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Re:See ALL the lunatic god eclipsed?

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  • lord_of_the_munch
    ... LOL!
    Message 1 of 494 , Mar 1, 2008
      --- In achristianvsatheistclub@yahoogroups.com, slarty2003
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      > --- In achristianvsatheistclub@yahoogroups.com, "The_Dhampire_LOGOS"
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      > > Again, I challenge anyone to tell me what "Judeo-Christian values"
      > > are.
      > >
      > That's easy. God can do what ever it wants and we have nothing to say
      > about it, and we can do nothing but piss him off unless we kiss his ass
      > constantly. Oh yeah, and it's all our fault.
      > Christian morality is based on battered wife syndrome.

    • just_michelle_71
      ... saying ... form a ... I didn t say that they most definitely have religion. It s just a curiosity. Of course there are primal forms of communication that
      Message 494 of 494 , Mar 7, 2008
        --- In achristianvsatheistclub@yahoogroups.com, nightstalker22
        <no_reply@...> wrote:
        > "Yeah, pretty much all of them. I acquired a 2nd cat a couple years
        > back and I admit that I don't always have a clue what they're
        > to each other but they have a unique language that is more than
        > vocal. And I've seen countless times of dogs having different types
        > of barks that they use with each other. Again, no clue what they're
        > saying but they are. And let's not get started on elephants. Their
        > entire social order and societies that they create among themselves
        > are as complex as ours in many respects. They totally communicate
        > with each other. Monkeys... do I have to go on?"-Just_Michelle
        > You've failed to demonstrate how any of these can communicate the
        > concepts, and understand the concepts that would be necessary to
        form a
        > religion.

        I didn't say that they most definitely have religion. It's just a

        Of course there are primal forms of communication that
        > express the social order of things and determine the alpha male
        > such, but they can only express tangible concepts, anything more
        > require a language, written or spoken. They can bark, grunt,
        > howl, or whatever... but grunting at fire, then pointing at the
        > isnt going to express the concept of the sky daddy being
        > for giving these people the fire... a language is required. Other
        > species of animals ( non-human ), have yet to show they are
        capable of
        > such, thus I don't believe they are capable of having religion.

        I haven't been able to find anything on the internet relating to it
        so I will have to fold on this. It still wouldn't be surprised if
        some of the larger brained animals had some sort of archaic
        religious belief. I still think it's more than possible. But for
        now, I'll fold.

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