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518FP512 Disk Images

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  • ballsandy101
    Nov 30, 2013
      Contrary to how nicely Sony's floppy mechanism lifts the head when not in use, mine decided to lose its mind and drop the head while I was in the bathroom. When I came back the disk had a nice and perfect groove where the head had worn the oxide off the disk. Still boots and is still somewhat useable however it's damaged the GEM portion and I can't get to a desktop environment anymore.
      Now, I DID make images of my disks for this exact reason (and to help someone else out SO I KNOW MY IMAGES ARE ON THE NET SOMEWHERE) however I lost my local copies (and yoo-hoo that I gave the iamges to has since vanished form all existance) and I'm kind of screwed now. I did find the UK version which seems to crash the machine with a video problem. Does anyone have their own copies of the FP512's DOS 2.11 DISK ONE?
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