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US debut of Brazil's SpokFrevo Orquestra @LCAtrium thursday; globalFEST @sxsw this Friday, from the producers, gF tour fund + more

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  • Bill Bragin
    I can t say it enough. For those of you who are sticking in NY and not going to Austin for SXSW, this Thursday night in the David Rubenstein Atrium at Lincoln
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 13, 2012
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      I can’t say it enough.  For those of you who are sticking in NY and not going to Austin for SXSW, this Thursday night in the David Rubenstein Atrium at Lincoln Center is essentialThe US Debut of Brazil’s SpokFrevo Orchestra.  After playing for hundreds of thousands of people at Recife’s Carnaval, it will be very, very special to have them in the intimate Atrium space.  Get ready, do some stretching, and maybe you too can dance like this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ub7gAqdhUWQ


      SpokFrevo Orquestra (U.S. Debut)

      Thursday, March 15, 2012 at 8:30pm
      Target Free Thursdays
      David Rubenstein Atrium at Lincoln Center

      Imagine Duke Ellington’s big band blasting through Carnival in Brazil’s Northeast. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2TprVKb6LCY
       The thrilling SpokFrevo Orquestra draws inspiration from frevo, an infectious century-old music of elaborate arrangements and indisputable deep roots, taking it from the alleys of Pernambuco and bringing it into the concert hall with blistering, jazz-influenced arrangements, virtuoso playing, and all the fire and frenzy of a street party. Fronted by musical director/saxophonist Maestro Spok, this 17-musician outfit—saxophone, trumpet, trombone, rhythm sections, bass, and guitar—reinvents tradition without subverting it.  http://www.vo-music.com/artiste.php?id=47&lang=en

      And keep your eyes out for these other great upcoming Atrium shows:

      Thu, Mar 22, 2012


      Vlada Tomova's Balkan Tales

      Thu, Mar 29, 2012

      8:30 pm

      Asking For It

      Thu, Apr 5, 2012

      8:30 pm

      Kamilya Joubran: Makan

      Sat, Apr 7, 2012

      11:00 am

      Shot of Scotch

      Thu, April 12, 2012

      8:30 pm

      Titanic Tales: Stories of Courage and Cowardice

      Mon, April 16, 2012

      8:00 pm

      New York Philharmonic Offstage: Garrick Ohlsson

      Thu, Apr 19, 2012

      8:30 pm

      Unsound Festival

      Thu, May 3, 2012

      8:30 pm


      Thu, May 17, 2012

      8:30 pm

      Orquestra Sarabia (Debut)


      If you ARE going to SXSW, I’ll be heading there on Friday, speaking on a panel at 3:30 pm that afternoon: Is There a Latin Alternative?

      A Spanish-language band can gain instant access to the growing Hispanic audience and sponsors targeting that demographic by marketing themselves as "Latin". But how limiting is being marketed as a "Latin" band — even Latin alternative? Can bands and labels eliminate the need to "crossover" by avoiding the term altogether? Moderated by Judy Cantor-Navas, and including Tomas Cookman, Andres Levin, and Alejandro Franco.



      Later that night, we are thrilled to bring the first-ever globalFEST showcase at SXSW at Speakeasy on Congress between 4th and 5th. 

      It’s an amazing line-up: Balkan Beat Box, Debo Band, Chicha Libre, MAKU SoundSystem, and Janka Nabay & the Bubu Gang.  See below for details and hope to see you there.  And RSVP on FB – let us know you are coming to #gFSxsw, and invite other folks. 









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      gF @ SXSW

      Friday, March 16
      412 N. Congress, Austin

      8PM JANKA NABAY & 


      (Sierra Leone/NYC)

      Unstoppable electronic beats and percussion from the Bubu King 


      Furious rhythms of NY's Afro-Colombian underground 


      A psychedelic surf cumbia trip 

      11:15PM DEBO BAND (Boston) 

      Earth-rattling funk and explosive Ethiopian grooves 



      Politically incisive international sonic architects

      "We love our indie rock as much as (if not more than) the next guy, but sometimes it's necessary to push your cultural boundaries a little. Know what we're sayin'? ...globalFEST...has opened our eyes and ears to some incredible talent far beyond rock's spectrum" Flavorpill    
      Follow us
      Tag us #gfsxsw 

      Read the sxsw press release

      Stay up to date with gF@ sx on FB 


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      We are pleased to announce that the globalFEST Touring Fund is now accepting applications for Cycle 2. In this cycle, the gFTF is open to all gF alumni artists from 2004 to the present (including 2012 participants) with tours taking place between June 1, 2012 - May 31, 2013. The DEADLINE for submissions is March 15, 2012.

      The gFTF was created in September 2011 with the generous support of The Ford Foundation. It is designed to provide continued support to gF alumni artists by offering grants to perform in new markets and to develop new audiences in the United States, without regard to the region or size of market. In keeping with gF's mission, this fund will award grants to help support the presence of international music in diverse communities in the United States. 


      In this cycle, the gFTF will award grants that range from $1000-$4000 to artists with tours between June 1, 2012 and May 31, 2013. Please note that this is a competitive process; not all applicants will be funded, and some proposals may receive partial funding.  


      You will find a full description of the globalFEST Touring Fund, Cycle 2 application instructions, and details on the granting procedure on the gF website. Please refer to the FAQ's as they will provide further clarification.   



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      globalFEST set to curate "New York!" day in France in September 

      Details announced soon. 



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      globalFEST 2013

      Call for submissions coming soon 

      Check website for details.



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      gF @ SXSW
      THIS FRIDAY MARCH 16, 8pm til...
      Speakeasy, 412 N. Congress
      Join us for our first South By Southwest (SXSW) showcase.

      Five bands - 4 alums from previous editions and 1 new to the family - will showcase in Austin, Texas at indie music's most important showcase, in order to expand gF's impact throughout the music world. It's a really exciting line-up - and features two of the break-out faves from this edition.  If you are going to SXSW, please come, and help spread the word.
      Balkan Beat Box, Debo Band, Chicha Libre, MAKU Soundsystem, and Janka Nabay & the Bubu Gang

      See schedule to the left
      Read the press release
      Follow us
      Tag us #gfsxsw


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      upcoming events from
      gF producers

      JOE'S PUB   

      Written by Ethan Lipton, Directed by Leigh Silverman
      Music composed and performed by Ethan Lipton and His Orchestr. A hilarious, irreverent and personal musical ode to the unemployed.


      Henry Cole   March 20
      Quicksilver Puerto Rican drummer Henry Cole and his Afro-Beat Collective are celebrating the release of Cole's debut album, Roots Before Branches. 

      No BS! Brass March 31
      Richmond, Va.-based band combines the spirit of New Orleans with original compositions and arrangements of pop/rock hits from the '70s and '80s.


      SpokFrevo Orquestra  March 15  US debut
      Imagine Duke Ellington's big band blasting through Carnival in Brazil's Northeast with jazz-influenced arrangements, virtuoso playing, street party frenzy.

      Kamilya Jubran  April 5 

      Palestinian musician, composer, singer, and performer Kamilya performs Makan, nine songs based on contemporary Arabic texts with her own compositions.


      Simon Shaheen   April 10
      The Call: Songs of Pride, Dignity and Liberation is a reflection on today's freedom movement in the Arab world with Simon's exquisite 7-member ensemble and a new composition for guest dancer. Part of Live@365 at Elebash Hall

      Fourteen of Argentina's leading tango dancers and musicians will discover the forms of love one experiences throughout a lifetime; from passionate to comical, tender to tormented. Part of Pace Presents at Schimmel Center


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      About globalFEST

      Founded in 2003, globalFEST is a groundbreaking 1-night, 3-stage, 12-band world music festival, which concert goers pay one price to see.  The showcase/ festival seeks to move international music to the center of the performing arts field by coinciding with the Association of Performing Arts Presenters conference.  


      In 2010, globalFEST incorporated into its own non-profit organization and is presented in association with Live Sounds, Joe's Pub at the Public Theater, Acidophilus: Live & Active Cultures and The Bowery Presents. Support provided by The Ford Foundation and The Cultural Services of the French Embassy with additional support from the French Music Export Office. 


      For more info visit globalFEST  

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      globalFEST, Inc NYC



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      globalFEST, Inc | 331 Park Place | Brooklyn | NY | 11238

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