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Gaza Myths and Facts

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  • mech'el samberg
    Wake up, anti-Zionists . Stop believing the propaganda and lies!!! Less than 4 million Palestinian Arabs have gotten more than $50 billion U.S. dollars since
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 1, 2010
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      Wake up, "anti-Zionists". Stop believing the propaganda and lies!!!

      Less than 4 million Palestinian Arabs have gotten
      more than $50 billion U.S. dollars since 1994 and they still cry poor and demand
      more money

      Haniyah just built a $4 million house.

      Palestinian Arabs: The Biggest Welfare Scam in the History of the World

      Gaza ranks 14th in the population density -- not the most densely populated area
      of the world.

      Gaza enjoying more aid than quake-ravaged Haiti
      UN has provided $200 million in Gaza Strip aid following a military operation
      that reportedly claimed 1,300 fatalities amongst a population of less than 1.5

      From the same source:

      The world's largest prison?

      The Gaza Strip has also been referred to as "the world's largest prison",
      implying that residents are not being able to exit the territory. Yet in 2009,
      10,544 patients and their companions left the Gaza Strip for medical treatment
      in Israel, and last week alone nearly 500 patients and companions from Gaza
      entered Israel for treatment.

      Meanwhile, US government officials such as Congressmen Keith Ellison and Brian
      Baird, both of which visited Sderot with the Sderot Media Center, have promoted
      the idea of a "Gaza Siege." They must be ignoring the fact that US Secretary of
      State Hillary Clinton pledged $900 million in aid to be sent to the Gaza Strip
      following Operation Cast Lead. A USAID and DOD report calculating the aid sent
      to the quake-raved Haiti noted that, as of last month, all US government
      programs provided just over $700 million in aid, nearly $200 million less than
      to the terrorist-controlled Gaza Strip.

      Over a year has passed since Operation Cast Lead and the international community
      is still buying into the lie about a "Gaza Siege." Meanwhile, the Sderot Media
      Center has reported that over 320 rockets and mortars have hit Israel in that
      same year. Indeed, Ban Ki-moon should be visiting Kibbutz Nirim to see where a
      rocket destroyed a building just last week, instead of helping promote a myth by
      visiting the Gaza Strip.

      Most recent photos to show the life of Gazans.

      The second link is a blog in Russian, but the photos of homes and neighborhoods
      2 km south of Shiloh speak for themselves. They call this place a village
      The title reads "News about unbearable suffering of Palestinian people in the
      occupied territories, the horrors of occupation"

      Same place romanticized by the Arabs: Tormusaya Garden!

      Gaza is not three times the population density of Manhattan

      How crowded is Gaza?

      A positive attitude may not solve all your problems, but it will annoy enough people to make it worth the effort.
      ~Herm Albright~

      Israel should not be fearing world opinion. Israel should be making the world fear her!!!
      Mech'el B. Samberg





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