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Student protests, 1 of 3: Unrest and Uprisings, Apr-Aug 2008

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    ON THE BARRICADES: Global Resistance Roundup, April-August 2008 https://lists.resist.ca/cgi-bin/mailman/listinfo/onthebarricades
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      ON THE BARRICADES: Global Resistance Roundup, April-August 2008

      * KENYA: Wave of school student unrest sees school buildings torched,
      Dozens arrested, one student killed
      Mock exams seem to be the main cause of the unrest;
      students are overburdened with assessment
      * ZAMBIA: School students block roads, revolt over "inhuman" head
      * KENYA: Poly students revolt over killing by police
      * MOROCCO: One killed, others injured, arrested during student unrest in
      * TANZANIA: Suspension of dissidents leads to university shutdown,
      * ZIMBABWE: Students battle police over arrest of student leader
      * SOUTH AFRICA: Demanding reinstatement of excluded students, protesters
      blockade Mafikeng university
      * GERMANY: Student fees protests and clashes with police
      * ZAMBIA: Police shoot students in meal allowance protest
      * NIGERIA: Students protest over bursary
      * IRAN: Student gathering over official's "misconduct"; student protests
      spread nationwide
      * IRAN: Hunger strikes, protests at Tabriz university
      * IRAN: State forces attack student protesters
      * IRAN: Students protest on campus in Tehran
      * IRAN: Protests at Shahrood University, students anrgy at closure
      * US: Evergreen sit-in ends with deal over SDS suspension
      * INDIA, Andhra Pradesh: Student protest succeeds in reducing fee
      * SOUTH AFRICA: Student dies after police attack university blockade
      * NIGERIA: Students ransack office, attack head over repression
      * SOUTH AFRICA: "Misunderstanding" sparks school student revolt
      * INDIA, Rajkot: University "ransacked" over appointments


      Kenya: Boys Defy Cardinal Njue And Riot

      The Nation (Nairobi)
      23 July 2008
      Posted to the web 23 July 2008
      Nation Team
      A school affiliated to the Catholic church was yesterday closed after riots.
      Students at Queen of Apostles Seminary in Kasarani were ordered out of the
      school after a dormitory was razed during the lunch break.

      The incident happened a few hours after Catholic head John Cardinal Njue and
      auxiliary bishop of Nairobi David Kamau addressed the boys to stop them from
      The torched dormitory housed Form Ones.
      The rector, Fr John Muindi, was not available for comment.
      Elsewhere, students of Kericho Tea Secondary school were sent home after
      their attempt to burn the school was foiled.
      Seven students who attempted to burn the institution had been arrested and
      feed on Sunday.
      The students were opposed to sitting mock examination.
      And, Nyahururu High School was Tuesday closed following an arson attempt.
      Other reports said a prefect at the school was stabbed in unclear
      circumstances and was admitted to the Nyahururu District General hospital.
      Meanwhile, six students were Tuesday arrested for allegedly attempting to
      burn their school during a strike in Kirinyaga District.
      Police seized the boys from Murinduko Mixed School in Mwea Division and
      locked them for questioning.
      In a related incident, Kiamugumo Girls Secondary School was closed
      indefinitely when the students rioted.
      The 150 girls walked out of the compound at 2.30am rejecting mock
      And at Karoti Girls High school all the 920 students walked out of their
      dormitories at night.
      The principal, Mrs Rose Githuku, said the girls rioted in support of their
      Form Four colleagues who were opposed to mock exams.
      In Mwingi South, students of Migwani Secondary School went on the rampage on
      Monday night destroying buildings including a newly furnished computer lab.
      The more than 500 marauding students set upon the buildings with stones and
      other crude weapons which they used to smash windows.
      They were protesting against the bad food.

      Reports by Peter Mwai, John Ngirachu, Sollo Kiragu, George Munene and Munene


      School riots rock Kenya

      July 22 2008 at 06:21PM

      Nairobi - Police in Kenya have charged dozens of students with arson after
      riots over the weekend that left at least one student dead, officials said
      on Tuesday.

      Officers charged the students on Monday after several hostels in the centre
      of the country were burned down in violence that had shut down 20 secondary
      schools across the country, said police spokesperson Eric Kiraithe.

      "We will continue arresting the students for the crimes they commit," said

      Education Minister Sam Ongeri over the weekend set up a task force to
      investigate the latest unrest, which was in protest at poor conditions and
      bad management in the schools.

      "We cannot afford careless actions; we cannot afford a carefree attitude. If
      we don't have discipline in our schools, life will be chaotic," he told
      reporters Tuesday.


      Kenya: 72 Students Charged as School Riots Spread

      The Nation (Nairobi)
      22 July 2008
      Posted to the web 22 July 2008
      Seventy two students were Monday charged with arson and other offences
      related to the ongoing unrest as more strikes were reported in secondary
      Ninety others were arrested in connection with the unprecedented chaos.

      In the wake of the reports, teachers called for a return of corporal
      punishment to check the wave of strikes and destruction in schools.
      Sixty five of the students were charged with counts ranging from arson to
      malicious damage following Saturday's fire at Mbugiti Secondary School in
      Thika District.
      The students, mostly in Forms Three and Four, were charged with setting the
      school on fire and destroying property valued at more than Sh5 million. They
      denied the charges.
      Trial to begin
      Eight students of a Nyeri secondary school were charged in an Othaya court
      with preparing to burn down the institution.
      The eight from various classes at Kagonye Secondary School denied the
      The court ordered that each of the students be released on a cash bail of
      Sh5,000 until August 11 when they will be tried. The magistrate ordered that
      those unable to raise bail be remanded at Nyeri Juvenile Home until the case
      is heard and determined.
      They were allegedly arrested with two litres of petrol by school
      Elsewhere, police arrested 80 students of Nairobi's Aquinas High School
      after they went on the rampage, setting a dormitory on fire and destroying
      property in their school on Sunday night.
      At the Coast, 10 students were arrested and property worth Sh5.2 million
      destroyed in the continuing wave of unrest in schools. The latest to be
      affected is Matsangoni Academy, a private school in Kilifi District, whose
      hostel was razed on Sunday night.
      Property worth Sh900,000 was destroyed.
      And during their first meeting Monday, representatives of teachers in the
      committee appointed to look into the unrest called for a review of the
      Children's Act to reintroduce caning, which was outlawed five years ago.
      Eight more schools were affected by unrest on Sunday night and Monday.
      Students of Aquinas, Lenana, Pumwani, Moi Isinya, Jamhuri High School,
      Parklands and Kiamutugu and Kagonye in Nyeri, were sent home.
      The Anglican Church offered to work with the Government and others who are
      affected in finding solutions to the schools' crisis.
      Abdicated role
      A statement from the church also questioned whether parents and teachers had
      abdicated their leadership and guidance role to children.
      Kenya National Union of Teachers chairman George Wesonga said the lack of a
      clear guideline on the punishment of students after the ban on caning had
      complicated matters for teachers.
      "The Government should be clear on what is to replace caning in schools.
      Teachers do not know how to deal with errant students," he added.
      He, however, added that parents should instil discipline in their children
      since teachers were afraid to cane them.
      Father George Mungai of the Holy Family Basilica said the absence of another
      form of punishment was to blame for increased indiscipline.
      The Aquinas High School students were arrested by police from Jogoo,
      Muthurwa, Kamukunji and Shauri Moyo.
      They were taken to various police stations after they stormed out of the
      school at around 11.30pm on Sunday night.
      The school's neighbours said they heard gunshots at around the same time,
      followed by the boys' wails as they ran out of the school compound.
      Fire-fighters arrived a few minutes later and put out the fire, suspected to
      have been started by the students in the 90-bed dormitory.
      Little was spared in the fire. Some parents who arrived at the school Monday
      morning said their sons were arrested in the city centre. Only about 50 of
      the school's 450 students remained at the institution.
      The school's principal, Mr George Muthee, said he had left the school at
      10.30pm, only to be called back an hour later.
      "The students had just finished cleaning the classes when I left, and I was
      assured that everything was okay only to be told that there was chaos when I
      arrived home. I had, however, alerted the OCS at the Jogoo Police Station,
      opposite the school, to watch out in case of anything," said Mr Muthee.

      He added that he had spent the weekend at the school and there had been a
      minor incident on Saturday evening when one of the students switched off the
      television as the students were having their normal Saturday entertainment.
      A student who spoke to the Nation moments after the fire was put out said
      there had been tension in the school throughout the weekend, apparently
      because of the mock examinations set to begin Monday.
      Mr Muthee said the school, which has no record of unrest, is the
      distribution centre for district mock examinations in the area.
      Hours earlier, police camped at Pumwani Secondary School to stop a strike by
      the students.
      Two students were injured in a stampede when the police entered the compound
      a few minutes after 7pm.

      Reported by Peter Ngare, John Ngirachu, Oliver Musembi, Anthony Kitimo,
      Wilfred Muchire and Mwakera Mwajefa


      Kenya: 35 Students Arrested Over Arson and Schools Closed as Wave of
      Indiscipline Spreads

      The Nation (Nairobi)
      21 July 2008
      Posted to the web 21 July 2008
      Students in three secondary schools in have been sent home while some were
      arrested following violent strikes where property worth millions of
      shillings was destroyed on Saturday night.
      In Thika, students of Mbuguti Secondary School razed nine buildings,
      destroying property worth millions of shillings.

      At least 30 students were arrested and are being held at the Kirwara police
      Terminal results
      The burnt buildings included five classrooms, a dormitory and the
      administration block, which houses the staff room, accounts office and
      deputy principal's office.
      The principal, Mr Joseph Wachira, said Form Four students had earlier
      refused to sit for the mock exams. The students were also unhappy with
      having their terminal results pinned on the notice board, which was also
      "The teacher on duty sensed trouble when he saw students leaving their
      classrooms armed with stones. Before he could call the police, they had set
      the buildings on fire," said the principal.
      By the time police and fire-fighters from the Thika municipal council
      arrived, the buildings had been reduced to ashes.
      Some of the property lost included students' pocket money which was in the
      accounts office, sewing machines and school leavers' certificates.
      Local MP Peter Kenneth visited the school Sunday and expressed outrage over
      the extensive damage.
      Thika deputy OCPD Johnstone M Kola said the fire broke out after a "blast"
      suspected to have been ignited by petrol from one of the burnt buildings.
      In Kilifi, students of Godoma Secondary School were yesterday sent home
      after they burnt a dormitory.
      The more than 500 students damaged property estimated at more than Sh2.3
      The fire, said to have been lit by students using petrol started at about
      8pm when evening preps wee going on.
      At least 15 secondary schools at the Coast have been hit by riots in just
      one month. The wave of student unrest spread just before the mock exams
      At Godoma, in Bamba division, the board of governors chairman, Bishop Julius
      Kalu, decried the current wave of burning schools by students in various
      parts of Kenya.
      School principal Harrison Nguma told the meeting that students and parents
      had complained that the government had donated funds to the school but no
      development projects were being implemented.
      Meanwhile, five students of Naivasha Mixed Secondary School are in police
      custody after they were found with a jerrycan of petrol.
      Two of the students were arrested on Saturday night by CID officers for
      allegedly intending to torch the school laboratory and the administration
      Three others were picked yesterday afternoon over the same incident.
      The laboratory and part of the dormitory were burnt by the students.
      The school was closed indefinitely.
      In Nairobi, police surrounded Pumwani High School last night to prevent
      students who had gone on strike from walking out of the compound.
      Reports by Oliver Musembi, Wanjiru Macharia, Antony Kitimo ,Walker Mwandoto
      and John Ngirachu


      Kenya: Crisis Talks as Riots Rock More Schools

      The Nation (Nairobi)
      21 July 2008
      Posted to the web 21 July 2008
      Peter Ngare and Dave Opiyo
      The Government was Sunday jolted into action by the rising cases of student
      riots with Education minister Sam Ongeri chairing a crisis meeting with key
      players in the sector.
      As the key leaders in the education and security sectors were seeking a
      solution to the crisis that has affected over 300 schools in the last one
      month, Tourism minister Najib Balala said the ban on caning should be

      Meanwhile, the wave of strikes continued Sunday, with students from Mbuguti
      Secondary School in Thika burning nine buildings in their school while
      others in Kilifi torched a dormitory.
      Drug abuse
      During Sunday's meeting, Internal Security minister George Saitoti
      attributed the strikes to drug abuse among students. He urged wananchi to
      help check the trend as police investigate the matter.
      The meeting resolved to form a committee of top education experts to
      investigate the wave of unrests that have paralysed learning in over 300
      schools in the last one month.
      One of the team's tasks will be to write a report detailing the reasons
      behind the violence and make recommendations on how the crisis can be
      avoided in future.
      The team is expected to present its report to the Education minister Sam
      Ongeri this morning.
      On Wednesday, Prof Ongeri is scheduled to issue a ministerial statement on
      the unrests.
      Yesterday, the minister confirmed that the team will assess the reports on
      unrests in each province separately to ascertain the causes of the riots.
      "It is from these reports that we are going to come up with a way to end
      this crisis," said Prof Ongeri, moments after chairing the crisis meeting.
      He warned students that those who commit crimes during the protests will be
      dealt with according to the law.
      Asked why they had not implemented some of the reports that had been
      prepared after similar unrests in the past, the minister said the Government
      had implemented some.
      He said as much as the reports were not in the public domain, it would be
      wrong to accuse the government of laxity in implementing the
      Students interviewed by the Nation called for the scrapping of mock
      examinations, saying they were too difficult and only served to demoralise
      them ahead of the national examinations. They also blamed school
      administrators for what they said was failure to give them an avenue of
      expressing their grievances.
      Education Permanent Secretary Karega Mutahi said the current strikes were
      being caused by a fear that mock results would be used to determine Kenya
      Certificate of Secondary Examinations results.
      "Many Form Four students have refused to do their examinations for fear that
      the results will determine their grades in this year's KCSE," Prof Mutahi
      Some students said they had received the information and many were unwilling
      to sit for the papers, saying they are more difficult that the actual exam.
      In a report carried by the Nation last week, teachers warned that the
      situation was beyond their control, saying their hands were tied when it
      comes to enforcement of discipline. Others attributed the strikes to
      post-election violence.
      Speaking to the Nation, Knut secretary general Francis Ng'ang'a called on
      the Government to review the ban on caning. He said the approach of
      enforcing discipline in schools needed a fresh look. He also appealed for an
      overhaul of the curriculum to make it less stressful to students.
      The Kenya Secondary School Headteachers Association chairman Cleophas Tirop
      said the current curriculum was too broad and unfriendly to learners.
      "Students are supposed to learn a lot and keep it for four years before they
      are examined. This is causing undue pressure on the learners, driving many
      into drugs and alcoholism," he said.
      Tourism minister Najib Balala added his voice to the debate and called for
      the re-introduction of the cane.
      He said the ban on corporal punishment had complicated efforts of maintain
      discipline among students.
      "It is unfortunate teachers' hands are tied when it comes to disciplining
      students. We have embraced foreign ideologies to the detriment of our own
      systems of disciplining children," he said during a prize-giving day at
      Jaffery primary school in Mombasa.
      The Association of Professional Teachers of Kenya said the Government was
      not acting fast on the matter.
      "The Government has not been committed to addressing the root causes of the
      strikes in our schools," said Mr Abraham Kawewa, the national chairman of
      the association.

      But Vice-President Kalonzo Musyoka expressed optimism that the Ministry of
      Education was capable of bringing the situation under control soon.
      He told the Nation that it was now becoming worrying that the school strikes
      were taking a destructive turn. He said that the Government was concerned
      that the situation was leading to the loss of lives and property worth
      millions of shillings.
      "It is regrettable that some of these strikes have led to the tragic loss of
      life. Every effort should be made to bring normalcy to our schools," he
      Additional reporting by Oliver Mathenge, Benjamin Muindi, Oliver Musembi,
      Muchemi Wachira, Charles Wanyoro and Anthony Njagi.


      Kenya: Students Riot Over Mock Exams

      The Nation (Nairobi)
      16 July 2008
      Posted to the web 16 July 2008
      Nation Team
      Form four candidates refused to sit for their mock examinations after their
      attempt to cheat failed.
      Kiru Mixed Secondary School in Murang'a North district candidates panicked
      after one of them, who had promised to get the exam, failed to do so.

      "Our investigations revealed that they had contributed money and given it to
      one of them who had promised to bring them the exam papers," the principal
      Mr Chege Kariuki, told the Nation.
      The candidates walked out of the school at night last weekend.
      Elsewhere, a girls' secondary school has been closed.
      The 400 students of Embakasi Girls Secondary School, in Nairobi's Mukuru
      slums were sent home on Monday evening after three litres of petrol was
      found in the school compound.
      Eight students earlier suspected of the arson attempt were arrested, but
      have since been released.
      The school's principal, Mrs Emmah Odongo, said the students were protesting
      at the punishment meted out on them after they shredded their head prefect's
      Meanwhile, two more secondary schools went on the rampage Tuesday in Nyeri
      South District.
      About 300 students of Ngoru Orthodox Secondary School in Mukurwe-ini
      Division went on the rampage destroying property at the school.
      At the neighbouring Mihuti Secondary School, about 600 students walked out
      of the the institution after refusing to sit for the mock examinations.
      The school was closed indefinitely and the students sent home.
      Closed down
      On Monday, more than 500 students of Gikondi Secondary school were sent home
      following a strike organised by Form Fours who did not want to sit for the
      And in Mbeere, two secondary schools were closed over riots and more than
      1,200 students sent home.
      Siakago boys destroyed property as they protested at alleged high-handedness
      of the school's administration.
      In Nyangwa, students staged a sit-in demanding the removal of their
      administrators for meting out corporal punishment for petty offences.
      Reported by Waikwa Maina, Moses Dola, John Njagi and Silas Nthiga


      Zambia: Kafumbwe Pupils Riot

      The Times of Zambia (Ndola)
      4 July 2008
      Posted to the web 4 July 2008
      PUPILS at Kafumbwe High School in Katete district on Wednesday rioted again
      and blocked the Zambia-Mozambique main road with debris demanding for the
      removal of the head-teacher whom they accuse of having an inhuman heart.
      The pupils who carried placards, sang solidarity songs as they blocked the
      main road with wooden debris.

      The volatile situation at the school only calmed down after the named
      teacher was transferred to another school.
      Both Eastern Province police chief, Mary Chikwanda and provincial education
      officer, Pilila Jere, confirmed in separate interviews the pupils' second
      riotous behaviour in a month.
      Ms Chikwanda said the pupils blocked the Mozambique road around 10:00 hours,
      blocking the flow of traffic until police officers in riot gear moved in.
      "I am told they were protesting against their school head whom they accused
      of being harsh to the pupils at the school," she said.
      Ms Jere said her office has since transferred the head teacher to another
      "We have since transferred the head teacher to another school and calm has
      returned to the school," she said.
      Last month, pupils at the same school went berserk and shattered windowpanes
      in the administration block of the newly constructed school after their
      request to visit the funeral house of their teacher who died in Lusaka was
      turned down.
      Last week, President Mwanawasa who had held a public rally at the same
      school to drum up support for the MMD candidate in the Milanzi by-election,
      condemned the riotous behaviour by the pupils.
      Recently, pupils at Mambwe, Lundazi, Chasa and St Luke High School in
      Eastern Province have staged riots.


      Kenya: Poly Students Riot Over Killing

      The Nation (Nairobi)
      7 June 2008
      Posted to the web 9 June 2008
      Dominic Wabala
      Kenya Polytechnic students went on the rampage Friday morning to protest at
      the alleged shooting to death of their colleague by a police officer in the
      The students, who were in their hundreds, pelted vehicles plying Haile
      Selassie Avenue with stones as regular and Administration police officers
      lobbed tear gas canisters at them in an attempt to confine them to the
      college grounds.

      Several students were arrested and bundled into one of two police trucks
      parked next to the City Square post office.
      Avenue closed
      The busy avenue was closed for the better part of the day as the rowdy
      students smashed the windscreens and windows of any vehicles whose drivers
      dared drive through the road.
      Pedestrians, including those who were walking along the avenue and past the
      Times Tower and Central Bank buildings, had to scamper to safety as they
      were not spared either.
      The students were demanding for the arrest and prosecution of a police
      officer who allegedly shot their colleague under unknown circumstances in
      Muthurwa estate even after the Third Year civil engineering student and his
      colleagues apprehended a man who had snatched a handbag from a female
      They accused the officer of killing their colleague in cold blood.
      Trouble started at about 9am when the institution's principal pinned a note
      on the notice board announcing the unfortunate shooting of Mr Eric Mwangi
      When the students gathered, the principal pleaded with them to remain calm
      as he sought permission for them to hold a peaceful demonstration to Shauri
      Moyo police station, where the officer who is alleged to have shot the
      student is based.
      However, riot police officers intercepted them and lobbed tear gas canisters
      into the institution's compound prompting the angry students to engage the
      officers in running battles.
      According to the Kenya Polytechnic Students Association secretary-general
      Kennedy Kerengo, the deceased student lived in a rented house within
      Muthurwa estate with a friend and was in the house when he heard a woman
      scream for help.
      Rescued woman
      Together with his roommate, other residents and passers-by, they rescued the
      woman whose handbag had been snatched and apprehended her attacker at about
      Police officers on patrol within the Muthurwa matatu termini tried to
      disperse the rowdy crowd in vain and that is when one of them drew his
      pistol, but his attempt to fire in the air went fatally wrong as he shot Mr
      Irungu in the head.
      His body was later taken to the City Mortuary by police.
      The officer has since recorded a statement in connection with the incident
      and the deputy police spokesman Charles Owino has said that an investigation
      will be conducted to establish the circumstances behind the shooting.


      One killed in student riot
      16/05/2008 17:12 - (SA)
      Rabat, Morocco - A student was killed, several others injured and hundreds
      arrested when students clashed with police in the Moroccan city of
      Marrakech, news reports said on Friday.
      The death occurred when a student fell down from a fourth-floor window at
      the university campus during the riots in the city 320km south of the
      capital Rabat on Wednesday.
      One of the injured victims was in a serious condition, and several others
      did not dare go to hospital for fear of being arrested, according to a
      student's statement quoted by the newspaper el-Tajdid.
      The students had demonstrated in favour of better lodgings and the
      readmission of students who had been expelled.
      Some of the protesters threw stones at the 1 000 police keeping order,
      prompting the officers to respond with tear gas and rubber bullets, reports
      said. - Sapa-dpa


      Tanzania: Varsity Students Riot Over Suspensions
      The Citizen (Dar es Salaam)
      22 April 2008
      Posted to the web 22 April 2008
      Pius Rugonzibwa
      Students at the University of Dar es Salaam yesterday went on rampage
      storming into lecture halls calling for boycott of classes demanding the
      reinstatement of suspended students.
      The rioting students stormed into classrooms ordering those attending
      lectures to get out and chased out lecturers from lecture rooms.
      This reporter witnessed a group of students storming classes of the College
      of Engineering and Technology, ordering students and Prof Justin Galabawa
      out of the lecture hall. The chaos resulted in the closure of the library
      for fear of destruction by the marauding students.
      In less than 30 minutes more than 2000 students had assembled at the
      Revolution Square, the starting point of the emonstration, singing and
      They marched to the administration block demanding audience with Vice
      Chancellor Prof Rwekaza Mukandala who was not in his office. The students
      are demanding that all 15 students suspended after a special committee
      formed by disciplinary organs of the university held them responsible for
      riots that led to the death of one student.
      The students also want the readmission of five other students suspended
      following eruption of violence during the DARUSO elections. . "Mukandala we
      don't need you, Mukandala go out," sang the students.
      Speaking on condition of anonymity, some students said the 15 suspended
      students did not deserve the punishment because they were not involved in
      the riots. They said the probe committee acted unfairly to implicate the
      students while some lower ranking administrative staff were involved in the
      "Students came to discover that there was plenty of water in the wells but
      purposely not pumped in the tanks.
      They also came to discover that the pump was working although the concerned
      workers told the committee that it was out of order.
      What did they want to do with the water? Did they want to sell it?" they
      asked. Students urged that Judge Emilian Mushi who came all the way from
      Lushoto Judicial Institute and his four committee members could be easily
      misinformed as he was not given a clear picture of what was going on.
      Another triggering element was the suspension of the outgoing Prime Minister
      of the students' organization (DARUSO), suspended a few days after the other
      15 students. Students are angry with the decision, seeing in Julius Mtatiro
      a hero and fighter for their rights.
      They want to know how he was connected and what misconduct he committed to
      deserve the suspension. They accuse the new DARUSO for not supporting its
      Premier and said the President Daudi Deo is aligned with the university
      administration, so they don't want to see him leading their organ.
      On the suspension of a Ugandan student who was contesting for the Daruso
      presidency, students said that the Ugandan was their choice and they also
      want him back. They wonder how the administration came to know that he used
      forged academic documents to get admission when he showed an interest in
      leading Daruso.
      "We don't want those people with elements of parochial Tanzanian politics
      here; we want Odwar as he proved he can lead and he has no groups," they
      Commenting on the students' charges and the general situation currently at
      the University, the Director of Undergraduate Studies Prof Florence Luoga
      said the situation at the Hill is a challenge especially when it comes to
      students threatening the Vice-Chancellor.
      He said it was a new development at the University but they will act
      immediately on it. Prof Luoga said there is no shortcut in solving those
      problems and they won't bow to students' demands. "The issue of Odwar is
      That guy has failed to submit his original Form Six certificates as we told
      him. Our procedures require that he has to submit original documents that
      were certified by the Ugandan National Education Board, not that from the
      school he studied," he specified. Instead of submitting certificates from
      the Ugandan examining authority, Odwar presented result slips from Joseny
      High School in Entebbe where he studied.
      He said ordinarily the Tanzania National Examinations Council will have to
      check with UNEB on the authentication of Odwar' s certification and not
      He said just before the election a certain office which he refused to
      mention tipped his office on Odwar's admission details and thus the legality
      of academic certificates he used to secure admission, and he responded at
      once after he realized there were abnormalities in his file.
      "We suspended his registration after he failed to back up his studentship
      status. In fact he infringed admission regulations and failed to explain why
      he can't obtain his certification from UNEB. I wrote him on 16 April and
      told him his suspension will remain intact until he fulfills the
      requirements of this procedure," said Prof. Luoga.
      After the issue of Odwar surfaced, the University decided to instruct all
      Ugandan students to submit certified documents from their examinations body
      and Prof Luoga's office was still working on the submitted documents.
      He said he will advice the university administration before the start of
      final examinations expected to commence on May 19 on what to do with
      candidates whose cases would be still pending.
      On the issue of the suspended 15 students he said their case has been handed
      over to the Police who will have to decide when to take them to court to
      answer charges, "and there were no more questions about that." But on he
      five students believed to be Odwar's supporters, he said the administration
      principally refused to negotiate with DARUSO on their case and advised that
      if they felt they were aggrieved they have to appeal on their own, but not
      depending on Daruso.
      "Their case is in the office of the Deputy Vice Chancellor for Planning,
      Finance and Administration, Prof Yunus Mgaya for further action and
      They will have to wait as it may take time," he said. Commenting on the
      suspension of Daruso Prime Minister Mtatiro, Prof Luoga said he was charged
      with displinary offences. He asserted that Mtatiro as a top leader of the
      students he had to behave according to rules governing his status and
      university regulations.
      "We have come to realize that at the university sometimes we are admitting
      criminals but we cannot detect them early or easily. It is when riots erupt
      like this that we net them one after another," the don remarked.
      No procedures exist to check students' records before they join the college,
      he said, noting that if the university sought to check these records first,
      it could be interpreted as seeking to breach the rights of prospective
      Commenting on the situation, the outgoing daruso President Deo Daudi said
      there was nothing anyone could so about students if they don't want to
      follow Daruso directives.
      He said things had gone beyond control and the only organ to intervene was
      to convene the students' parliament.
      "You can not lead people who have lost confidence in you and are rioting. We
      formed a negotiating committee to meet with the administration but they also
      don't trust it, so what do you expect us to do," asked Deo, looking
      But the speaker of the students Parliament Mr. Elimo Masawe said he will be
      able to convene the Parliament which has been divided, when the cabinet
      instructs him to do so.
      Until The Citizen left the scene, a meeting between Daruso and the
      administration was still going on but students were holding back, saying
      they won't attend classes until they get answers on their concerns.


      Tanzania: Six Seriously Hurt in UDSM Protest March

      The Citizen (Dar es Salaam)
      23 April 2008
      Posted to the web 23 April 2008
      Pius Rugonzibwa And Polycap Machira
      University of Dar es salaam student match around the main campus in Dar es
      salaam yesterday during a demonstration called to pressure the university's
      administration to reinstate suspended students.
      The Field Force Unit was yesterday brought in to throw teargas canisters to
      disperse angry students who had put under siege the University of Dar es
      Salaam administration block.

      The incident left two policemen and four students seriously injured, while
      six students suspected to be the ringleaders of the riot were arrested by
      the police yesterday.
      After the students disrupted lectures for over three hours, the University
      administration called the police to restore peace at the restive campus.
      The trouble begun a few minutes after Kinondoni Regional Police Commander
      Jamal Rwambo had visited the campus, also known as the main campus of the
      University of Dar es Salaam.
      About five minutes after the RPC left the area, about 40 armed policemen
      from the Field Force Unit surrounded the campus, at around one o'clock.
      Excited students had gathered at the administration block shouting and
      demanding that their fellow students suspended last week be allowed back
      Before the police raid, the leader of the University local government, Dr
      Kasoga addressed the students and begged them to return to classes while
      their demanded were worked on, but they only shouted at him.
      The rioting students ignored his call, and shouted at Dr. Kasoga, urging him
      to leave the area immediately.
      As the disappointed lecturer departed, three police vehicles with
      registration number PT 0886, PT 1519 and PT1523 arrived at the area, where
      an estimated 1500 rioting students started to run away, escaping from the
      "We cannot let a few people disrupt peace here and disturb those who want to
      There is evidence that many students are opposed to these riots, so we are
      here to restore peace and hold trouble makers," the RPC declared.
      Two policemen were seriously injured during the clashes that lasted for two
      The injured policemen were identified as Constable Petro Haule, while the
      second officer's name could not be obtained immediately.
      PC Haule, while being treated at the theatre facility in the University
      dispensary said that he was hit by a sharp piece of bottle thrown on the
      leg, at which point he started bleeding heavily. The leg was broken at the
      Earlier, the rowdy students had stormed into lecture halls holding sticks
      calling for their colleagues to join the boycott, and those who resisted the
      order were beaten.
      By 10:15 in the morning hundreds of students gathered at the Revolutionary
      Square singing and chanting solidarity songs, before a selected few
      addressed the gathering.
      They all had the same message; Fighting for our colleagues to be back.
      The students demanded that all the 15 students who were suspended should be
      recalled and five other students accused of causing mayhem during DARUSO
      elections also be returned.
      No university official was there to comment on the issue, except for a
      notice board entry that the University Council would meet in the afternoon
      to discuss the situation and chart out the next course of action.
      A new notice on the student notice board, issued by the Public Relations
      Office, stated that any unlawful activities including interruption of
      classes will not be tolerated.
      "Students are forewarned that the administration will not hesitate to
      enforce to the letter all provisions of by-laws governing the presence of
      students at the campus to anybody who engages in acts which are contrary to
      university regulations and the laws of the land," reads the notice in part.
      The students marched through the campus playgrounds, residential halls and
      the administration block singing;
      "You will see the real fire, we wonder why you have interfered with internal
      activities of learned students, Mukandala!"
      Trouble has been brewing at the university since the administration
      suspended the 14 students said to have been involved in the February riot
      leading to death of students.
      It was also triggered by the decision by the administration's disciplinary
      committee that later suspended five other students for being associated with
      chaos during campaigns to elect Daruso leaders


      Zimbabwe: Masvingo Students Riot Over Arrest of Their Leader

      SW Radio Africa (London)
      9 May 2008
      Posted to the web 9 May 2008
      Lance Guma
      The arrest of Courage Ngwarai, a student leader at the Great Zimbabwe
      University in Masvingo, sparked riots on campus as students clashed with
      riot police.
      Police came to the campus Thursday evening to arrest Ngwarai over a
      demonstration held last week. Students however vowed to defend him and this
      led to clashes, which saw police indiscriminately assault everyone within
      sight. Several students were injured in the chaos. Police claim Ngwarai, a
      legal and academic secretary with the Zimbabwe National Students Union,
      incited students to demonstrate during an address he made last week. The
      university has also suspended him.
      Meanwhile over 600 students at the Chinhoyi University of Technology
      demonstrated on campus Wednesday, demanding that Robert Mugabe step down for
      bringing untold misery to the population. At least 2 truckloads of riot
      police descended on the campus and assaulted the peaceful students. Police
      arrested 5 student leaders, including Faith Mutepa and Priviledge
      Matizanadzo. They were taken to Chinhoyi Central Police Station where they
      are still in police custody. ZINASU said no charges have been filed against
      them, but there are unfounded allegations that the group assaulted some
      police officers.
      ZINASU Information secretary Blessing Vava, Treasurer Themba Maphenduka and
      Chinhoyi University Students' Union leader Faith Mutepa, all addressed
      students in the dining hall. The speakers attributed the total collapse of
      tertiary education to the crisis of national governance in the country.
      ZINASU say war veterans later abducted Vava and his whereabouts are still
      unknown. ZINASU President Clever Bere issued a warning to Mugabe's regime
      saying Zimbabweans will not accept any games in the event of a run-off. He
      called for international supervision of the election and that results be
      announced within 48 hours. The students have also demanded an end to the
      politically motivated violence.


      Two injured in NWest student protest

      May 26 2008 at 09:30AM

      A policeman and security officer were injured when North West University
      students staged a protest at the Mafikeng campus at the weekend, police
      reported on Monday.

      Superintendent Lesego Metsi said the students were demanding the
      reinstatement of their fellow students who had been barred from the
      university for inciting violent protests.

      "They barricaded the entrance, burning tyres and throwing stones. The police
      were called in and a policeman and a security officer were injured," said

      Four students were arrested during the incident on Sunday evening.

      The initial protests which resulted in their friends' exclusion from campus,
      revolved around a 13 percent increase in tuition fees.

      The situation calmed down when members of the Student Representative Council
      addressed the protesters. - Sapa


      Students protest in Mafikeng
      26/05/2008 09:15 - (SA)
      Johannesburg - A group of students blockaded the main entrance to the
      Mafikeng campus of the North West University, SABC news reported on Sunday.
      The students were apparently demanding the immediate reinstatement of the
      seven students excluded from the university two weeks ago.
      The students were excluded after apparently being found guilty of inciting
      violent protests.
      The protests were against the decision by university management to hike fees
      by 13%.
      Last week, students apparently hurled stones at motorists and barricaded the
      entrance with burning tires.
      On Friday the university management resolved to revisit the seven students'
      cases said SABC news.


      South German student protests turn violent over tuition fees
      Berlin, June 12, IRNA
      Student protests over university tuition fees turned violent in two German
      cities Wednesday evening, according to media reports.
      In Frankfurt, demonstrators threw stones and bottles and set municipal
      garbage cans on fire, a police spokesman said.
      In Marburg, one policeman was hurt during a scuffle with students.
      Meanwhile, a local office of the co-ruling Christian Democratic Union party
      was pelted with eggs.
      Hundreds of students took to the streets in Frankfurt and Marburg to voice
      their opposition to a recent decision by the highest court in the state of
      Hesse which ruled that tuition fees were legal.
      In general, German universities do not charge tuition and all students who
      qualify have the right to attend.
      However, with the country facing financial woes, the government announced it
      must scale back on its social-benefits system, among them higher education.
      Students reject any reduction in the quality of their education and argue
      that hiking fees would make it even harder for them to finish their studies,
      which on the average take around six years.
      Germany has been the scene of repeated violent student demonstrations in
      recent years as more and more states have indicated that they want to
      introduce student fees.


      Zambia police shoot, seriously injure two students during food riot
      Posted : Fri, 23 May 2008 12:43:02 GMT
      Author : DPA
      Category : Africa (World)
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      Lusaka, Zambia - Riot police in the southern African country of Zambia on
      Friday shot and seriously wounded two students in the capital Lusaka during
      a protest over meal allowances. The police opened fire with live ammunition
      on the crowd of around 300 students at the University of Zambia, who pelted
      officers and passing motorists with stones, bottles and missiles, according
      to police spokesperson Bonny Kapeso.
      The wounded students had been admitted to the university teaching hospital,
      where spokesperson Pauline Mbangweta described their condition as critical
      but stable.
      Kapeso said police had first fired warning shots in the air to disperse the
      students, then fired directly at them when they continued to lob projectiles
      at them.
      The students were protesting over the value of their meal allowances. They
      say the current allowance of 300,000 Zambian kwacha per month (90 dollars)
      is not enough to put food on the table, giving rising food prices, and have
      demanded the double.
      Students at Copperbelt University north of Lusaka had rioted earlier this
      year over the same issue.
      Education Minister Geoffrey Lungwangwa said he was looking into the
      students' demands.


      Students stage violent protest
      17/05/2008 14:40 - (SA)
      Lusaka - Students from Zambia's biggest university staged violent protests
      and stoned vehicles to press for an increment in meal allowances, police
      said on Saturday.
      University of Zambia students blocked roads near their campus on Friday
      night before they were dispersed by riot police officers using teargas, a
      police statement said.
      "The police officers have been deployed at the campus in order to protect
      public property," the police said.
      Although some students were arrested the police did not say how many.
      Similar protests also took place at the Copperbelt University, another
      state-run institution, where the government provides free bursaries to
      students who cannot afford to pay fees.
      "The ring leaders of the protest have been identified and will be made to
      account for their action," said Grace Mikunga, spokesperson of the
      Copperbelt University in a statement.
      Student riots over low government funding levels of the two state-run
      universities have become increasingly common.
      The government has said it plans to stop free bursaries offered to poor
      students because it has been the source of riots and demonstrations.


      Zambia cops injure students
      23/05/2008 18:12 - (SA)

      · Africa 'immune' to recession
      · Students stage violent protest
      · Zambia recovers millions

      Lusaka - Riot police in the southern African country of Zambia on Friday
      shot and seriously wounded two students in the capital Lusaka during a
      protest over meal allowances.
      The police opened fire with live ammunition on the crowd of around 300
      students at the University of Zambia, who pelted officers and passing
      motorists with stones, bottles and missiles, according to police
      spokesperson Bonny Kapeso.
      The wounded students had been admitted to the university teaching hospital,
      where spokesperson Pauline Mbangweta described their condition as critical
      but stable.
      Kapeso said police had first fired warning shots in the air to disperse the
      students, then fired directly at them when they continued to lob projectiles
      at them.
      The students were protesting over the value of their meal allowances. They
      say the current allowance of 300 000 Zambian kwacha per month is not enough
      to put food on the table, given rising food prices, and have demanded the
      Students at Copperbelt University north of Lusaka had rioted earlier this
      year over the same issue.
      Education Minister Geoffrey Lungwangwa said he was looking into the
      students' demands. - Sapa-dpa


      Nigeria: Edo Students in Uniben Protest Over State Bursary

      Vanguard (Lagos)
      4 August 2008
      Posted to the web 4 August 2008
      Gabriel Enogholase
      STUDENTS Edo State origin in the University of Benin took to the streets of
      Benin weekend to protest the manner of the disbursement of their the N10,000
      The student accused government officials of short changing them by making
      them pay N700 as administrative charges

      They also claimed that some of the students who benefitted from the award
      were fictitious names just as they said that some names they saw in the list
      were persons that have since graduated from the school.
      During the protest which The Guardian corresponent in Edo state,
      Alemma-Ozioruva Aliu, was attacked by the students armed with clubs and
      stones; who manhandled him.
      One of the officials at the Oba Akenzua cultural centre, venue of who
      invovled in the disbursment of the award was beaten up by the students and
      forced to march with them to government house where they were addressed by
      the deputy governor, Lucky Imasuen.
      They also seriously injured one of their members who they accused of
      conniving with government officials to shortchange them.
      The beneficiaries were being made to pay N700 which the organizers said was
      dues they ought to pay to their cultural association; National Association
      of Edo State Students.
      However, in reaction, the state government has declared the collection of
      N700 unauthorized. It directed that those who have paid the amount should be
      A statement from government house, signed by the chief press secretary to
      the governor, Dan Aigbavboa said that the bursary would now be disbursed
      through the office of the Dean of Students in the tertiary institutions in
      the state who are the first beneficiaries, University of Benin, Ambrose Alli
      University, Epkoma, Federal Polytechnic, Auchi, Colleges of Education,
      Ekiadolor and Igueben and College of Agriculture, Iguoriakhi students in the
      University of Benin took to the streets of Benin over the weekend to protest
      the way the N10,000 bursary was disbursed.
      They accused government officials of short changing them by making them pay
      N700 as administrative charges.
      Besides, they claimed that some beneficiaries were fictitious names while
      some names they saw in the list were persons that have since graduated from
      the school.
      In the protest which almost got out of hand, The Guardian editorial
      representative in Edo state, Alemma-Ozioruva Aliu, was attacked by the
      students armed with clubs and stones; he was manhandled and hit with a heavy
      stone by one of the protesting students when he attempted to take their
      One of the officials at the Oba Akenzua cultural centre, venue of disbursing
      the cash was beaten up by the students and forced to march with them to
      government house where they were addressed by the deputy governor, Lucky
      Imasuen. They also seriously injured one of their members who they accused
      of conniving with government officials to shortchange them.
      The beneficiaries were being made to pay N700 which the organizers said was
      dues they ought to pay to their cultural association; National Association
      of Edo State Students.
      However, in reaction, the state government has declared the collection of
      N700 unauthorized. It directed that those who have paid the amount should be
      A statement from government house, signed by the chief press secretary to
      the governor, Dan Aigbavboa said that the bursary would now be disbursed
      through the office of the Dean of Students in the tertiary institutions in
      the state who are the first beneficiaries, University of Benin, Ambrose Alli
      University, Epkoma, Federal Polytechnic, Auchi, Colleges of Education,
      Ekiadolor and Igueben and College of Agriculture, Iguoriakhi.


      Iran: More than 3,000 students protest in Zanjan University

      Sunday, 15 June 2008
      NCRI - Last night and today, thousands of Zanjan University students have
      held a gathering outside the school's gym in protest to ethical misconduct
      by the university's vice-president.
      In protest to Madadi, the vice-president, the students broke the widows and
      called for the resignation of the school's president, Nadaf, and his deputy.
      They asked the school's faculty to leave the building.
      The school is in a period of final exams. However, the students refuse to
      show up for classes.
      In recent weeks, sit-ins and protest gatherings held by students across Iran
      such as Teacher's Training School in Karaj, Bo-Ali in Hamedan, Sahand in
      Tabriz, Polytechnic in Tehran, Shiraz University in Shiraz, Alameh in Tehran
      are signs of increasing public hatred for the mullahs' inhuman regime and an
      overall desire for a change in Iran.
      The Iranian Resistance calls on all international human rights organizations
      and student unions to support the Iranian students' demands and condemn
      their systematic suppression by the regime.
      Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
      June 15, 200


      Iran: 5th day of hunger strike and protests at Sahand Universit

      Monday, 28 April 2008
      NCRI- Students have gone on hunger strike and demonstration for the past
      five days at Sahand Technical University in the northern city of Tabriz.
      They are protesting to hand picked school administrators by the government
      for the school.

      Students are also demanding action against university's security guards for
      insulting female students. Protesting students chanted," "We are angry at
      those who promote discrimination," "We are fighting, men and women, Fight us
      and we will fight," "We stand, we chant, we fight to the end" and "No matter
      what happens, the movement will continue."
      In addition to condemning suppressive measures at the school against the
      students, the demonstrators demanded the resignation of two school
      officials; the vice-president of cultural affairs and the dean of student
      The protesters shouted at these two officials on campus, "Shame on you, step
      Among the striking students, presence of female student is outstanding.
      Twenty-one male and four female students are on strike.
      The female students are in critical condition, according to the latest
      paramedic teams on the scene.
      The Iranian Resistance calls on all International human rights
      organizations, in particular the student unions to condemn the suppressive
      measure against the Iranian students.
      Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
      April 28, 2008


      Iran: Mullahs' suppressive forces crackdown on spreading student protests

      Friday, 09 May 2008
      NCRI - The student protests in Shariati, Vali-e-Asr and Shamsipour technical
      colleges in Tehran which began on Monday, May 5, led to violent clashes with
      State Security Forces (SSF). The suppressive forces encircled and brutally
      attacked students using clubs and batons in a bid to disperse them.
      Shariati students boycotted lectures and marched towards the State General
      Inspection Organization and joined other protesting students from Vali-e-Asr
      and Shamsipour colleges on Wednesday. They demanded change in anti-student
      policies of the Ministry of Science.
      Meanwhile, SSF agents and special units of the Revolutionary Guard Corps
      attacked Shamsipour college students to prevent them joining the big
      protest. The repressive forces brutally attacked the students using tear gas
      and batons. The students chanted slogans such as, "Students will die but
      never be humiliated" and "Open the gates, free the students."
      While lauding student protests and their determination, the Iranian
      Resistance calls on all human rights organizations, in particular student
      unions and associations, to condemn the suppressive measure against the
      Iranian students.
      Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
      May 8, 2008


      Protest erupts in University of Tehran

      Wednesday, 09 July 2008
      Iran Focus
      Tehran, Iran, Jul. 09 - Students in the University of Tehran staged a
      protest on campus on Tuesday, eye-witnesses told Iran Focus in a telephone
      The protest erupted outside the main entrance of the university.
      Several students told Iran Focus that more than 2,000 students took part in
      the rally. There was a heavy police presence at the scene throughout the
      day. Mobile phones were confiscated to prevent an outbreak of news of the
      protest, they said.
      The students also confirmed to Iran Focus that a large number of members of
      the public also sought to join the protest but were prevented from doing so
      by the State Security Forces (SSF). From the early hours of the day, groups
      of three of more people at the scene were approached and disbanded by the
      At approximately 19.30 (local Tehran time) a separate protest broke out in
      Tehran's Daneshjoo Park, according to eye-witnesses. There too mobile phones
      were confiscated by the SSF.
      Students reached by telephoned said that a separate demonstration erupted at
      Tehran's Laleh Park, though details were sketchy.
      Similar protests are believed to have broken out on several other university
      campuses across Tehran, including in Polytechnic University - also known as
      Amir Kabir University - which has been a hotbed of anti-government
      demonstrations for over a year.
      Tuesday marked the 9th anniversary of the start of a student-led uprising
      across Iran which broke out after members of the hard-line Bassij militia
      and Ansar-e Hezbollah, a paramilitary force that acts as the clerical regime's
      storm troopers to put down anti-government demonstrations, raided a
      dormitory in Tehran University and attacked the students there. One student
      was killed when he was thrown out of the window in the 1999 raid on the
      university dorm. The ensuing nationwide protests that erupted came as a
      shock to Iran's clerical leaders and lasted for over a week.


      20 students arrested during protest in northern Iran

      Monday, 25 February 2008
      Iran Focus

      Tehran, Iran, Feb. 25 - Twenty students have been arrested at the Industrial
      University of Shahrood, northern Iran, in the course of a protest which has
      entered its sixth day, Iran Focus has learnt.

      More than 3,000 students took part in the protest in the town's main street
      on Saturday and Sunday, calling on the government to pay attention to their
      demands regarding the university's administration, a student activist
      requesting anonymity told Iran Focus in an email interview.

      The protest originally began on Wednesday, and lasted for three days on
      campus. With university officials refusing to listen to their demands, the
      students took to the streets starting on Saturday.

      The protesters were especially angry at gas shortages in Shahrood and the
      temporary closure of the university and cancellation of exams.

      It is not know where the 20 detained students are currently being held.


      Evergreen SDS sit-in ends
      Submitted by Just another voice on Thu, 06/12/2008 - 11:30pm.
      olympia sds
      the evergreen state college
      Some of you may have read how SDS at Evergreen may have been planning to
      disrupt graduation tomorrow. Looks like that won't be the case. A faculty
      member involved in the mediation between the admins and SDS just released a
      brief on the conclusion of the sit-in and agreement between both SDS and the
      It is reproduced below:
      RE: Joint Communication from Participants in the Sit-in and Representatives
      of the Division of Student Affairs

      After several sessions of negotiation, representatives of the college
      administration and participants in the sit-in the Seminar I building reached
      an agreement on Thursday evening. The administration was represented in
      negotiations by Art Costantino, Phyllis Lane and Tom Mercado. The sit-in
      participants had five students at the negotiating table at any one time,
      rotating among [names of students and faculty and admins] facilitated the

      Both parties were pleased to reach this agreement and look forward to the
      fall quarter committed to working together in the collaborative and
      cooperative spirit that exemplifies the unique educational mission of

      The following is the full text of the agreement:

      1) SDS will vacate the fourth floor of Seminar One and cease activities that
      are disrupting the offices of the Vice President for Student Affairs.

      2) Both parties involved accept some responsibility for the events leading
      up to March 7, 2008 as follows: SDS accepts some responsibility for deciding
      to proceed with the cancelled event. The administration recognizes that
      although not necessarily an excuse for deciding to proceed with the
      cancelled event, some conditions associated with the moratorium may not have
      been clear.

      3) SDS must identify four coordinators at the beginning of Fall 2008 and
      ensure that the four coordinators attend the three-part training for
      registered student organizations. The four coordinators will be responsible
      for dissemination of training information related to college policies and
      procedures to the general SDS membership.

      4) Upon completion of the above (# 1, 2, 3) SDS' probation will be lifted,
      reinstating them as a registered student organization. As a registered
      student organization, SDS will be eligible to apply to the S&A Board for
      funding. Upon completion of # 1, 2, and 3 and receipt of $75, an account
      will be set up and SDS will be eligible to sponsor events on campus. During
      the summer, SDS will be permitted to reserve space for organizational
      meetings. They will not be permitted to host public events nor will they
      have access to funds.

      5) [student name] will be offered her job back in Parking Services as well
      as receive compensation for time lost. She will be offered the opportunity
      to work during her previously scheduled hours.

      6) The college recognizes the primacy of students in development and
      revision of a student-initiated and developed process to create a new
      disciplinary policy for registered student organizations. This acknowledges
      that we can not go above the jurisdiction of the Board of Trustees. To this
      end, we urge the Geoduck Student Union to initiate a process for formulating
      a coalition of students, registered student organizations and the GSU, with
      the student activities staff in a non-voting advisory position, to develop a
      new policy for disciplinary review of registered student organizations. We
      urge that the process be open and equal. Upon development of this policy it
      shall be presented to the student body for ratification by vote. If the
      student body ratifies it, it will become official policy.

      7) Upon agreement, no additional complaints will be made by Student Affairs
      staff, and all current complaints made by that staff will be terminated
      regarding all sit-in related activities, including all activities related to
      the functioning of the People's University. Three grievances are to be
      adjudicated through the student conduct code. In one of the cases, the
      complainant has made it clear that the complainant will not seek suspension
      or expulsion from the college. The complaints against the other two
      individuals will continue unabated. The names of these individuals are
      identified in a private memorandum between the parties to this agreement. In
      these cases the grievance officer will be Joe Tougas.


      Washington: Update on Evergreen SDS Sit-in
      Sunday, June 01 2008 @ 04:42 PM CDT
      Contributed by: Anonymous
      Views: 282
      The sit in on the 4th floor of Sem 1 continues. We are still keeping our
      initial demand that Olympia SDS be reinstated and have recently added the
      additional demands that Kelly Beckham be offered her job back as well as
      compensation for time lost, and a change in the process by which student
      groups lose their RSO (Registered Student Organization) status that is
      determined by those most affected, the students and members of these
      organizations. To some, this sit-in may appear to be too focused on SDS, but
      the intention of the sit-in has always been and continues to be bigger than
      the status of one student group. Since the beginning of the free speech
      fight, SDS has always stated that our priority is to increase student power
      and the sit-in has created a space for new and more people to get involved
      in fighting for social justice. This is more than just SDS.

      Where We're Going

      In thinking about the above demands, the participants in the sit-in started
      talking about a vision that includes this notion of building student power
      at our college. This vision is a guide for our action and for our practice.
      We approach this vi<br/><br/>(Message over 64 KB, truncated)
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