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globalFEST 2013 in the news! Upcoming shows, Rat Pack Rigoletto, Job announcement and more

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  • Bill Bragin
    Yep, I ve been busy - recovering from globalFEST and APAP (and happy to say I ve been elected to join the board of the Association of Performing Arts
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      Yep, I’ve been busy – recovering from globalFEST and APAP (and happy to say I’ve been elected to join the board of the Association of Performing Arts Presenters) – so letting the emails below mostly stand for themselves. Too many thank yous needed right now, but thank you all…You’ll see some of the unbelievable press about this year’s globalFEST, and news about upcoming shows from each of the gF co-producers, including the next two shows I’ve programmed in the David Rubenstein Atrium – The Hot Sardines in a special Valentine’s Day dance, and an evening of reconstructed and deconstructed Jewish music from Poland, Polseye and Shofar on Feb 21.


      Speaking of the Atrium, it’s not only the home of Target Free Thursdays free weekly performances, but also where Lincoln Center tours originate.  The NY Times had a great profile of one of Lincoln Center’s most legendary tour guides – check it out here: http://www.nytimes.com/2013/01/27/nyregion/maria-mansfield-queen-of-lincoln-center-tours.html


      This week, I had the pleasure of seeing Michael Mayer’s new Rat Pack inspired production of Rigoletto at the Metropolitan Opera.  I’m not someone who generally attends traditional operas – I tend toward the contemporary and experimental. This production was hugely entertaining, beautifully sung, with a witty modern updated libretto and some provocative staging.  Whether you are an opera fan or a newbie like me, I highly recommend it.  I’m also happy to pass along two special offers:


      Use  promo code DUKE2 at www.metopera.org for 25%-off tickets  (excluding the Family Circle & Balcony, and the matinee). 

      Or: attend a Rigoletto lecture on Monday, Feb 4 at 6:00 pm (Will Berger), glass of champagne, and get a orchestra ticket for that evening perf by using promo code LADON, all for $100. (Valid on 2/4 only).


      If you or someone you know is looking for a seriously great Development Director job at a seriously great performing arts center, keep scrolling for a job description at the Baryshnikov Arts Center.


      And finally, so many friends have been affected by the loss of musical colleagues recently, I wanted to acknowledge the passing of Ohio Players’ Sugarfoot, guitarist Jef Lee Johnson, and polymath conduction pioneer, composer, cornetist and conceptualist Butch Morris, as well as SummerStage’s longstanding Technical Director Howard Thies.  May their memories be for a blessing.


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      View gF photographer Kevin Yatarola's photos here!




      We could not have imagined a better way to celebrate the 10th anniversary of globalFEST! We sold out in advance, received record press coverage, and had the opportunity to present to an incredibly diverse audience twelve extraordinary artists from around the world that we hope to see on tour across the country, and internationally in the months and years to come. 
      We thank all of you that joined us at Webster Hall!


      Below is a press roundup ranging from the NY Times music review to a feature piece in the Village Voice. You can revisit the entire festival in the extensive NPR Music coverage featuring a 40-minute discussion on All Songs Considered with Bob Boilen, Anastasia Tsoulcas, Rob Weisberg, and Banning Eyre and music and videos from each set on NPR Music's globalFEST archive. You can also view Michael Arthur's drawings created live at Webster Hall and view photos from our photographer Kevin Yatarola plus more in Brooklyn Vegan and Afropop Worldwide 


      Just before gF artist Fatoumata Diawara arrived in NYC she brought together more than 40 of Mali's most acclaimed musicians to produce a song "Maliko," a call for a peace and the emancipation of women in Mali. We invite you to listen to Marco Werman's PRI interview with Fatou about the critical situation in Mali today.     


      And finally, we are very pleased to announce the globalFEST Touring Fund has just funded three new tours to bring world music to new markets in the U.S. Congrats to Chamber Music (Ballake Sissoko + Vincent Segal), Canzoniere Grecanico Salentino from Italy (who have a NY show on Feb 1 and Kaumakaiwa Kanaka'ole from Hawai'i!


      Stay tuned for more news about globalFEST's work as a non-profit organization serving the entire world music community. Thank you again for your continued support and we hope to see you soon.




      The globalFEST Team 


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      Will you consider making a donation to globalFEST, Inc?

      gF is a non-profit organization dedicated to fostering cultural exchange through its 

      groundbreaking international music festival/showcase, the gF Touring Fund, creative "On The Road" curating at SXSW, Bonnaroo and more, and professional development for artists.

      Make a donation here


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      View artist Michael Arthur's portraits drawn live during the show and learn more about his style in the companion article on All Songs Considered.

      "I want to say this about globalFEST...the range of ages, not just of the performers, and the range of faces and characters and people from every walk of life in the audience just thrills me...it's so promising, so hopeful...globalFEST is everywhere, all over the map, and I love that. You really feel like you're in a community." - Bob Boilen


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      Check out the NYTimes globalFEST photo gallery here!


      New York Times globalFEST Review


      "Over the last decade Globalfest has presented 21st-century world music as an accelerating fusion, a recombinant free-for-all of local traditions meeting ideas and technologies from afar. It's a realistic view of how musicians work; very few are purists. And some hybrids have grown 

      durable enough to feel like traditions 

      of their own." -Jon Pareles 



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      Description: [NBC] GlobalFEST Tenth Anniversary



      "We spoke with Bill Bragin, one of the co-producers of GlobalFEST, an eclectic multi-stage music festival that welcomes artists of various backgrounds and popularity to its showcase every January at Webster Hall. From Malian folk-pop to bombastic marching bands, the tenth anniversary of the festival welcomed thousands of visitors to celebrate the vibrancy of the international music scene."-Oresti Tsonopoulos




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      Check out our photo gallery here!


      ...globalFEST played host to more strong female headliners than ever before...Earth Mother energy was pervasive...This was also the most conceptually balanced roster of talent I recall seeing at any Global Fest. Moving from room to room throughout the evening you could often sense one performer's key qualities instructively illuminating another's. - The Village Voice



      In the companion article "Why World Music Doesn't Mean Anything Anymore: What I learned at APAP"


      "Of course you want and need some of the [unadulterated] tradition...you don't just want to be co-opting traditions and calling them your own. But... when people do fusion well, it just draws more listeners into researching who ARE the masters, what IS this form. When you listen to Watcha Clan, hearing all those great gypsy rhythms and Morrocan and French influences, it makes you want to do the research to find out who they are sampling." -globalFEST co-producer Shanta Thake to reporter Carol Cooper




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      Read more on the origins of globalFEST in the full article here.


      Hollywood Reporter


      On globalFEST, Winter Jazz Fest and infiltration into popular culture.


      "The cross-pollination of world music and jazz is clearly a positive -- as the tastes and sensibilities of many promoters easily overlap.As a result, artists showcased at either festival could end up onstage at Bonnaroo, Coachella or Pitchfork, infiltrate jazz festivals across North America, or simply play at the local community arts center near you"-Mitch Myers


      "They coexist side by side and mirror one another beautifully and conveniently for promoters like myself. These two festivals alone are reason enough to come to NYC, with or without APAP, which basically spawned them both."-Carlos Tortolero





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      View the globalFEST flickr gallery here.


      "For the 10th year, the city will host Globalfest, America's best-curated nexus of sounds from around the planet...Careers in America can be launched this way. The artists showcased at Globalfest often go on to become the country's most talked-about stars from far-flung locales." - New York Daily News 




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