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[act] PPC Statement on Indian nuclear doctrine

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  • Harsh Kapoor
    September 2, 1999 FYI (SOUTH ASIANS AGAINST NUKES) ... 30 Aug 1999 Pakistan Peace Coalition National Council Statement On India s Nuclear Doctrine BJP
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 1, 1999
      September 2, 1999

      30 Aug 1999

      Pakistan Peace Coalition National Council Statement
      On India's Nuclear Doctrine

      BJP government's nuclear doctrine needs to be firmly and purposefully
      rejected. It is a bellicose program of unending military build up in
      all conceivable fields ranging from conventional armaments to nuclear
      weapons through a massive missile development not excluding space
      based assets - as it puts it. It is calculated to cause a constantly
      accelerating arms race in Asia by it's aggressive, indeed provocative,
      language and content.

      Indian doctrine talks of a minimal deterrence. But, the conditions it
      attaches, makes it in fact a maximal program: it has to be
      "effective", "enduring", "diverse", "flexible" and responsive to
      changing requirements. Mind you, Indian nuclear forces are to be a
      triad of land based missiles, aircraft as well as ship- based
      weapons with supporting facilities in space. It seems to make one
      pleasing sound: India will not be the first to use the nukes. But,
      then goes on to talk menacingly of punitive retaliation that will
      inflict a damage on the aggressor that will be unacceptable to it. How
      minimal will be India's deterrent is shown by its qualifications: it
      has to have a level of nuclear capability that should survive a sneak
      attack; it has to be credible, i.e. it should inspire fear in others;
      has to be effective; to be underpinned by a will to use all the
      available strength in the massive retaliation that is actually

      An un-elected caretaker government is wantonly committing India's
      people and resources to a course of action that will decrease rather
      than enhance India's security. It is already controversial in India
      and seems to be designed to enable the rightwing jingoists parties
      like BJP, Shiv Sena, VHP to make electoral gains in the forthcoming
      September-October elections.

      Let Islamabad not rush in reaction to propound a Pakistani nuclear
      doctrine that will be much the same in content as the Indian one
      except for the provision for first strike right. Let us retain our
      poise and balance while we ponder over the issues before committing
      the country's resources to ill thought out courses of action .

      We Pakistanis have no reason to rush headlong into a reactive arms
      race with India, covering all the fields indicated by Indian hawks.
      Pakistan has long believed in a nuclear weapons free south Asia. We as
      a people remain committed to that objective. We reject the notion that
      having been invented and fabricated, nothing can prevent the
      deployment of nuclear weapons. So were various killer gases. Just as
      gas warfare has been outlawed and all chemical biological and other
      mass destruction weapons have been banned by common agreement, so
      atomic weapons of all kinds can also be abjured.

      We appeal to all sane people in India to undo the mischief of their
      rightist war mongerors and join us in the great enterprise of keeping
      south Asia free of all mass destruction weapons - as a prelude to
      outlawing all such weapons from everywhere through concerted efforts
      of the people everywhere.

      It remains necessary that Pakistan desists from all arms races and
      remains committed to the objective of south Asia becoming wholly free
      of all nuclear and other mass destruction weapons.

      As a preliminary , Pakistan Should honor its promise of signing CTBT
      and cooperate in bringing into being the FMCT in good faith while all
      these steps are to be in the spirit and hope of adhering to the NPT.

      The double standards of the six earlier nuclear powers is a separate
      subject to be tackled by all mankind cooperatively and which certainly
      should certainly not be made an excuse for any state's own
      nuclearization. End.

      Statement issued by Sarah Siddiqi
      for the National Council of
      Pakistan Peace Coalition
      Annexe 141-D,PECHS-2,Karachi 75400
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