm, elbow, shoulder, knee or foot) to deliver incredible force. At the same time you will learn to develop your sensitivity and neutralization and redirecting skills. The proper body mechanics combining soft and hard with mental focus will be examined in detail. By the end of this workshop, you will have the tools offered by fa li training, to greatly enhance and develop your taiji fighting skill, regardless of style. Join Shifu Zhang for this "explosive" experience as you enhance your understanding of taijiquan.


      Instructor: Grandmaster Gary Torres

      Qinna is a grappling art whose main characteristic is joint locking, using the weak points of the human body to take control of an opponent. So adaptable is qinna, it is often taught together with other martial arts as a perfect complement to any school or style. In this workshop Dr. Gary Torres, grandmaster of the Peter Kwok kungfu lineage, will teach some the most effective and "easy to learn" forms of tai chi qinna, joint locks optimized for the movements found in push hands. You will begin by exploring some of the basic principles of joint locking as they apply to the four cardinal directions of the eight gates of the thirteen postures. At the same time you will learn about some of the most vulnerable spots on the body. You will also discover how to use the proper angles for optimum effect, and how to initiate your locks quickly and to deftly whiling working with even the most skilled push hands partner. Join Dr. Gary Torres in this "not-to-be-missed" treasure trove of tai chi joint locking secrets! All levels welcome.

Instructor: Jianye Jiang


In recent year numerous forms of qigong have been developed, based on the increased understanding of today's masters of these systems. No one has produced more innovation in this area, than Grandmaster Jianye Jiang. With over 300 educational videos to his credit, Master Jianye Jiang has become known as one of the most prolific masters of our time, educating literally millions of people in the Chinese arts. In this workshop you learn this simple but powerful form of qigong whose principles have been distilled from several classic qigong systems. You will learn no only the postures but the correct body alignment and manipulation of the breath to ensure optimum qi flow. Once you have mastered the principles, you will then "forget" the rules and simply let your instincts take over as you learn to use the form to regulate your internal energy. Join Grandmaster Jiang as you learn a powerful new healing qigong that you can make a part of your own practice.


      Instructor: Gene Ching

Seven Star is a fundamental kung fu form from the original Shaolin Temple of China. Though many styles of kung fu have grown countless variations, seven star has remained remarkably consistent.In this workshop Gene Ching, associate publisher of Kungfu Tai Chi Magazine and Shaolin scholar, will share with this fascinating classical form. You will discover its many universal principals consistent with  Shaolin practice. You will also learn certain qualities unique to the form. By the end of the workshop you will have explored the entire form in one sitting. Join Gene Ching as he teaches this short but powerful Shaolin form that you can use for years to come.


      Instructor: Shifu Bill Douglas

      World Tai Chi and Qigong Day founder, Bill Douglas, further explores the ether of our Qi consciousness, with tools he believes enabled his vision of a world altering event to emerge. Expanding on the first workshop entitled, "Deep Qi Meditation - Feeling the Healing Qi" this second workshop will move both deeper into and also beyond the physical body to begin the exploration of our "field of Qi energy" which we're always immersed within, but sadly too often forget. You will play with tools of consciousness to begin clearing your field of old traumas, before enjoying an illumination of our field in a higher vibration of energy and possibility. Bill's teacher always said, "The greatest power Tai Chi offers the world, is to take higher visions our meditation illumines, to physically ground them into the reality of our lives and world. [Its advised you attend workshop 1 before this one.


      Instructor: Dr. John Painter


It is said the the greatest of the internal masters developed their high level of power and skill with the deceptively simple practice of standing, or zhan zhuang. Yet many of todays students, and even some teachers, regard standing as a boring waste of time, giving it little thought or attention. In this workshop, Dr. John Painter will show you what the naysayers are missing by introducing you to the true inner secrets of standing practice. You will learn how to transform your standing practice into dynamic mental and physical exercise that can produce amazing results for health and martial skill. You will learn now to use these techniques to build upon the foundation established through quiet sitting medication. With these tools established, you will then learn how to turn the mind into a powerful ally that can heal the body, enhance physical strength, improve speed for sports and much, much more. With both eastern and western perspective explained, you will come to understand the true power of this technique and all it is able to unlock from within yourself. Join Dr. Painter as he shares with you the true secrets of "standing like a post."


Instructor: Shifu David Ritchie


Qi is the life force found in all things. Being able to sense qi in yourself and others is an important goal towards advancing one's taiji practice. In this workshop, Shifu David Ritchie will teach you effective techniques to help you expand your awareness of qi. You will learn the power of "mind intent" and the role it plays in qi development. You will discover the power of sensing and rooting qi. You will also discover the importance of proper structure to aid qi flow, and be taught relaxation activities that can be practiced at home. This workshop will teach valuable techniques for beginners to advanced. All levels welcome.



      Instructor: Shifu Kimber Johnson

      Self-defense in today's society is a matter of survival. For women, who are often out weighed and out muscled by their attacker, proper self-defense techniques are even more crucial. In this workshop, Shifu Johnson will teach both women and men how to handle themselves both externally and internally. You will learn the importance of awareness, of being tuned into your surroundings. You'll learn how to maintain your personal space while striking a balance between tough and tender. Men are welcome to join the workshop to teach what it has to offer to the women in their lives. Teachers will learn skills to bring back to their female students. Learn to become comfortable teaching these techniques even as you gain a better understanding from a woman's point of view. Join Shifu Johnson as she teaches valuable methods for avoiding abuse, or if something has happened, learn how to pick up the pieces to build a stronger life and recover from tragedy. Learn to build yourself to become strong and stay strong! All levels welcome.


      Instructor: Doug Gray

      Even as mother earth strives to achieve balance, we as human beings must find our own balance, the same balance represented by the tai chi diagram, symbol of the dao. In tai chi we achieve that balance through proper physical structure, structure that allows us to work in harmony with the forces of gravity and principles of movement. In life, we must also find our proper structure, to achieve our mental, emotional and spiritual balance through the tools we are born with. No tool is more important than forgiveness, forgiveness of others, and forgiveness of ourselves.  In this talk, Doug Gray, spiritual counselor and shamanic teacher, will share his thoughts and wisdom on what it means to embrace forgiveness. You will discover the tools that reside within each of us, tools to help you find your center and achieve balance. As always, Doug's talk will be accompanied with a healthy does of wisdom, humor and spiritual inspiration. All are welcome.


      Instructor: Shifu Dale Dugas


The ancient masters of the iron palm were the stuff of legend. Capable of killing opponents with a single blow, they were a force to be reckoned with. For centuries, iron palm training was reserved for the "inner door" student, regarded as some of the most advanced training in the kungfu arsenal. Done properly, fighters can use the training to "hit like a sledge hammer" without damaging themselves. Done improperly, iron palm can cripple a fighter more effectively than any of his opponents. In this workshop Shifu Dale Dugas of Coiling Dragon Internal Arts, drawing on his extensive training in three different systems of iron palm, will review the basics of iron palm training, showing both its healing and martial aspects. He will then take you to the next level of this powerful practice, guiding you through intermediate and advanced stages. You will learn how to bridge the gap between the external and internal aspects of the art. You will discover how to take beginner training to the next level and beyond, all in a safe and sane manner. Join Shifu Dugas as he teaches you the advanced stages of iron palm training, formally reserved for only the highest level students. This workshop is for all levels.


      Instructor: Shifu Ken Lo


In "Discovering the Secrets of Wu Mei Pai's Double Center Qigong Method," you discovered the dual centers of the system. You also began to play with the forces that can be generated by using the centers in tandem. In this workshop, Shifu Ken Lo takes you to the next level as you discover how to tap into the forces of heaven and earth. You will discover how to produce extreme kinetic energy utilizing this concept, and how to direct it through martial application. Join Shifu Lo as he teaches you a secret technique that you can add to your arsenal of internal arts knowledge.



      Instructor: Shifu Bob Castaldo


It is said by fighters and martial artists that, more often than not, a fight invariably goes to the ground. This is when ground fighting skills become crucial, skills such as those found in the formidable system known as Tibetan Snake Boxing. In this workshop, you will learn the basics of this Emei boxing system which, unlike other ground fighting systems which make use of submission holds, focuses instead on attacks which disable the opponent through breaking joints, disabling muscles and tendons, or paralyzing with knockout blows and pressure points. You will be trained in ground awareness skills and martial applications as you learn to strike, kick and throw your opponent. You will also learn practical takedowns and controls from the ground. Join Shifu Bob Castaldo, certified instructor from the Gompa Center in an exploration of this rare Daoqiquan system from the Li family of Sichuan province. Beginners to advanced students welcome. 

Instructor: Shifu Pedro Cepero-Yee

      Tuina is a centuries old body of knowledge whose earliest written record is found approximately 206 BC. Combining techniques of massage and acupressure, it has brought relief to millions of people in recent years. In this workshop Shifu Pedro Cepero-Yee, one of the tri-state area's leading certifying authorities on this ancient form of bodywork, will teach you how to apply its principles to hip flexor strain and sprain, one of today's most common physical injuries. You will learn protocols for treatment together with associated passive joint movements. You will also learn how to address hamstring pulls to yourself and others. Join Shifu Cepero-Yee for this highly instructive session, helping to heal these common injuries using centuries old techniques.


      Instructor: Ven. Ocean-of-Wisdom Sakya

      One of the more enigmatic traditions of Buddhism is called Dhyana of which Zen is the most commonly known form in the West.  Less commonly known however is that Dhyana Buddhism came first from India to China where it would be eventually be called Ch'an. (Zen is actually a translation of the word Ch'an.)   Upon its arrival Dhyana Buddhism encountered Daoism. The two would forever influence each other. In this workshop, Ven. Ocean-of-Wisdom Sakya, will teach the similarities and differences in the these ancient traditions and how the two influence each other. This will set the stage for you to learn the practice of the two Dhyana meditations. By the end of this workshop you will have the knowledge and the tools to enhance your own meditative practice. Join Ven. Ocean-of-Wisdom Sakya for this enlightening workshop for the spiritual you. Note: Only a few meditation cushions will be made available. Participants are encouraged to bring their own of they'd like. Chairs will also be available.


5:00 PM – 6:30 PM:


      6:30 PM – 7:30 PM:


      7:30 PM – 10:00 PM:


      - Evening reception
- Friendship Parade
- Still more speechifying
- Friendship Demonstrations

      SUNDAY, JUNE 7

      6:30 AM – 7:00 AM

      Morning Meditation

      Meditation will be led by Shifu Tina Zhang. Chairs will be available, as well as space for attendees to use meditation cushions. Participants are responsible for supplying their own cushions.

      Morning Qigong

      Morning Qigong will be led by Grandmaster Jianye Jiang. Each morning will offer a different type of qigong. Loose clothing should be worn.


7:00 AM – 8:30 AM:


      8:30 AM – 10:00 AM


      Instructor: Grandmaster Gary Torres

      Shaolinquan is often referred to as "the grandfather of kungfu," and considered in many respects, to be the external heart of the internal arts. From shaolin comes powerful exercises, forms and techniques designed to create a firm foundation in the human body for the more complex demands of the internal styles. In this workshop Dr. Gary Torres, grandmaster of the Kwok system of classical kungfu will teach you the traditional 13 warm up exercises of the Shaolin temple. Beyond the simple choreography, you will discover how each movement holds multiple purposes. You will see how each move is designed to increase flexibility and strength, develop your qi, and teach you a vital technique and application from the shaolin system, all within a single movement. Join Dr. Gary Torres as he shares with a series of simple yet powerful exercises which you can be training with for years to come!



      Instructor: Shifu John Green

      Do you ever have limited time or space to practice your taijiquan form?  Would you enjoy a quick, full-body stretch first thing in the morning? Are you interested in a warm-up or cool-down for your martial arts practice? This is a seminar for you! Join Shifu John Green as he performs a simple 12 move taiji qigong sequence from the Tien Shan Pai family.Many of the movements, such as Grasp the Sparrow's Tail and Wave Hands Like Clouds are derived from the Yang family taijiquan. This short tai chi qigong set is guaranteed to invigorate the whole body with gentle stretching and strengthening.  Beginners and experienced practitioners alike will benefit from the deep breathing and coordinated movements.  All levels and all styles are welcomed. 


      Instructor: Shifu Bob Castaldo


At its highest levels, martial skill takes advantage of intimate knowledge of the human body, understanding its strengths and weaknesses, and learning how to take advantage of both. No art greater exemplifies the weaving of this knowledge into a high skill, than the art of Blue Heron Boxing, one of the oldest of the Daoqiquan arts of the Li family lineage. In this workshop you will learn some of the techniques of the Blue Heron system, an art with roots in xingyiquan. You will discover how to overcome the hard with the soft, using movements, strikes and blocks seemingly feather light, but incredibly effective at stopping an opponent in their tracks. Fans of past Blue Heron workshops will discover new material in this latest session. Beginners new to Blue Heron will be delighted to discover this amazing art that which raises the simplest self defense moves into a high art form. Join Shifu Castaldo as he takes you on an exploration of this fascinating art for both fun and self defense. Beginners to advanced students welcome.


      Instructor(s): Shifu's Willie "The Bam" Johnson and Kimber Johnson

      Running a martial arts school isn't easy. Running a tai chi or internal arts school even less so. Adding to the difficulties is one of the most trying economic times in this country's history, and it is tempting for those who dream of their own school, to simply forget the idea. Despite all this, whether you're teaching part-time or full, tai chi or some other form of the Chinese arts, you can be as big and successful as you want to be! You just need to be shown how.  In this workshop, Professor Johnson and his wife, Ms. Kimber, will teach you his secrets of running a highly successful school of the Chinese arts, with secrets that can be applied by any teacher, regardless of what they're teaching or where they're teaching it. You will learn how to integrate your life into your art, and live the dream of success few know how. You'll discover why, despite the recession, Bam's Kungfu school is having one of its best years on record and how you can apply the same principles to your existing school, or to help launch your dream of starting a school of your own. Note - This lecture will include literature and handouts to help start you on your own path to success! All levels welcome.


      Instructor: Shifu Bill Douglas

      World Tai Chi and Qigong Day founder, Bill Douglas, in his 1st and 2nd workshops, took you on an exploration of the internal world of qi, and then examined qi's external applications. In this 3rd workshop, you will explore the interaction of consciousness between people, and how you can foster a more meaningful growth-oriented, healing result in your interpersonal relationships. You will learn how each of us is affected first on energetic or consciousness levels by the world. You will then see how these levels touch the mental, then emotional, and then bio-chemical levels and how, only if we are aware of their connections, can we prevent our health systems from finally breaking down as the body sinks in physical illness. Join Shifu Bill Douglas as he shows you how you can use qi meditations to profoundly enhance your tai chi and qigong practice, and expand your and internal awareness to entirely new levels. [It is recommended you attend both the 1 and 2 workshops before this.]


      Instructor: Dr. John Painter

      In 1940 master Wang Xiangzhai, the founder of Yiquan, stated that the original abilities ascribed to the internal martial arts had all been lost and that today's martial arts training was in fact of little use for combat or health. Master Wang set out to restore the internal methods that had made taijiquan, baguazhang and xingyiquan so effective. Most people think that his Yiquan is about a standing exercise only in reality this is only one small part of training the internal. Master Li Zhang Lai of the Daoqiquan lineage created his own version of Yiquan today called Yi-Xin Gong. In this workshop Dr. John Painter will show you how to apply the mind to any martial art form to create internal power feeling in movement. Using mental sense memories you will be able perhaps for the fist time to "feel the qi" as you move through your forms. From there, you will learn how to apply the power to martial application. Join Dr. Painter as he guides you through an enlightening ninety minutes exploring perhaps one of the greatest ancient Chinese secrets.

Instructor: Shifu David Dorian Ross


Tai chi push hands, or tui shou, is a pre-cursor to sparring, the next step beyond the forms and basic training. Within its movements are hidden all the answers to tai chi's most fundamental energies. Played by a true master, push hands can seem magic with the slightest movements hurling the largest opponents through the air like leaves on the wind. Like any martial skill, however, it must start with a good teacher and a good foundation. In this workshop, award winning tai chi instructor, author and television producer David Dorian Ross will share with you his years of experience in the practice of push hands. You will learn the basics, then go beyond to see how the practice can be played like a game, a simple exercise designed to free yourself of limiting beliefs, worry, doubt and low self-esteem. You will discover how to apply taiji theory to your push hands and to your forms. You will also learn how to apply push hands to your life. Join Shifu Dorian Ross in this enlightening 90 minutes that will offer you new insights to your practice and beyond.

Instructor: Grandmaster Wang, Rengang

      Daochengquan is an art who some say represents the true internal "roots" of the internal arts. Developed my the legendary Yiquan master Wang Xuanjie, the art represents the ultimate merging of mind and body to create powerful forces. In this workshop Grandmaster Wang, Rengang, founder of International Dachengdao Kungfu, will teach you the practice of "bu fa," translated as "friction step." You will learn how to gain a deeper awareness of your physiology and internal energy through the study of relaxation in harmony with your environment. You will learn how bu fa can be used to dramatically increase your root, and give you a greater understanding of "rooted movement." You will also learn how to use visualizations to feel resistance from the air and the ground as though walking through water. Eventually, you will experience the benefits of deep prolonged focus through slow movements as they greatly improve your stability, control and attention. Join Grandmaster Wang, Rengang for this fascinating exploration of rare internal training.


      Instructor: Shifu Tina Chunna Zhang

      Baguazhang is one of three primary styles of Chinese internal arts, known for its fierce and unpredictable twisting and turning in the face of multiple opponents. At the core powerful art is the single palm change. In this workshop, Shifu Zhang will share with you the single palm change of the classical Cheng Style baguazhang. You will learn the proper execution of this palm, together with the circle walking and coiling and twisting body method that is the hallmark of bagua. You will also learn the actual fighting application of the move with plenty of hands on practice. Join Shifu Zhang, co-author of "The Whirling Circles of Baguazhang," as she shares with you the very practical application of this very powerful movement. There will be something for everyone, from beginner to advanced.


      Instructor: Sifu Ken Lo


Many Westerners have heard of Cha No Ryu, the Japanese Tea Ceremony. Few realize, however, that the Japanese ceremony is derived from the much older Chinese Tea Ceremony. The art of drinking and serving tea plays a major cultural role in China. It inspires poetry and songs. Mutual love of tea cements lifelong friendships. For centuries, the ritual of preparing and serving tea has held a special place in the hearts and minds of Chinese aristocracy, court officials, intellectuals and poets. In this fascinating workshop, Sifu Ken Lo will treat you to the rare and beautiful Chinese Tea Ceremony. You will learn how the ceremony emphasizes the tea, rather than the ceremony itself -- what the tea tastes like, smells like, and how one tea tastes compared to the previous tea, or in successive rounds of drinking. "Ceremony" doesn't mean that each server will perform the ritual the same way; it is not related to religion. Each step is meant to be a sensory exploration and one of appreciation. Using the Ming Dynasty method, you will learn how to steep hand picked whole tealeaves into a remarkable beverage with multiple layers of fragrance and taste. You will discover that beyond the tea itself, the ceremony is actually a lesson in taste, ethics, culture and civility. Sifu Lo will also be serving rare collector's teas, commercially unobtainable. Come discover a high art that contains the poetry, calligraphy, painting, and music of the Chinese literati scholar, all present in this extraordinary presentation. NOTE: Due to the length of the ceremony, this workshop is a two-hour presentation, scheduled to run into the beginning of lunch, so as not to interfere with workshops to follow. IMPORTANT: Those who wish to participate in the tea ceremony will be charged a nominal fee of $10.00 to help offset the high cost of the rare teas served. Observers of the ceremony may view for free. All levels welcome.

      12:00 PM – 1:30 PM:


      1:30 PM – 3:00 PM


- Instructors' Roundtable
      - Raffle Drawings and Giveaways

      - Daoist Incense Cermony

      - End of Festival


      Instructor: Dr. John Painter
      Date: Monday - Friday; June 8 - 12, 2009; Begins 9:00 AM SHARP!
      Location: Nevele Grand Resort, Ellenville, NY

      In China folk legend says that thunder begins underneath the ground as a rumbling sound or vibration. This vibration does not shake the earth like an earthquake. It is rather the expression of great vibratory energy. The suddenness of the action is such that it frightens or startles all those whom it touches. It is sudden and swift flowing outward from the epicenter in all directions, Like the circular ripple made by a rock striking a still pond. There is no one place of focused energy, rather a huge ball of expanding power in all directions. This is the feeling of thunder energy. Its vibrations are so great that they can disrupt the very structure of the things it passes into. Thunder palm is like a great storm with lightning, swirling winds and booming thunder. The body spins rapidly in any direction while the palm shapes are used to deflect or strike from the outside and also to grasp from the inside. Thunder palm can repulse and shock or it can embrace and hold an enemy similar to holding a large barrel. One taken into the storm is thrown this way and that by the swirling winds directed from the eye of the storm (your center). In this week long intensive, taught by Dr. John Painter, instructor to law enforcement, military and special forces, you will learn the basics of baguazhang's "embracing palm." You will become one with the "thunder dragon," the elemental essence of this palm. You will explore possible applications, and learn how to utilize the palm together with unique structure and complex footwork that is the hallmark of baguazhang. By the end of the week, you will have the understand the infinite complexity of this powerful palm.


      Flying Dragon Qigong ® exercise was created to stimulate the entire body, internal organs, nervous system, lymphatic system, cardiovascular system and Qi meridian system through physical actions coupled with mental visualizations while walking in a circle. Devised by the Li family, Flying Dragon Qigong creates a mind / body internal cleansing therapy. Practicing this simple series of forms combined with mental visualizations will open the three mind / body energy centers paving the way for an increase of Qi flow through all meridian Qi channels. This practice will also calm the mind and induce a state of tranquility similar seated or standing meditation. Many people have reported decreased stress levels, reduction in blood pressure and a dramatic improvement of stamina and overall health resulting from Flying Dragon Qigong practice. Flying Dragon is simple and easy to learn and can be practiced in very little space. It is truly an ancient exercise for modern stressful times. No previous experience is necessary. It is like standing meditation while walking in circles.

      Students are encouraged to purchase Dr. Painters Book Combat Baguazhang Volume 1 and 2 to be used as a study guide for the martial section of this workshop.

      Plus Instructor training for the Jiulong Baguazhang System!

      New and experienced instructors will join Shifu Castaldo for an in-depth examination of the beginning to advanced methods of our Jiulong Baguazhang Basic Program, Dragon Rolling the Pearl. Specific emphasis will be placed on correct form, two person applications, push-hands and sparring games to help all instructors improve their person skills and to become better teachers.
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