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B-Filmmaker/Singer Tony 'Tex' Watt asks you to vote for this song , to defeat Lewis 'THE GREAT CROAK' Mercer his evil , with a click!

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  • tony watt
    re:Tony Tex  Watt  asks you to vote for his song , to defeat  Lewis THE GREAT CROAK Mercer his eviln ACID HEAD CO-STAR & VOM BAND Nemesis , with a
    Message 1 of 1 , May 16, 2013
      re:Tony 'Tex'  Watt  asks you to vote for his song , to defeat  Lewis 'THE GREAT CROAK' Mercer his eviln'ACID HEAD'CO-STAR & 'VOM BAND' Nemesis , with a click!

      Dear friends,
      A simple request...I'm up against that no good rascally varmint: Lewis 'FROG-THROAT' Mercer, in a song contest , & with a VOTE CLICKfrom you all'd be much appreciated.... 'STOP THE CROAK'! Thanx in advance & Please click this link :
      -Much thanks Pardners
       Tony Tex Watt

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