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Critical Planning Vol. 16 (Urban Restructuring: Process and Action) Out Now!

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      Critical Planning
      UCLA Urban Planning Journal

      Critical Planning
      Volume 16, 2009

      Urban Restructuring: Process and Action

      "Urban restructuring is an integral part of the crisis-induced reorganization of capital and labor."

      -Soja, Morales, and Wolff, “Urban Restructuring: An Analysis of Social and Spatial Change in Los Angeles” (1983)

      Critical Planning's newest volume explores the ways in which crisis-induced struggles between capital and labor play out on the ground in different places around the world—amidst specific configurations of political-economic relations, socio-spatial dynamics, and collective imaginations. While the impetus for this volume grew out of our experiences in Critical Planning’s home base of Los Angeles—facing the combined fallout of the American subprime mortgage collapse and global financial crisis last autumnthe authors of volume 16’s articles each interpreted our call for papers distinctly according to their specific research topic, methodology, and locale. The result is a truly global volume, with articles that extend, critique, and reconstruct the concept of urban restructuring from diverse disciplinary and theoretical perspectives and in a range of empirical and historical contexts.

      John Friedmann (honorary professor, University of British Columbia and emeritus professor, UCLA) writes: "The only planning journal in America with a critical edge, this professionally student-edited annual publication continues the forty-year-old tradition of critical thinking and community action of the UCLA Urban Planning Program. Volume 16, a cosmopolitan issue that ranges from Kabul to Contra Costa County via Shanghai, Dhaka, and Toronto, is built around the dual themes of the spatial restructuring of cities and the re-scaling of local governance. It is an issue not to be missed."

      Read selected articles here. Subscribe and donate to Critical Planning here.

      Table of Contents:

      Editorial Note: Crisis, “Recovery,” and Beyond
      Elise Youn

      Outside Endopolis: Notes from Contra Costa County

      Alex Schafran (2009 Edward W. Soja Prize Recipient)

      Urban Restructuring and the Crisis: A Symposium with Neil Brenner, John Friedmann, Margit Mayer, Allen J. Scott, and Edward W. Soja
      Konstantina Soureli and Elise Youn

      Restructuring, Rescaling, and the Urban Question
      Neil Brenner

      Postwar Political Restructuring in Freetown and Kabul: Theoretical Limits and the Test Case for Multiscalar Governance
      Daniel E. Esser

      Negotiating Livelihoods in a City of Difference: Narratives of Gentrification in Shanghai
      Deljana Iossifova

      From Fabrics to Fine Arts: Urban Restructuring and the Formation of an Art District in Shanghai
      Sheng Zhong

      Gentrification and the Loss of Employment Lands: Toronto’s Studio District
      Ute Lehrer and Thorben Wieditz

      The Renaissance of Inner-City Rail Station Areas: A Key Element in Contemporary Urban Restructuring Dynamics
      Deike Peters

      A Call for Organizing: The Rise of the Garment and Mobile Phone Industries in Bangladesh
      Shomon Shamsuddin

      Book Review: CPULs: Continuous Productive Urban Landscapes
      Jennifer Goldstein

      Book Review: Planning and Decentralization: Contested Spaces for Public Action in the Global South
      David R. Mason

      A Call for Critical Race Studies in Urban Planning
      Maureen Purtill


      UCLA Department of Urban Planning
      School of Public Affairs
      3250 Public Policy Building
      Box 951656
      Los Angeles, CA 90095-1656

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