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Easter Editorial by Billye Thompson

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  • Billye Thompson
    Happy Easter everybody! Or is it? On this day the owners of factory farms are going to church to worship their Lord, and promising to Him that they will follow
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 27, 2005
      Happy Easter everybody! Or is it?

      On this day the owners of factory farms are going to church to
      worship their Lord, and promising to Him that they will follow His
      word and obey His laws. Following that service, they will sit down
      in their perfectly cleaned houses to a lovely family gathering of
      food and drink, and they will be at peace.

      However, it's just too bad that factory farmed animals are still in
      their filthy miserable conditions, who, if they can reach it, are
      forced to eat a concocted substance that is so gruesome that you
      wouldn't find anything in a landfill that would compare.

      These animals know no holidays. They know no peace, and they can't
      tell the world in a language we understand that we shouldn't be
      treating them in this fashion. They can't tell the world that they
      are here for their own reasons, and not to serve us, or to be our
      slaves, or our objects of manipulation. It's up to humankind to look
      at them, and realize this on our own, from our own human spirit of
      kindness. We know what is right, but can we do the right thing?

      If I could put some photos in this spot I would. Photos of the
      crammed filthy cages with drugged up genetically altered innocent
      creatures staring out, begging someone to come and help them, to
      free them, to release them from THEIR burden.

      Photos of agonizingly miserable egg-laying hens that are crammed for
      years into wire floor cages, in order to provide eggs, which took up
      to 37 hours to lay, for a nation of uninformed moms and dads so they
      can be dyed and hidden for fun and games. Or for an item on a plate
      that could have just as easily been an item that was NOT brought
      about by suffering.

      Photos of what that Easter ham being used as a morbid centerpiece
      started out to be.

      Photos of terrified shackled birds hanging upside down awaiting
      their turn, while seeing, hearing, and smelling the death of those
      who went before them.

      Photos of tractor trailor sized trucks carrying loads of animals
      down the road at 60 miles an hour in freezing rain and snow, or
      swealtering 100 degree heat. Then leaving them to sit outside the
      slaughterhouse in the cold, rain, or wind, or beating sun for up to
      ten hours with no water or food, even now hearing the sounds, and
      smelling the stinch of the death that will await them if they live
      to go inside.

      Photos of animals who would surely take their own lives if they knew
      how, and would definitely wish to not be born if they had to live
      this way.

      Photos of innocent animals who under NO circumstance deserve this
      fate that humankind has placed upon them.

      Animals live simply. They do not judge us, nor hate us for who we
      vote for, or the relion we are or aren't, or if we're fat or thin,
      pretty or ugly, rich or poor. They do not wage war, nor pollute the
      land, water, or air. They have done nothing to harm us, they only
      help us. But yet we torture them and use them for our own selfish
      purposes and whims.

      Until each and every animal has been freed to live it's life without
      suffering and manipulation, we won't stop. We can't stop. We will be
      educating the world about the suffering of animals each day, every
      day, until animals suffer no more at the greedy hands of humans.


      Billye Thompson

      Animals suffer as much as we do. It is our duty to make the whole
      world recognize it. Until we extend our circle of compassion to all
      living beings, humanity will not find peace."
      - Albert Schweitzer
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