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490Corrupt disc images

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  • john_elliott_uk
    Dec 14, 2011
      I spent some time tracking down these problems, so I'd like there to be a record of them just in case someone else runs into the same trouble. The following disc images on www.actapricot.org are faulty:

      apr00002.dsk and apr00326.dsk are images of the same diskette. They both have the same problem: mouse.sys is truncated. This causes the disks to crash when loaded. The problem can be fixed by removing or replacing mouse.sys.

      apr00001.dsk has a more subtle corruption in MSDOS.SYS. If you boot from that disk and run MSD.COM, it aborts with a 'Directory full' error at the point when it is about to format or test the hard drive. If you boot from a working boot floppy, MSD.COM behaves correctly.