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Harvard Psychiatrists Launch www.exclusivetherapist.com,

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    http://www.cnw.ca/fr/releases/archive/December2006/06/c4501.html Harvard Psychiatrists Launch www.exclusivetherapist.com, a Traditional and Non-Traditional
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      Harvard Psychiatrists Launch www.exclusivetherapist.com, a
      Traditional and Non-Traditional Therapy Information and Referral
      Site, Announces Sirvini LLC

      BELMONT, MASS., December 6 /CNW/ - Two Harvard-trained psychiatrists
      26 combined years of experience as physicians have compiled
      www.exclusivetherapist.com, a website that enables clients and
      providers to be
      connected in a variety of areas including yoga, psychotherapy, massage
      therapy, energy healing, medication management, physical training and
      nutrition and acupuncture. The site is expected to be the leading
      resource of it kind within the next two years.

      The site, described as "timely, research-based and well-
      integrated" by
      Shervert Frazier, M.D., a former president of the National Institute
      of Mental
      Health and Professor Emeritus at Harvard Medical School, provides a
      base, information via articles and daily factoids as well as the
      to interact with experts in the various fields. Drs Robert Irvin and
      Pillay, the site's creators were motivated by the obvious need to
      the different forms of therapies using a combination of research and
      care. "Clients and providers will have access to cutting edge
      including online scheduling in an effort to cut down on phone-tag,"
      says Dr.
      Irvin. Dr. Pillay describes the site as "one-stop shopping for all
      wellness needs."

      "It is a very creative site with a lot of hard work to help people
      integrate the wealth of information out there," said Dr. Christopher
      Director of continuing medical education at McLean Hospital,
      Harvard's largest
      private psychiatric hospital.

      Pillay and Irvin state that they hope that this site will lead
      the way to
      the better integration of services and more cost-effective
      "People pay a lot of money to have one question answered in a
      office," said Pillay. "The 20 questions section is the iTunes of
      consultation." By this, he is referring to the small fee of $15
      instead of up
      to $400 to have focal questions answered by experts on a daily basis.

      Craig L. Katz, M.D., a New York City psychiatrist who co-founded
      Psychiatry Outreach, noted that this site is one of a kind, bringing
      a range of research-based information and referral possibilities to
      throughout the United States that is as broad in its coverage as it is
      in-depth. "I believe that the creators of this site clearly have
      their fingers
      on the psychological pulse of Americans and stand by with an expert
      of tools with which to minister to the rhythms of human life and
      said Katz.

      For further information: Sirvini LLC Srini Pillay, M.D., 617-794-1509
      Robert Irvin, M.D., 617-719-5995 robertlrvin@...
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