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2338DAVID EULER - HARA Diagnosis - Adrenal Fatigue - Hormone Balancing & more

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  • yeahjoyeh
    Jun 4, 2012
      I wanted to be sure that you were invited to a great event coming to the Bay Area this summer.
      DAVID EULER will teach a series of lectures on Kiiko style acupuncture step-by-step from the beginning.

      HARA Diagnosis ~ Immune Imbalances ~ Adrenal Insufficiency ~ Hormone Balancing ~ Structural Imbalances

      What are people saying about DAVID?
      David is phenomenal. One of the best instructors I've encountered.

      I was in awe of his knowledge, clinical expertise, and ability to weave the theory and application to the patient...

      I get excellent results with Oketsu and Immune treatments. Patients are amazed!

      We know that you don't have time or money to sit around listening to theory
      This is Clinical training.
      David Euler co-wrote the Text:
      Kiiko Matsumoto's Clinical Strategies – In the Spirit of Master Nagano

      After clearly explaining the underlying concepts, David will perform clinical demonstrations broadcast on a big screen for all to see!

      Come and learn not just how, but WHY to pick points! Apply what you've learned immediately in your clinic! "Patients are amazed!"
      Please, check out our website!

      More information and details are on our website ~ www.ccmseminars.com