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Orquesta Sarabia live-stream from LCAtrium / Midsummer Night Swing / globalFEST at Bonnaroo / GlobeSonic Sound System

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  • Bill Bragin
    Hi all, A few quick updates...and lots of good info to read, so keep scrolling.. TOMORROW NIGHT ! DEBUT OF FREE ROBERTO RODRIGUEZ ORQUESTA SARABIA SHOW TO BE
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      Hi all,


      A few quick updates…and lots of good info to read, so keep scrolling..





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      The debut of percussionist/composer Roberto Rodriguez’ new band Orquesta Sarabia will be live-streamed on www.aboutLIncolnCenter.org on Thursday, May 17, 2012 from the David Rubenstein Atrium at Lincoln Center.  The concert is a Target® Free Thursday performance, free concerts presented in the Atrium every Thursday sponsored by Target.


      In addition, the Atrium’s Twitter account, @LCAtrium, will be engaging with live-stream viewers and Tweeting updates from the Atrium event.  Online viewers are encouraged to join the conversation with #LCAtrium.


      Just think of cooking up a spicy gumbo of Buena Vista Social Club doing the music of Nino Rota, Farid al-Atrash adding beautiful Cuban, Andalusian and Arabic melodies for that confused romantic who lives inside of us all. It’s what percussionist/composer Roberto Rodriguez calls "All World Music". “And that's me!” says Rodriguez. That's “Orquesta Sarabia”.

      Known for his mashup of Cuban-Jewish music, Rodriguez continues to evolve as bandleader composer with the debut of “Orquesta Sarabia.” Longing for the arrival of this dream project, Rodriguez pushes his prolific and cultural reality for a fresh dynamic sound with new arrangements from Baila! Gitano Baila! (his 2004 CD on the downtown Tzadik label) as well as new compositions. With a cosmopolitan cast of talented New York musicians, they'll do a tribute ala Rodriguez, to the music of Maurice El Medioni, John Zorn as well as a tribute piece for two of the musical giants of Algeria, El Medioni and Dahmane El Harrachi, the composer of “Ya Rayah”, (The Passenger-Oh Emigrant).  Medioni and Rodriguez won Best CD Of The Year for "Crossing Cultures" category for the cd “Descarga Oriental” BBC Radio 3 2007

      Learn more about the inspiration behind this newly formed ensemble and the origins of Orquesta Sarabia’s music. Join us at 7:30pm in the Atrium for a free Casual Conversation hosted by one of Lincoln Center’s Performing Arts Docents. 

      Orquesta Sarabia features
      Zafer Taweel- Oud, Canun, Darbuka, Voice
      Igor Arias- Congas, Bongos, Voice
      Amir ElSaffar- Santoor, Trumpet, Voice
      Lefteris Bournias- Clarinet
      Megan Weeder Gould- Violin
      Hadar Noiberg- Ney, Flute
      Jennifer Vincent- Bass
      Tareq Abboushi- Bouzuk, Percussion, Voice
      Uri Sharlin- Accordion, Piano
      Roberto Rodriguez- Percussion, Composer

      Admission is free. Seating is limited and available on a first-come, first-served basis. The David Rubenstein Atrium at Lincoln Center is located at Broadway between 62nd and 63rd


      A few other LCAtrium things you should know about. As we gear up for Midsummer Night Swing’s kick-off, we’ll be offering 3 FREE Dancing 101 events on Wednesdays in June (6, 13 & 20) to help get the rust out of your dance shoes (or start you on your journey, if you are new to social dancing.)  There will be two nights of Lindy Hop and one salsa night.


      DJ’s begin spinning 7:00 pm with a dance lesson runs from 7:30 to 8:30 pm followed by more dj & dancing until 10 pm. Cocktail specials will be offered, and refreshments will be for sale.


                      Wednesday, June 6            DJ: Dawn Hampton

                                                                      Instructors: Evita Arce and Michael Jagger teach Lindy Hop


                      Wednesday, June 13         DJ: Ron McGugins

                                                                      Instructor: Jimmy Anton teaches Salsa


                      Wednesday, June 20         DJ: George Gee

                                                                      Instructor: Spencer Weisbond teaches Lindy Hop


      Also coming up in the Atrium are a few free dance concerts on Thursdays that will also get you ready for our zydeco and swing events this summer.


      June 7 Feufollet

      Deathbed ballads meet glockenspiels and omnichords. Cajun French choruses are written on iPhones. Indie-rock vibes invade Acadian archives. Louisiana’s Feufollet draws on deep Cajun roots tempered by a cutting-edge of contemporary life.     


      June 21           Boilermakers Jazz Band

      Led by Paul Cosentino, this acclaimed ensemble dishes out authentic swing and hot jazz tunes with masterful instrumentals, soulful singing, and infectious enthusiasm.


      And you can see the complete Midsummer Night Swing line-up at www.MidsummerNightSwing.org – and save money by buying season passes (good for 15 dances), 6—night passes, or new Swing or Latin passes, good for 4 admissions.


      As you may know by now – globalFEST is heading to Bonnaroo!!!  They just announced the complete line-up yesterday at www.Bonnaroo.com, but all you need to know is below.  We’re also happy to announce that we’re curating a New York Day at Paris’ Festival Ile d’ France.  Info on that below too.



      Finally, after a long hiatus, DJ Acidophilus is returning. I’ll be djing a solo mostly Brazilian set at nublu on Wed, June 13 at about 10:30 as part of their anniversary celebration.  (Come down with me after the Salsa class at the Atrium.)  And then Fabian Alsultany and Derek Beres return from Santa Monica for two gigs that weekend.  On Friday, June 15, we’ll be in Long Island City as part of a new event, Queens Arts Exchange (QAX) featuring visual arts installations, one of my favorite live music artists, and more.  Details on that soon. 


      Then get ready for the return of GlobeSonic’s 8th annual Pier Party at Pier 1 at Riverside Drive South.  In honor of our 8th edition, we’ll have an 8 hour dj set with the three of us and percussionist Duke Mushroom from 2:30 – 10::30pm.  It’s free, it’s super fun.  And Fabian and Derek live in California now.  This is our only pier party of the summer.  RSVP on Facebook and spread the word. https://www.facebook.com/events/292483424172552/permalink/292483430839218/


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      Manchester, TN
      Saturday June 9  
      The Other Tent







      with Vernon Reid,
      John Medeski, Jack Bruce, Cindy Blackman-Santana


      Follow us @globalFEST_NYC 
      Tag us #gFEST #Bonnaroo
      Stay up to date with gF at B'roo on FB 


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      We are pleased to announce that the globalFEST Touring Fund panel has chosen 5 extraordinary groups to receive funding:

      M.A.K.U Sound System
      Paris Combo
      Red Baarat

      Tanya Tagaq

      Read about it here 


      The gFTF was created in September 2011 with the generous support of The Ford Foundation. It is designed to provide continued support to gF alumni artists by offering grants to perform in new markets and to develop new audiences in the United States, without regard to the region or size of market. In keeping with gF's mission, this fund awards grants to help support the presence of international music in diverse communities in the United States. 


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      gF 2013 - Jan 13

      Details on how to apply here



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      Description: gF at Bonnaroo 

      gF hits the road!

      First stop - Bonnaroo Festival
      on June 9 in Manchester TN


      globalFEST is curating a world music tent at America's biggest, best-Loved summer music festival Bonnaroo   

      Join gF alongside Radiohead, Bon Iver, Sharon Jones
      and the Dap-Kings, Santigold, The Beach Boys, Tune Yards, Phish, and so much more.


      Tent schedule to the left


      Read the press release here
      Follow us
      Tag us #gFEST #Bonnaroo


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      Next stop - Festival d'ile de France on Sept 9 in France

      Description: Festival d'ile de France

      globalFEST has curated "New York Day" at Festival d'ile de France on Sunday September 9, a spectacular annual festival that produces 29 concerts over several weeks throughout the Ile de France region and welcomes 20,000+ festival goers. "NY Day" day will take place 65 kilometers northwest of Paris in six outdoor locations throughout the magnificent grounds of Villarceaux, a French château, water garden and park.

      Join us, book your flights now!
      Artists announced June 4! 


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      About globalFEST

      10th anniversary! Sunday January 13, 2013


      Founded in 2003, globalFEST is a groundbreaking 1-night, 3-stage, 12-band world music festival, which concert goers pay one price to see.  The showcase/ festival seeks to move international music to the center of the performing arts field by coinciding with the Association of Performing Arts Presenters conference.  


      In 2010, globalFEST incorporated into its own non-profit organization and is presented in association with Live Sounds, Joe's Pub at the Public Theater, Acidophilus: Live & Active Cultures and The Bowery Presents. Support provided by The Ford Foundation and The Cultural Services of the French Embassy with additional support from the French Music Export Office.  


      For more info visit globalFEST  

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      globalFEST, Inc NYC





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