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2926Last Chance to Join Meatout 2011

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  • Michael at FARM
    Mar 8, 2011
      Help Us Reach 20,000 With Vegan Food!

      If you're not already signed up for Meatout, it’s not too late. March is
      upon us, and we are so close to to reaching our goal: we have pledges to
      serve vegan food to over 18,000 people!

      Join caring activists in all 50 states and dozens of other countries to
      publicize the joys and benefits of vegan eating. Distributing tasty
      samples is the best way we can demonstrate to the public how enjoyable
      it is to “kick the meat habit”. Our food donors can set you up with free
      vegan food, but supplies are running out, so act fast! Request free food
      here: http://www.meatout.org/manufacturers.php

      To complement your Meatout event, we have added a brand new brochure.
      This Live Vegan pamphlet is fresh off the printing press. It details the
      reasons to make the vegan switch, as well as offering tips and a
      delicious recipe!

      When you register your event
      (http://www.meatout.org/events/registerevent.php), you can either
      request literature or a full event pack- either option includes these
      new brochures! You can also request a free copy of Mercy for Animals’
      video "Farm to Fridge."

      Need Outreach Ideas? Our Action Center has plenty of tips for additional
      ideas such as screening videos, hosting information tables, and more!

      I can answer any questions you may have - just shoot me an email at
      Michael@... or call 1-800-MEATOUT.


      Michael A. Weber
      Program Director