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2928Expose the Horrors of Animal Ag - Join WFAD 2011

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  • Michael at FARM
    Aug 12, 2011
      We need your help in showing the public how 65 billion animals annually
      are commodified, brutalized, and slaughtered to become dinner. Join FARM
      for World Farm Animals Day (www.wfad.org), on (or around) October 2nd,
      where compassionate people across the world will expose, mourn, and
      memorialize these feeling, sentient beings.

      You can join us by bringing the Pay Per View program to your college
      campus. This highly effective program has brought people to tears and is
      reducing animal consumption with every event. www.farmusa.org/PPV.html

      How does it work? FARM will cover the costs of paying passerby one
      dollar each for watching 4 minutes of Mercy for Animals’ Farm to Fridge
      video. We will also send you signs, privacy enclosures, and more to make
      your event a success.

      In addition to showing graphic video footage, activists will be
      leafletting, coordinating information tables, and staging dramatic
      protests, die-ins, and vigils to draw attention to the atrocities of
      raising animals for food. Here’s how to get started:

      -Visit our Action Center for ideas and guidance:

      -Request an Event Pack with posters, handouts, and stickers (DVDs are
      also available): www.wfad.org/actioncenter/register.php

      -Let us promote your event when you register your plans with us.

      Don't miss this opportunity to join people around the globe in speaking
      out on behalf of animals... their lives depend on it.

      World Farm Animals Day is a campaign of Farm Animal Rights Movement
      (www.farmusa.org), a nonprofit organization working to end the use of
      animals for food through public education and grassroots activism.