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4315Sophia The Cat's Adventures - Episode #1 "Deep Therapy" (PILOT)

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  • tony watt
    Apr 14, 2014
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      RE:Sophia The Cat's Adventures - Episode #1 "Deep Therapy" (PILOT)
      *&lt):) cowboy-"There's a new pussy in town!.... Hipster Toronto, Canada socialite/actress/composer/producer, 'Sophia The Cat' (star of the popular cult/underground horror feature: " Nosferatu vs. Father Pipecock & Sister Funk", becomes interested in strange feline men & kitty freaks , then periodically (secretly) gets them moved into her swank downtown condo building, much to the chagrin of her owner, filmmaker/actor: Tex Watt."
      -Sophia The Cat sez:.... Dig SLUM GODDESS PRODUCTION'S  episodic new show 'Sophia The Cat's Adventures" , puny humans ... & SHARE..or, I'll crap in your Reeboks...and put my roomates Branda & Barbie Sox up for adoption... BWAAAAH-HA HAAAAAH!!!!!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kNhlU8IN3qg&feature=youtu.be
      Sophia The Cat's primary photo
      - Meow!!! ('Nuff Said, Bitches!)