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JOE'S PUB presents Noche Flamenco with Soledad Barrio, Isobel Campbell, Dervish, Waterwell Cabaret Benefit, The Wood Brothers plus much, much more!

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  • Bill Bragin
    welcome new subscribers! My note is in the body below....read on.... 425 LAFAYETTE ST.
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 1, 2006
      welcome new subscribers!  My note is in the body below....read on....
      425 LAFAYETTE ST.  NYC
      MARCH 2 - 13
      Hi all,
      I am back in town for a hot minute, before I head back to Stanford next week for the end of the workshop of Stew's rock musical Passing Strange, at Stanford's Institute for Creativity in the Arts. Passing Strange, commissioned by The Public Theater and Berkeley Rep, is written by Stew in collaboration with Heidi Rodewald, directed and developed by Annie Dorsen, and choreographed by Karole Armitage.  The workshop is concluding with two free public performances of the work-in-progress on Friday and Saturday, March 10 and 11 at Stanford's Roble Theater.  If you've seen stew in recent performances this July or October at the Pub, you've already heard some of the songs.  Left Coasters on the list, don't miss this first chance to see a sneak preview of a really exciting new addition to the theatrical world. Lisa and I will be out for both performances.  Feel free to spread the word to interested folks in the Bay Area.  Free tickets available; call(650) 725-ARTS (2787)or check out the website at http://sica.stanford.edu/events/creativerisks/tip/stew/passingstrange/
      Now, for all of you in NYC, we have some really special shows coming up the next few weeks, that are good examples of why I spend a disproportionate amount of my life here at Joe's Pub.
      Tomorrow night, Vusi Mahlasela, the brilliant South African singer-songwriter who was such a hit at globalFEST two years ago, returns to Joe's Pub.  Some of you may have heard Dave Matthews touting him as one of his inspirations, others may have seen him earlier this week on The Tonight Show.  He's a powerful, inspiring singer of songs of hope and liberation, and will be here for 2 shows tomorrow night.
      On Friday and Saturday, DanceNowNYC's DancemOpolitan series returns with some of my favorite choreographers.  This month's host is Dan Froot, who I first saw in his many collaborations with David Dorfman.  He's been living in LA, so his NY visits have been somewhat rare, though his DTW "gangster vaudeville" show Shlammer a few seasons ago was brilliantly hilarious.  Also on the bill is ZviDance, whose artistic director Zvi Gotheiner I had the pleasure of working with and co-commissioning back when I was at SummerStage.  This should be a special night, and the past few DanceNow events have been fantastic, and selling out in advance, so don't procrastinate.  Whether you are a dance aficionado or just dipping your toe in the dance waters, these nights are great ways to check out some of the hottest talent we have in NY. Funny, challenging, sexy, kinetic, beautiful, and often more than one of those things at a time.
      When I was in Junior High School, one of the most important albums in my collection was a soundtrack to a British film that I never saw, called That Summer!  That album really defined my musical taste, and I've slowly been booking some of the artists from the album - Elvis Costello and Nick Lowe have both been here, sadly Ian Dury and The Ramones aren't around any more, but I am very excited that Wreckless Eric has been added to the nearly sold out show with Amy Rigby and Marti Jones this Friday night.  Long live Stiff Records. "If it ain't Stiff..."  .  Now, if only we knew where The Only Ones were.... Check out the illustration of Amy Rigby in the current  New Yorker
      Now that March is here, that can only mean one thing - Celtic music abounds.  This Saturday night, the brilliant duo Martin Hayes and Dennis Cahill come to Joe's Pub to kick it off.  I credit Martin and Dennis for my interest in Irish music - their improvisational telepathy, rivaling the finest jazz duos, instrumental virtuosity, and dynamic sensitivity, can make a believer out of anyone.  The series continues on Sunday with Dervish (also globalFEST alums) and later in the month with the Canadian fiddle family Leahy, as part of our Upper North Side Canadian Music Series (see this Monday's Globe & Mail for a great piece about that series.  You need to register to see it there, but you can also find the text here at www.workopolis.com/servlet/Content/fasttrack/20060227/HOUPT27?section=Arts)  and then Scotland's Battlefield Band for Tartan Week on April 2,
      I'm not going to go show by show, but I should point out that we have 10 (ten) shows coming up next Wednesday - Sunday, Mach 8 - 12 with Noche Flamenca featuring Soledad Barrios (yet another globalFEST alum.)  Noche Flamenca were probably the first artists I ever saw at Joe's Pub, inspiring me to book them at SummerStage on a bill with Emil Zihan.  It was great seeing them keep 6,000 people in rapt attention, but there's nothing more powerful than seeing the fierce power and duende  of world-class flamenco dancers up-close, as if you are at a Spanish tablao, with the dancers close enough to see (and maybe feel) the sweat fly from their brow after a quick spinIf you've seen recent reviews of World Music Institute's Flamenco Festival Gala at City Center in the NY Times or The New Yorker, you've seen the absolute raves that Soledad received (as well as a very cool illustration.  To quote The New Yorker's Joan Acocella "Be there."
      Finally, we're always tinkering with the layout to improve readability: this week we offer a list of all of our JUST BOOKED SHOWS and ALMOST SOLD OUT SHOWS on the right hand side up top.  Keep us appraised as to how you like the changes!

      Enjoy the lowest rate in the neighborhood when you park with Edison Parkfast on the corner of Lafayette and Great Jones St.  Have your parking ticket validated at the Joe's Pub box office or the Public Theater Information desk and take advantage of this offer from our friends at Edison Parkfast.
      Park anytime after 4pm and stay up to 10 hours
      $13 Sunday- Wednesday      $17 Thursday- Saturday

      Want to buy tickets to a show?  Just click on the  picture of the artist or the TICKETS AVAILABLE NOW link and you'll be whisked off to Telecharge, where you'll be able to do just that.  And don't forget to  finish by dialing 212-539-8778 to reserve a table; all the seats in the house are first-come first-served without a reservation.
      Call 212-539-8778 for additional show information, table reservations or any questions you may have about the venue.

      3/2 - VUSI MAHLASELA
      South African Multi-Instrumentalist Superstar
      3/3 - AMY RIGBY + MARTI JONES - Cynical Girls with special guest WRECKLESS ERIC
      Female High Fidelity Pop Coffee Klatsch
      With host DAN FROOT featuring Zvidance, Chris Elam and many more
      Hip Urban Dance
      Celtic Jazz Duo
      3/5 - TOM RUSH
      60's FOLK LEGEND
      3/5 - DERVISH
      Traditional Irish Folk
      3/6 - THE GREENCARDS
      Brit Bluegrass Newcomers
      3/6 - WATERWELL BENEFIT with MAD TV's Nicole Parker
      Theater Company's Cabaret Social
      3/7 - LESLEY GORE
      Classic Pop Diva
      Final Scheduled Performance!
      3/7 - THE WOOD BROTHERS:  Ways Not To Lose CD Release
      Medeski Martin + Wood Bassist and Brother
      3/8 - 3/12 - NOCHE FLAMENCA featuring SOLEDAD BARRIO
      Award Winning Spanish Dance Company

      3/12 - ALLEN TOUSSAINT: New Orleans Benefit Brunch
      New Orleans Icon

      3/13 - ISOBEL CAMPBELL
      Indie Pop Darling
      3/13 - DANÍEL ÁGÚST, former lead singer of Gus Gus
      Icelandic Electronic Innovator


      4/9 -

      4/13 -
      FEATHERMERCHANTS   Last Man on Earth CD Release

      4/13 + 4/14 + 4/15 - THE LOSER'S LOUNGE Tribute to TBA Artist

      4/18 -
      JULES SHEAR   Dreams Don't Count CD Release with guest PAL SHAZAR

      4/20 -

      4/26 + 5/1 - VICTORIA WILLIAMS

      4/26 -
      ROY NATHANSON (of The Jazz Passengers)  Sotto Voce CD Release

      5/3 & 4 THOMAS DOLBY First NY Solo Show EVER
      5/6 (11:00am + 2:00pm) - BRADY RYMER of From Good Homes  Every Day Is a Birthday CD Release / Family Matinees

      5/17 - HAYES CARLL

      5/17 - DEENA GOODMAN

      5/24 - KELLI SAE  Naked Part III

      5/30 -
      KIM HILL (formerly of The Black Eyed Peas) / SY SMITH


      3/7 - LESLEY GORE

        Ways Not to Lose CD Release

      3/13 - ISOBEL CAMPBELL

      3/15 - LEAHY
        Part of The Upper North Side Canadian Music Series

      3/15 - JAMES HUNTER
        People Gonna Talk CD Release

      3/20 - EUAN MORTON

      3/2 - VUSI MAHLASELA
      South African Multi-Instrumentalist Superstar
      THURS, MAR. 2
      7:30 + 9:30
      "(Vusi) was a voice during the revolution, a voice of hope, like a Woody Guthrie or a Bob Dylan of South Africa, and he still is." 
      - Dave Matthews

      Vusi Mahlasela is an accomplished singer, guitarist, percussionist, composer, arranger and bandleader.  He was featured in the acclaimed independent film Amandla: A Revolution in Four Part Harmony honoring the 10th anniversary of the end of Apartheid.  A superstar in his native South Africa he now enjoys an ever growing worldwide following. Among his most ardent supporters is Dave Matthews, a native of South Africa, who has long aimed to make Vusi's music known in the U.S.

      LISTEN Here:



      3/3 - AMY RIGBY + MARTI JONES - Cynical Girls with special guest WRECKLESS ERIC
      Female High Fidelity Pop Coffee Klatsch
      FRI, MAR. 3
      "Cynical Girls" is an evening with acclaimed singer/songwriters Mari Jones and Amy Rigby.  Known for the affectionately ironic takes on real life and love, united by musical zest, art school pasts and daily domestic struggles, Marti and Amy invite special guests and audience members to join in as they swap songs relationship advice & rock n roll war stories.

      Marti Jones broke out of the early 80's new wave scene to create some of the most original trend-setting and influential albums of that era.  Marti's distinctive but familiar voice has the rare ability to circumvent the artifice of a song and cut straight to the core.  With seven solo albums and dozen of songs for movies, TV and various collections, her body of work resonates with the tone of her generation.


      "One of rock's most distinctive and consistently excellent songwriters."
      - Washington Post 

      Hailed for her keen eye and sharp wit in tracing the vagaries and victories of modern romance, Amy Rigby has released 5 solo albums and an anthology.

      Listen HERE to this recent NPR interview with Amy


      LISTEN Here

      LISTEN Here


      With host DAN FROOT featuring Zvidance, Chris Elam and many more
      Hip Urban Dance
      DANCENOW/NYC:  Dancemopolitan
      FRI, MAR. 3 + SAT, MAR. 4
      "Ethereal, transcendent, quiet beauty and raucous, irreverent broadstroked insanity."
      - Off.Off.Off.com

      Dancenow/NYC, in partnership with Joe's Pub at The Public Theater offers a truly interactive experience for artists and audiences.  The fun performance series, where you can get a cocktail, hang out on velvet couches, and watch today's top dance artists offers the avid dance fan and dance newcomer a new way to experience dance that is  urban, accessible and irresistibly different.

      Hosted by DAN FROOT with guest artists:
      • Airelise/Elise Knudson
      • World Premiere of Head Rush performed by Elise Knudson and Teresa Kochis
      • Breakfast with You performed by Chris Elam and Jocelyn Tobias
      • Money & the Dancer performed by Courtney Ellwood, Kristy Engel, Emily Roberts, Jocelyn Soulet
      • David Konyk  Premiere of Small
      • Case Number Forgotten performed by Ryan Barrios, John Funk, Jimena Paz and Tasha Taylor
      • A Taste for Delusion performed by Andi Clegg and Hanna Kivioja-Honeycutt
      • Sherry Coming Home performed by Rachel Frank and Erico Villanueva
      • Martha Williams/The Movement Movement Excerpt from Burger Nation
      • Excerpt from Interiors performed by Todd Allen and Kuan Hui Chew


      Celtic Jazz Duo
      SAT, MAR. 4
      "Sparsely accompanied fiddle music has rarely sounded so complete and so essential."
      - Q magazine

      "A Celtic complement to Steve Reich's quartets or Miles Davis' 'Sketches of Spain.'"
      - The New York Times

      Irish fiddle virtuoso Martin Hayes and American guitarist Dennis Cahill possess a rare musical kinship, ranking them among the most memorable partnerships of our era. Together they have garnered international renown for taking traditional music to the very edge of the genre, holding listeners spellbound with their slow-building, fiery performances. The duo opens the doors of traditional Irish music and releases its pure, distilled beauty while incorporating sensibilities from the worlds of classical, blues and jazz.  Martin Hayes has been an All-Ireland fiddle champion six times over, and has taken home a National Entertainment Award, the Irish equivalent to the "Grammy." Dennis Cahill is a master guitarist, whose innovative accompaniment is acknowledged as being a major breakthrough for guitar in the Irish tradition.



      3/5 - TOM RUSH
      60's FOLK LEGEND
      TOM RUSH
      SUN, MAR. 5

      "[Rush has] made his reputation as a soft-spoken, powerful interpreter of traditional songs."
      - The New York Times

      "Tom was not only one of my early heroes, but also one of my main influences."
      - James Taylor

      Tom Rush first introduced the world to the songs of Joni Mitchell, Jackson Browne, and James Taylor over thirty-five years ago, and has been captivating audiences throughout the country ever since with his ever-romantic, gently rustic folk music. A gifted musician and performer, whose music includes healthy doses of both folk and blues influences, Rush's

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