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What If They Threw Caprice Crane A Book Signing And Nobody Came?...Tina Louse [Ginger's Daughter] is promoting her novel CONTAGIOUS & STUPID, Thursday, June 8th 7:30 P.M. @ CALIFORNIA'S Santa Monica Barnes and Noble, 1201 3rd Street

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  • tony watt
    subject: What If They Threw Caprice Crane A Book Signing And Nobody Came?...Tina Louse [Ginger s Daughter] is promoting her novel CONTAGIOUS & STUPID,
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 1, 2006
      subject: What If They Threw Caprice Crane A Book Signing And Nobody Came?...Tina Louse [Ginger's Daughter] is promoting her novel CONTAGIOUS & STUPID, Thursday, June 8th 7:30 P.M. @ CALIFORNIA'S Santa Monica Barnes and Noble, 1201 3rd Street
      Your story is very unique...I dig your whole story and your bio and your movie adaptation possibilties..dang, Baby!!!!..my www.TonyWatt.com is for moviemakers and movie lovers...all around the world my peeps really DIG the whole behind the scenes and execution of our combined stories and support....I implore you join up, Baby...Your the mostest, love..and You can take that to the bank!!
      Now, dig this....I'm sending your book signing info to you my group,....check this out...ahem:

      Stupid and Contagious
      Caprice Crane
      Best Price $7.00
      or Buy New $9.97
      c/o www.amazon.com Hey Sinemistas,

      One of my fave Myspace pals, Caprice Crane [Tina LouIse's ( aka Gilligan Island's Ginger's) Daughter] is promoting her novel CONTAGIOUS & STUPID [sounds like my Vicious X girlfriend], Thursday, June 8th 7:30 P.M. 2@ CALIFONIA'S Santa Monica Barnes and Noble, 1201 3rd Street !
      Go Dammit!!!!!!!!!!!
      [from http://capricecrane.com/%5d
      Caprice Crane is the engaging, sharp-witted new voice of a generation that no longer knows what to call itself – spoiled by the peacetime won on the battlefields of Europe and Asia by their great-grandparents at such great cost; spoiled, too, by the many fixed-rate-per-month, all-inclusive local and long-distance calling plans now available at such low cost.

      Born in Hollywood, California, under the dual signs of Scorpio and "Construction Ahead – Expect Delays," Caprice shares a birthday with everyone's favorite mouthless feline, Hello Kitty. Her mother, renowned film, television and stage actress Tina Louise, is perhaps best known as Ginger Grant from the enduring sitcom "Gilligan’s Island." The beloved TV icon tells anyone who comes close enough that Caprice is her life’s greatest achievement. Her father is former talk show host and Grammy winner Les Crane, who conducted legendary TV interviews with Malcolm X, Bob Dylan (the singer/songwriter’s most famous and sought after appearance), and The Mamas and The Papas (who lacked a name until Les suggested the one that would eventually stick).

      While still a child, Caprice once gave away a cherished family television set to a friend who had won an imaginary contest. She later attended New York University, studying film and television, incorrectly assuming that it would enable her to build her own TV set from scratch and recapture a part of that idyllic childhood.

      Soon after graduating, she landed a job with MTV Networks. At MTV, she produced and wrote a mind-boggling (truly – you’d freak out if you sat down and tried to watch it all, and afterward, you’d wonder where all those years of your life went) array of comedy, dramedy, news, reviews, biography, rock-star hagiography, promotions, and devotions. When she got sick of that, she continued music supervising for film/TV, founded a record label, and created her own line of custom jewelry, worn by many of the brightest stars in film and music.

      Ready at last to meet her destiny, she recently again turned her attention – and the sharp wit and joie de vivre that through the years have earned her both accolades and jail time – to a long-time love and true calling … writing for the screen. And the bookshelf. Or nightstand, or Gertrude-Stein-caricature-emblazoned tote. Wherever people keep stuff they can’t wait to read. Stupid & Contagious, a new novel set for a May 2006 release by Warner Books, is among the first fruits of that effort. And a juicy fruit at that, dripping with originality, biting wit, pop music and movie references, and laced with more laughs than a pomegranate’s got seeds. The novel centers around a struggling record exec with dreams of hitting it big and a recently fired PR-executive-turned-waitress who embark on a cross-country journey to find the meaning of life, the next hot band, the founder of Starbucks, and maybe…love. That is if they don't kill each other first.

      Her upcoming novel, Forget About It, is the basis of a new romantic comedy in the works at New Line Cinema. Set to star fetching femme fatale Scarlett Johansson, it’s the tale of a girl who fakes amnesia to reinvent herself and escape a life she no longer wants to lead. The detour helps her find out who she really was all along.

      Heavily influenced by a hybrid diet of heavy metal and hot sauce in her formative years, Caprice now lives her life as though each day were her last, disregarding past-due notices and the "Don't Walk" sign when crossing busy intersections. She spends her time now immersed in a range of film development projects. Her work is at once hilarious and thought-provoking, though don’t expect to come away with heavy anxiety about how far you’ve come in life or what it all means. More like, "How many mylar 'Happy Birthday' balloons would it take to lift me off the ground, and should I carry an inflatable raft just in case I drift out over open water?"

      ...how's dem apples, C.?
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