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  • Sara Koopman
    hope to see you there! - Sara **************************************************** Announcing: Antipode s 1st Summer Institute for the Geographies of Justice
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 1, 2006
      hope to see you there! - Sara


      Antipode's 1st Summer Institute for the Geographies of Justice
      (SIGJ)—in conjunction with the International Critical Geography
      Group (ICGG)

      Antipode's 1st Summer Institute for the Geographies of Justice
      (SIGJ)—in conjunction with the International Critical Geography
      Group (ICGG) will take place in Athens, Georgia, USA, May 28-June 1,

      In the tradition of the Summer Institute in Economic Geography (see:
      http://www.wun.ac.uk/economicgeography/index.html), the Summer
      Institute for the Geographies of Justice (SIGJ) will provide an
      exciting opportunity to engage leading edge theoretical,
      methodological, and research-practice issues in the field of radical
      geography and social justice (both broadly defined), along with a
      range of associated professional and career development matters. This
      international meeting will be specifically designed to meet the needs
      of new researchers, taking the form of an intensive, interactive
      workshop for 25 participants. It will include facilitated discussion
      groups, field trips, debates and panels, training and skills
      development modules, and plenary sessions. Topics for the meeting will
      include: defining radical/critical geographies, models of engagement
      broadly, models of activist-scholarship specifically,
      interdisciplinary radical work, producing public geographies, locating
      the boundaries of "the geographies of justice," the institutional
      cultures of radical geography, interdisciplinary dialogue and radical
      geography, how to teach radical geographies, publishing radical
      geographies and mapping the future of radical/critical geographies.

      Featured contributors at the Athens (2007) meeting will be:

      Salvatore Engel-DiMauro (Assistant Professor, SUNY New Paltz)
      http://www.uwsp.edu/geo/faculty/saed/myweb/saed_honlapja.html (Old site)

      David Harvey (Distinguished Professor of Anthropology, Graduate
      Center, CUNY)

      Don Mitchell (Distinguished Professor of Geography, Syracuse University)

      Laura Pulido (Associate Professor of Geography and American Studies &
      Ethnicity, University of Southern California)

      Charlene Smith (Activist/Journalist, Johannesburg, South Africa)

      Melissa Wright (Associate Professor in Geography and in the Program on
      Women's Studies, Penn State)

      The local organizers of the meeting are Nik Heynen and Andy Herod of
      the University of Georgia.  Further details about Nik and Andy and the
      UGA Department of Geography are available here:
      http://www.ggy.uga.edu/  Other members of the UGA Geography faculty
      will also be on hand to participate, including Hilda Kurtz, Steve
      Holloway, Amy Ross and current AAG president Kavita Pandit.

      Who is Eligible and How to Apply?
      The Summer Institute for the Geographies of Justice is open to
      doctoral students, postdoctoral researchers, and recently appointed
      junior faculty (normally within 3 years of appointment).

      The Summer Institute participation fee will be $200 for graduate
      students and $250 for faculty and postdoctoral researchers.   This fee
      will include your lodging for the week, field trip costs, and fund a
      reception at the end of the week.

      All those wishing to attend the SIGJ must complete a pre-registration
      form by February 23, 2007.  Pre-registration forms are available at
      the University of Georgia's web site:


      Please fill out the form and email it to both Nik Heynen
      nheynen@... and Andy Herod aherod@...

      Support for the SIGJ is being provided by:

      •       The Department of Geography at the University of Georgia:

      •       Antipode: A Journal of Radical Geography:

      •       The International Critical Geography Group:

      •       The People's Geography Project:

      The SIGJ Steering Committee includes:
      -Noel Castree; Manchester University
      -Paul Chatterton; Leeds University
      -Andy Herod; University of Georgia
      -Nik Heynen; University of Georgia
      -Don Mitchell; Syracuse University
      -Jaime Peck; University of Wisconsin
      -Laura Pulido; University of Southern California
      -Melissa Wright; Penn State

      Further information about the Summer Institute for the Geographies of
      Justice can be obtained from Nik Heynen nheynen@....

      Information on Athens can be found at http://www.visitathensga.com/ or
      Dr. Nik Heynen
      Assistant Professor
      Department of Geography,
      University of Georgia,
      GG Building, 210 Field St., Room 204,
      Athens, GA 30602
      Phone: (706) 542-1954 (direct)
             (706) 542-2856 (office)
      Fax: (706) 542-2388
      E-mail: nheynen@...
      www: http://www.ggy.uga.edu/directory/details.php?i=220&group=

      Sara Koopman
      PhD student in Human Geography,
      University of British Columbia,
      and Spanish translator and interpreter,
      Vancouver cell: 604-719-5233
      Seattle cell: 206-200-2520
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