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Re: Sudden Conversions(Enlightenment-ensmitenment)

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  • mygroups992000
    ... a ... me ... I remember that scam! It was a classic! ... in ... lucrative), ... So why the money scam on the internet last year? I do most of them now..
    Message 1 of 332 , Jan 31, 2006
      --- In achristianvsatheistclub@yahoogroups.com, braindeadslut
      <no_reply@y...> wrote:
      > BDS to Mundane:
      > "To some extent, sure. Don't you?"
      > No.
      > I DID suffer recently, until I started making money again... but
      > that's always situational depression.
      > It was hard to not have enough to spend even on food basics. It IS
      > learning experience though. And I had some internet friends help
      > with bucks... which was a WONDERFUL thing in itself.

      I remember that scam! It was a classic!

      > In HK, there is no need for being broke, as there are so many ways
      > for me to make money... singer, musician, model, English teacher
      > schools, English teacher in home, fitness trainer (very
      > movies, TV commercials, TV shows.

      So why the money scam on the internet last year?

      I do most of them now.. and all
      > part time. I love the variety. I'm better suited to variety.
      > But, when I got depressed at having no money and having such a
      > on me (trying to get the movie going), I did suffer greatly.
      > Right now smooth sailing... pressure is off. I'm letting others
      > arrange many of the details, and money MAY be coming shortly (I've
      > learned not to count on it.. and better... not to WORRY).
      > I am also taking 10 grams of inositol daily. It's a carbohydrate
      > that used to be considered a vitamin. It can act much like Prozac,
      > but is natural.


      I used to wake up every morning with feelings of
      > dread..


      and it sometimes took hours before I would get some
      > productive time.
      > Now, with the inositol, no more dread...

      Dull the mind thru drugs! When ya can't handle life....turn to the

      wake up happy or neutral
      > every day, get to work. It has increased my work-available time by
      > MANY hours.
      > But, my normal, natural state is pretty laid back and happy.

      Why doesn't it sound like it Dr Dread?

      I have
      > been a successful loner for a lot of my life..

      Typical of perverts and serial killers

      successful in that I
      > can be alone and not feel lonely. Now that I don't have a need for
      > woman around, bugging me any longer

      Because your sexual life is yrs behind you, and all the dope has you
      limp as a nooble

      ... I am back to how I was as a
      > child...

      A classic!

      ("When I became a man I put away childish things." Apostle Paul)

      basically self-sufficient.
      > Of course, the Duck is a very stable element in my life.

      You said she was looney tunes, too.

      She is very
      > concerned about me and protective of me.


      That was better yet!

      Come on dude...get a grip...stand up and be a man!!

      > Asian.


      You're killin me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      > You can't FIND 'God',

      He ain't lost...YOU ARE!
    • Eoghan
      That s two posts, claiming not to have the time to post properly. That s insane. Eoghan ... You say that I m a left-wing, tree-hugging, bleeding-heart liberal
      Message 332 of 332 , Feb 5, 2006
        That's two posts, claiming not to have the time to post properly.

        That's insane.

        --- Andrew Gearing <gearingandrew@...> wrote:

        > When you grow up and maybe have kids of your own, you'll understand.
        > Just for the time being, carry on thinking you're a genius and know
        > eveything aboiut what there is to know. Funny really, the really
        > wise in this life are those who have matured enough, seen enough
        > things and learnt enough to see that they know next to fuck all
        > really. Still, that comes with age, so just carry on enjoying your
        > ego - God didn't skimp on that when he was making you, that's for
        > sure.

        You say that I'm a left-wing, tree-hugging, bleeding-heart liberal like that's supposed to be a BAD thing!

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