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510Re: [actapricot] Updated Apricot GEM drivers

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  • Jerome Vernet
    Mar 3, 2012

      I never found a link to working GEM disk for my F1. Can you provide a working prepackaged disk image - for QDAE- of GEM for,Apricot ?

      Thanks !


      Envoyé de mon iPad

      Le 3 mars 2012 à 13:32, "john_elliott_uk" <john_elliott_uk@...> a écrit :


      One of my other retrocomputing activities involves the GEM GUI. I've recently disassembled various drivers for the F-Series machines (Portable and F1), and combined them with the published GEM/3 source tree to create updated versions that should work with GEM/3.

      They also have the following changes, compared to the Apricot ones I started with:

      * Automatic resolution detection: 640x256 versus 640x200.
      * Fixes for the rendering bugs I mention at the bottom of < http://www.seasip.info/Gem/History/apricot.html >.
      * Created a 16-colour driver for the Portable, based on the existing 8-colour driver.
      * Support for multiple codepages (when run under MSDOS 3).

      The new drivers can be downloaded from < http://www.seasip.info/Gem/drivers3.html >. Disassembled source for the originals is at < http://www.seasip.info/Gem/drivers0.html >.

      The driver pack also includes my experimental GEM/3 driver for the Apricot PC / Xi.

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