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2nd AAG CFP: Space and Identity || Speaking From and Across Categories

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  • Jen Gieseking
    *** Apologies for cross-posting. Please forward. *** * Call for papers: Space and Identity || Speaking From and Across Categories * AAG Annual Meeting, Las
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      *** Apologies for cross-posting.  Please forward. ***

      Call for papers: Space and Identity || Speaking From and Across Categories
      AAG Annual Meeting, Las Vegas, USA, 22nd-27th March 2009
      Session organizers: Jen Gieseking, The Graduate Center of the City University of New York
                                       Kath Browne, University of Brighton

      It has long been contended that identities are spatialized and that spaces and places are constitutive of identities.  Such sociospatial relations have become increasingly complex through understandings of multiple and performed identities that render subject positions fluid and unstable.  Yet everyday lives often rely on the constant co-(re)production of identities and spatialities which are rarely uniform and often hierarchical.  It is therefore necessary to comprehend the spatialities of identities in order to understand contemporary lives.  Scholarship on space and identity has often focused on singular or dual aspects of identity, often race and class, or gender and sexuality.  Yet longstanding work by feminists and recent research by scholars across the disciplines has argued for a conceptualization of "differences" via the concept of intersectionality which bring multiple points of identities into contact and conflict. 

      This call for papers asks for theoretical and/or empirical work that unpacks the spaces and places (de)linking multiple aspects of identities, or papers that seek to examine one category of identity and put it into conversation with research on other categories of identity.  This could include approaches using the concept of intersectionality, as well queer, feminist, racial, (dis)ablity, ethnic, class, or otherwise challenging engagements.  This CFP also welcomes papers that address the achievements and limitations of identity politics, the promises and possibilities of working between and across subject positioning, as well as issues of marginalization, exclusion, and othering.  We welcome work that seeks to speak from and across various categories and performances of identity in order to understand the spatial structures, practices, emotions, communities, and solidarities that (re)produce and contest everyday lives. 

      Please send title and abstract (of no more than 250 words) to Jen Gieseking at jgieseking@... by October 10th, 2008.

      Jen Gieseking
      Ph.D. Candidate, Environmental Psychology
      The Graduate Center, City University of New York
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