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732551Re: Lois Lerner, key player in Tea Party targeting scandal

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  • lord_of_the_munch
    May 17, 2014
      Exactly right. And once again it appears the disinformation campaign being conducted by the right is targeting their own supporters. The left isn't being fooled by this bullshit being presented as a scandal. It's clearly their own supporters who they are trying to fool. And it appears they are largely succeeding in fooling them.

      Oh well.

      ---In achristianvsatheistclub@yahoogroups.com, <yanniru@...> wrote :

      Since when can the Tea Party be political when it is against the law for any non-profit organization to be political.  The scandal is that conservative non-profits expect to be able to participate in politics illegally. TMK only a liberal group from Maine has ever been denied non-profit status because of political activity, such is the power of conservatives in Congress.
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