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2347Meridian Circuit Systems

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  • Jim
    Dec 16, 2012
      Meridian Circuit Systems is a method of acupuncture that uses the associations between the meridians in diagnosis and treatment. In this system we may identify patterns in a terminology that is consistent with meridian connections. For instance, the jue yin - yang ming pattern is identified in cases where a liver imbalance affects either of the yang ming organs. If a liver pattern is causing headaches in the temples (GB meridian) such as occurs with liver yang rising, liver stagnation, or liver fire, we may identify a jue yin - shao yang pattern.

      The advantage of using a meridian based approach in pattern identification and treatment is that it allows us to fine tune the meridians and points we use in treatment. This method also allows us to get more efficient results with the use of fewer needles. To learn more about this remarkable form of acupuncture visit:

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