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Fw: URGENT APPEAL: Release Prisoners of Conscience now!

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  • Andy
    Right to Education Urgent Appeal Release prisoners of conscience now! Right to Education Campaign, Birzeit University, 1 July 2008
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 7, 2008

      Right to Education Urgent Appeal

      Release prisoners of conscience now!
      Right to Education Campaign, Birzeit University, 1 July 2008


      On Sunday 25th November 2005, the president of Birzeit University 's Student Council, Fadi Hamad, was arrested by Israeli military Special Forces while travelling on the road between the al-Jalazoon refugee camp and the city of Ramallah in the occupied Palestinian territories. Eyewitnesses reported that the car carrying Fadi was suddenly ambushed in what seemed like a premeditated operation.

      As a student leader, Fadi represented the interests of some 7,000 students before the university administration, and was responsible for welfare programmes for students, providing them with sports and cultural activities as well as help with registration, paying fees, their studies.

      Since 1967, the Israeli army has passed military orders outlawing all student societies which promote Palestinian nationalist ideas or parties, including Fatah, despite the fact thatIsrael officially negotiates with all such political parties at different moments in time. In this way, the army can 'legally' detain any student leader simply on the grounds of his or her political affiliation and in practice, persecute certain political opinions over others thus aggravating political tensions in Palestinian society at any given moment.

      On the day of his arrest, Fadi was taken to Ofer detention centre where he was held without access to legal counsel for about 14 days (as is usual of such detention centres). Fadi was immediately charged with breaching a probation order which banned him from engaging with a student group for the next 3 years, and for 'holding a position of responsibility' and 'belonging to an illegal organisation'.

      His probation order was issued in September 2004 after he had served 10 months on account of having been a member of the Islamic Bloc and the then acting president of the Student Council after the elected president had been arrested 5 months earlier in July 2004. The elected president at that time was Mohammad Quran who was also charged with 'belonging to an illegal organisation' and sentenced to 16 months. As history tends to repeat itself when it comes to the silencing of political voices, Fadi's second arrest in 2007 was followed by the arrest of his replacement, Abdullah Owais, who was also taken at a checkpoint 3 months later in February 2008 and charged with the same: 'holding a position of responsibility' and 'belonging to an illegal organization'.

      The Right to Education Campaign believes that Fadi Hamad and Abdullah Owais are Human Rights defenders who were defending the welfare and rights of students at the time of their arrest and are incarcerated simply because of these activities and their political views. They have never been involved with, or charged with, any security-related offenses. The Campaign calls for their immediate release.


      The Right to Education Campaign would also like to point out that 21 out of 40 cases represented by Birzeit University 's lawyer are prisoners of conscience who are serving time solely for their belonging to student societies or political parties, many of whom held positions of leadership in the Student Council at the time of their arrest. These students are not only being denied their freedoms of association, thought, and liberty; they are being denied their education.

      "The arrested students who worked for the Student Council focused solely on providing local academic support for students and nothing else. In reality, these arrests serve to discredit and obstruct the work of the Student Council as an institution and are not about providing security for Israel"
      - Fadi Hamad (before his arrest) when asked about the detention of other Student Council members.

      PLEASE WRITE to your government representatives asking them to raise questions in Parliament or Congress, and to put pressure on the Israeli government to release student prisoners of conscience and to respect their rights to freedom of association, thought and liberty - ultimately, calling on Israel to respect the right to education of Palestinian students.

      3. How You Can Support the Right to Education Campaign

      1.       Affiliate to the Right to Education Campaign at Birzeit University through your union or organization.

      2.       Raise awareness within your constituency about the issues facing Palestinian education, students and teachers under Israeli military occupation.

      ·         Screen the Campaign film, "A Caged Bird's Song" (copies available online www.PalestineOnlineStore.com).

      ·         Organize the "Students Under Occupation Take a Stand" photo exhibition and give a presentation on the Right to Education in Palestine

      ·         Organize an action on campus.  For example, set up a 'checkpoint', stopping students and faculty on their way to classes, demanding to see their student and staff IDs and raising awareness about the issues facing Palestinian students under occupation.

      ·         If you are a student group, set up a correspondence with Birzeit University students, through email, instant messenger and video conferences.

      3.       Support the Right to Education Campaign’s calls for international action against violations of the human right to education in occupied Palestine.

      4.       Lobby your government to pressure the government of Israel to adhere to its legal obligations to end attacks on civilian infrastructure and to allow unimpeded access for all Palestinians to their educational institutions.

      5.       Establish connections with Palestinian universities, students and faculty, through solidarity links or academic exchange.

      6.       Start or join divestment campaigns at your university.

      7.       Organize a delegation to visit Birzeit and other universities in Palestine , or help to organize a delegation of Palestinian students and faculty to come on a speaking tour to universities and organizations in your country.

      8.   Support students affected by the economic blockade, through the "Break the Siege Campaign" http://right2edu.birzeit.edu/news/article469


      The Right to Education Campaign was set up by Birzeit University to reach out to students, teachers and campaigners worldwide to support the right to education in Palestine . 

      The Right to Education Bulletin is a digest of news and campaign information on right to education issues effecting Palestinian students, teachers and academics in the West Bank and Gaza , released bi-monthly.  To subscribe or unsubscribe from this bulletin please email right2edu@... with SUBSCRIBE or UNSUBSCRIBE in the subject heading.


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