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732561RE: [A ChristianVsAtheist Club] Obamacare Reality

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  • Alan BigAl
    May 17, 2014
      What you don't seem to be able to grasp is that business' are not paying their employees enough to buy health insurance and so we end up with employed people on Medicaid.   If business' would pay a living wage then this whole point would be moot.   If Romney had been elected he would have put single payer health care system in place, just like he did for his home state.   And it is going to come to that in time.   We will all have free health care just like other countries do.   That is the way it should be.   All the studies show that the ACA is working and if the GOP does take control of congress they are not going to be able to dismantle it.   The only thing they will be able to do is fix the problems it still has or go to a single payer system which is what the majority of people want anyway.
      Also the government's Medicare and Medicaid policies are held by private insurance companies, are you aware of that Murdock???   Yes the government sets the payout amounts but that is not a bad thing.   For example when a doc charges you $100 for something they could do for $50 and still make a profit off of is what the government looks at when setting the payout amounts.   Greed has caused this problem and since man will not correct himself then we need the government to do it for him.
      You are not a rich man Murdock, you never have been and never will be.   I have seen your house, your car, your family.   Why you would keep presenting issues that are against your best interests is beyond me.   But do as you wish and keep suffering, and keep blaming it on the party that is working to make your life better.   This is what you have always done and I am sure that is what you are always going to do, after all that is the way of hate groups.


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      Medicaid is for those who cannot pay for health costs which is paid by the taxpayers. Health insurance is for those who have money and want to ensure that their savings will not be wiped out like home insurance. Loons/ creeps/ freaks/dullards refuse to see this because, from my perspective, they have a slave mentality wanting the government to take over the entire healthcare system. If that occurs the healthcare system in America will be run like the VA. Rich Americans will continue to pay the best healthcare providers with their own money. The rest will be shuffled off to inferior doctors, nurses and equipment. In summary, under a government run system their will be two very different healthcare systems. Come November the voters will decide which path we go down. If the Repugs gain the Senate and hold the House Obamacare will be taken apart.     
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